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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

I hate it when people who give a shit about realism so much come into other threads and complain because someone isn't doing what they feel they should be doing, but I cannot possibly envisage a new company, regardless of the hype and how good your roster is getting a 5.1 in this day and age, maybe 5 years ago, MAYBE, but definitely not these days.

That being said, I've been impressed with what I've seen so far Power. I was skeptical to check this one out, fearing it'd be like every other indy promotion thread bar EPW and GWE that are actually entertaining, but I am glad my assumption was wrong, because overall I think you've got a good set of workers to utilize and you are quite a decent booker. Goldberg & Christian are obviously the BIG draw names but having Kennedy & MVP around is good too, building them as the future I guess.

Your promo work is quite solid, Christian was fairly well written and if you can capture Goldy, Ken and MVP like you managed to do with Christian, you'll be on your way to some good stuff.

Sorry I don't have time to drop full comments on your show, little busy atm, but you have enough here to keep things interesting and make me come back for more later on.


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