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Re: Hip Hop Mafia Game Thread


Certs was at a police station using their computer he was trying to figure out who the remaining mafia were when a janitor comes in he starts moping the floor.

Certs: Excuse me can you do this later I'm busy and would rather be alone.

The janitor pulls out a gun and kills Certs he then runs off Certs was.

Congrats you are Nathaniel Dwayne Hale AKA Nate Dogg innocent aligned is a Grammy-nominated American R&B/hip-hop artist and singer born in Long Beach, California.

Your Role: The Cop each night you pm me a name and I'll tell you what that person was up to during night time. you win when you kill off all your threats

Magsimus was at his house he was happy to hear that Certs was killed but was worried that some one was going to kill him. He locked all the doors and windows and decided to go to bed. He was fast asleep when he smelled smoke he woke up to find that the house was on fire he tired to escape but before he knew it the whole house burned down. Magsimus was.

Congrats you are Lamont Coleman AKA Big L you are mafia aligned From 1997 to 1999, Big L worked on his second album The Big Picture. It was released worldwide at the summer of 2000 to critical acclaim.[citation needed] Two singles, "Ebonics" and "Flamboyant", both reached number one in the charts.[citation needed] The album featured cameos from Fat Joe, Tupac Shakur, and Big Daddy Kane among other emcees. The Big Picture was certified platinum in 2001.[citation needed] Jay-Z has said that Big L was set to sign with his Roc-A-Fella labe.

Your Role: The Ninja You can not be tracked and no roles effect you and you can not be killed at night the only time you die is when your are lynched. you win when you kill off all your threats. You can talk with your follow mafia members.

Biggie Smalls - RKO920
P diddy - Wesson
KRS ONE - ***
Rakim - ***


Your Role: You are the Godfather of the East Coast mafia. PM me a name every night and that person will be killed. you win when you kill off all your threats. You can talk with your follow mafia members.

with 8 people alive it's 5 for a lynch and I need a replacement for kantos

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