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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness


Main event tonight reeks of awesomeness. My only concern is that with all the star power on the show, you might need to run a big 20 man Battle Royal every couple of months, or 10 man tags every few weeks just to get people on the show.

Strong promo from Triple H to open proceedings. Good use of the history lesson, as a lot of guys (myself included) are probably still shady when it comes to what went down in the previous times of this thread. Boy, Triple H went through hell during his title reign, to the point where it actually makes Shane look better for being responsible for ending it - what his father failed to do.

Shane really stepped up here, and actually provided a pretty decent, personal promo to add more hatred behind his grudge with Triple H. Having said that though, it would’ve worked better if Shane had’ve actually, y’know, shown fear of Triple H, and acknowledge the fact that he’s not a wrestler, but he’s gonna still try and gain revenge for his family. Sounded to me like he views himself as a viable threat to Triple H. It’s okay for him to be fearless, but it’s odd for him to come off as a tough guy (like we’ve seen recently in real life).

Ignore all the haters, Cade rules. He probably could do with a manager or valet, but ultimately, I want you to push him . Cade > Jindrak.

Watch some Monty Brown promos please. Not that this promo was bad in anyway, but he gets a lot more animated, and talks about all kinds of off the cuff shit. Like BKB said too, Serengeti > Squared Circle.

Back to back interviews, meh. Having said that, I’d say this is the best promo you’ve wrote since you came back. Totally on point for me, and The Rock looked to be on fine form on this one. Him winning the Battle Royal wouldn’t surprise me, as he needs something to fill time before the feud with Cena can take off for WM … because let’s remember … The Rock wont forget

What is wrong with you?? Cryme Tyme getting nearly twelve minutes to stink the joint up?? Short and sweet for those two plz. Pleasing to see MNM winning the match, but I’m concerned they only won here for an excuse to get a shot … then go on to lose the title match. I hope this isn’t the path you follow, as MNM are infinitely times better than Cryme Tyme.

Short and sweet promo from Lesnar, and he works best this way. No need to have him rabble on for ages. Doesn’t suit. He’ll not be winning tonight though; he just lost a title on Smackdown, and he’s seemingly going to be continuing his angle with RVD.

Felt a little bit of a throwaway promo, possibly one of the ones you alluded to at the end of the show. Still good, but not the best follow up you could’ve had for Christians ruthless attack on Austin last week. If anything this could’ve took place backstage, as it didn’t seem important enough to have ring time. As always, Christian was written well as the antagonistic, dick head heel he can be, and Foley was as good as ever. Two guys that you clearly are very comfortable writing with.

Phoenix > Mackie (in terms of ability). Good to see you appear to agree. Promo time for her too?? Wow. Beth & Trish = Womens money feud imo. Surprised you arent holding off on it until WM, as I cant imagine a slow build for a womens feud being all that exciting, so I don’t see that as the road you’ll be going down.

Trish getting LAID OUT by the Glamazon was freaky and awesome all at the same time. Looks like we have a proper womens feud set to go down, and it ought to be (word of the week for me) epic.

AJ Styles looks destined for an IC title shot and consequent feud with Benjamin, and from me, there are no complaints. Those two could definitely put on some incredible, show stealing matches on PPV and TV. With AJ winning two nights in a row against him, and beating Haas, he surely doesn’t have to do much more to earn his shot.

Oh, BTW, Grishams line to Benjamin about Styles beating him twice in 24 hours - GOLD.

Too many interviews. That must be five now. Wasn’t loving Cena here, especially when he sort of stole MVPs half man half monster (nee amazing) moniker. A promo we could’ve done without imo. Anyone that isn’t a rapper trying to rap isn’t advisable either, but I know you’ve done them before, and to your credit, your Cena raps are probably better than anyone elses in BTB. Not a great compliment mind, but one none the less.

Surprised you could be bothered to write out the majority of entrances. Lot of jobbers in there going early as you’d expect, then Austin gets toppled -sneakily- as you’d expect by Christian. Not too much of a celebration though for Captain Charisma … he soon follows!!!

Absolutely no mention of anything between Austin and Christian from that point. What happened?? Was Austin happy to leave it at that?? Was Christian not pissed to be screwed?? Should’ve at least explained if Austin walked off after that, or got pulled away or whatever.

Lesnar owning the match, with plenty of eliminations, whilst The Rock gains a measure of revenge on Cena, eliminating him, keeping their running issue running. At least this time you didn’t just forget about it, as Cena beat the shit out of The Rock afterwards, essentially taking him out of the match. More eliminations racked up for Lesnar - OWNING this match, taking advantage of Kane and Monty. Again, glad to see the aftermath of their elimination was followed up on with the ghastly brawl out into the sea of fans.

Lesnar was put over as an absolute beast in this match, he must’ve eliminated about ten guys alone. Never expected him to win, as we weren’t going to get a heel vs. heel match for the title on PPV. Rock, against the odds wins the match, and it should be intriguing to see what Cena does, after his plan to screw The Rock fell by the way side, and now has to watch him main event Armageddon.
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