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Re: Renegadeô Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Raw Feedback

Okay nice way to start with Triple H and well no offense to you mate but I must say this promo definitely had its ups and downs. Actually what am I talking about I hope this offends you. LOL nah but seriously there were just certain things about this promo that I didnít feel fitted in with the whole situation. Triple H saying ďI am going to take these handsĒ just didnít feel right would he not talk about smashing Shane Oís skull with the sledgehammer? I could be wrong but to me it just didnít fit just how angry you were portraying him to be. Shane O seemed very intense and perhaps even a bit sadistic and well I know he does not have the power to back it up but this promo really made it seem like he has some kind of plan. Overall not the best promo in the world but a nice start to the show none the less.

I canít believe you actually put Lance Cade over Mark Jindrak I did not like it at all but according to everyone else you are a fan of the jobber superstars for example Scott Hall Anyway hopefully you do something with Jindrak because he is ten times the better talent then what this Cade is. Also for a full show your match recaps should be a little longer then that jobber

Coach and Brown OWN together and it is something I fell in love with after reading your first Raw not because you have done anything extra special with him but I just love the idea of these two together. Kane shall fear THE POUNNNCEEE otherwise after your first match result I seriously think you have something wrong with you.

The Rock interview was nice and well people say your not a bring promo guy but one man I know you can write from your 2003 thread is The Rock and this interview was no exception it was classic Rock and probably my favorite promo of the night so far.

MNM getting the win was the right option here as I have told you how much I dislike Cryme Tyme as champions earlier MNM have got one win to get in the title hunt and now they just need one more win with the titles on the line for me to be happy with all the champions of this thread.

Lesnar is a machine he is destined for big things in this thread I can feel it to be honest.

Foley as a face GM is nice and well he is trying to lay down the law but got made to look quite ridiculous by Christian. I have always loved Christian but I just feel as if as much as this was nice that Foley should have had the last say. As for the actual promo it was nice and in character your Rock one was still better though

Phoenix over James is saddening to me. Phoenix beating Trish afterwards is also pretty saddening to me however I would lie if I say I didnít love the whole invincible champion thing you are trying to do here. Trish for champion eventually though right?

WGTT on the microphone is quite embarrassing to be honest. Not cause tyou naturally did bad but just because they both suck on the stick

Styles gets the win which has really got to be irritating for WGTT I am not sure exactly where you are going to go with this but I must say its about time we had a decent match on the show.

Cena equals gold here. I fucking love you and well every now and then you hit a promo very nicely and you did that here as well. Some consistency would be nice

The Rock gets the win which was very much a shock with so many guys involved I didnít think this would happen but I am glad that it did as I lurrve him. You have so many superstars left over to occupy with something and that is what it is going to be fun to do in the current weeks.

Overall this show was okay certain things hit hard and well other not so hard. But you definitely have that star quality about you and that is why I will be back for Smackdown. Sorry it took so long as well

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