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Re: Being The Booker

Making Raw Pleasure on Your Face

-I really hope you don’t have the wedding crashed… I want to see it . Great call on having Trips build up Tomko instead of him doing his own speaking. Good call. Keep his talking limited like you did, albeit intense. I’m liking the mini-arc here with Lesnar too. Great future fued this will be. Triple H is making dig after dig at Brock, but Vince wants him to help them out. Keep planting the seeds… like you do inside of me. I like the SB and SNME hype in between, but despite how much I love Shane, I wasn’t a huge fan of his stuff with Cena. I like the booking of the match, but the promo/hype, tad off. Once Trips got the stick though and ran down the Iron Man and Cena’s ability, or lack thereof, to go sixty minutes… excellent. Seriously, the characterization and the intense run down was brilliant, Wolf. You take that promo and put it by itself, and it’s a contender for the best promo in the winter awards.

-I forgot all about Finlay existing IRL… what happened to him? I’d love to see you start pushing DH Smith, tbh; brother deserves it, for sho.

-I love the E&C like tag team stuff with MNM and the illnesses. Doctor Marella? You can’t fool me, loverbee, SANTINO TIME~! Classic angle here, just for the throwback to the E&C days of tag team glory.

-Rofl, Jillian wants to sing at the wedding, right? I would’ve brought in Barry Manilow or Rick Astley, tbh. RATINGS!

-Solid, short promo from Orton. I like how you brought him up, just to take him down. No DC like Jesus push plz. Orton/HBK II at WM? I dig that *****. Except for the whole Foley/HBK match that has to happen

-Lol, yes, epic. You knew Mercury was coming to interfere, and I like that it was just a DQ win for Punk instead of a cheap one for Nitro. I approve of that, tbh. It keeps Punk’s street cred up, and the aftermath was hilarious.

-My God, I fucking love these WM videos. It’s my first time… MER, BE GENTLE! Use it plz =]. This was epic gold, beats DC’s advertisement, tbh.

-Ouch to Kane. Losing in 5 minutes? You’re making my boo a bitch, and it kind of hurts. Ah well, at least Orton is looking strong, my man.

-I love Foley when you write him, tbh. The Boogeyman as the next Hulk Hogan? <3 you forever. I love the past booking with this feud though, recreating, almost, the Montreal Screwjob for HBK. Foley’s promo was excellent, that slow build up, explaining the plot, and then… the lead on. HBK thinks Foley wants peace, and the turn and beat down. Classically done, excellent segment.

-This match had me bored at first, tbh, but the ending won me over. The heel blind tag is not something I see enough in BTB anymore, and this, good sir, was very well done. The faces all think they have the victory, the crowd buys into it, and Kennedy says “FUCK YOU, BITCH!” I love it. This really is a prime example as to how/why you’re such a great booker. The simple things, tbh.

-I think Lesnar/Cena is an excellent match to have at Wrestlemania, and since you already have thrown this out there, I think it means Lesnar is not winning at SB now. Why spoil it, ya know? Lesnar/Cena is bound to happen because obviously he’s losing to Trips at SB, and there’s some bad blood between them. Again, that quick reference to Trips was great, and I love the slow build up to a feud between them.

-Kennedy/Misterio? Fair enough.. Simple filler tbh, but serves its purpose.

-Tomko squash. HOORAY! Really, not too much to say here

-I loved the commentator’s shill job. It wasn’t Don West kind of shilling, but damn good nonetheless. Not enough people can write solid, simple commtentating. My Wolfy can though <3

you don’t need to tell me that Tripper. But to write me off?? Not cool homie.
Never again, please

Once you got past the forced line, this promo flowed oh so smoothly, and was epic. It’s not a desire to win the title, it’s not a want, it’s a need. Cena needs that title to feel whole. You drove that point home perfectly, while showing his resiliency and will to compete. Seriously, excellent promo here. I wouldn’t put it above Trips’ from earlier in the night, but was definitely excellent.

-I find your take on the main event surprising, and refreshingly nice. You’d expect a longer affair, and interference from Triple H. I like Cena’s intensity just scaring them off and what have you. That was damn solid, and Shane is just picked apart. I don’t see many – if any – going this route the way you did, and again, applaud you. You go with what others don’t, and you do it effectively. Excellent booking, tbh.

-Overall, a TOP NOTCH show for stories heading into Superbrawl. No match had any importance or value to it, bar the main event. All the matches were placeholders, but the story was damn great. Triple H/Cena was in full hype, and you did so great making it the focal point of the show. Foley/HBK’s interaction was also great, and I can already tell, that you’re on your way to a beautifully built up Wrestlemania my dear.

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