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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by brian8448 View Post
Your main reason was that "people will do it anyway, and it's safer if it's legal."
But how can we ever make cocaine/heroin safe? Abortion can be done safely when it's legal. Cocaine and heroin will still have the same affects.

Legalizing coke and heroin would make it safer for the users, and also take money out of drug cartels.
Legalising it will not make it safer, because drugs aren't 'safe' anyway. There isn't a safe way to take heroin and be okay.

Cocaine and heroin kill, but abortion doesn't?
Arguable. While abortion technically 'kills' the fetus, it doesn't kill any living human, which is more important.

Originally Posted by Lee_TheLAW View Post
I was going to see Pro-life excpect for rape but HBK-aholic showed me why not. Although it depends one the person, i personally think your should not have an abortion but put the baby up for adoption. The baby will have a much better life and you can move on with yours just the same as you would if you had an abortion apart from you would lead 9 months of your life differently so that you can give someone else life. However its hard to choose if your never in that position so i say Abortion only in special cases, like way to young or very ill ect Abortion because you just don't want a baby or you don't have enough money is Imo wrong.
In light of this:

Pro-Choice with much, much stricter rules.
Glad to be of service.
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