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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

hai bbz. Second show review now, showing I'm catching up. wewt.

Nice to see MVP's faction getting to start off the show here. Really digging the faction as a while, tbh. The Evans promo was meh. Jack Evans 'the man from the heavens' was a nice line, though the rest was kinda generic. Signalled his intentions and all, but I'd like to see you maybe give him more of his own sound and feel. White trash, perhaps.

Jamie Noble is , so have lots of him on your shows, imo. Seems like you're going about establishing the afction again this week, with Burke taking the win this time. Quite like the way you're going about it. btw, I much rather the old Elijah Experience (the Stroke) to the one you described, though I understand you're being creative.

The run-in from 3D and subsequent 3D on Evans were a good way to make a statement. Ray's promo was very nice, and I love the fact that you're using it as the first match in WAPW's history as the real kicker behind the feud. Remember, Roddy and Aries MUST go over, k?

Mmm, didn't like you revealing the amount of matches on the next PPV. Blows kayfabe out, imo. I hope Lesnar being in the crowd leads to something too. Don't care about Sable though. Can't see her tits through your writing, tbh.

Didn't really like the introduction of Hart as special guest referee. Would have preferred him making some kind of an epic appearance to do with the main event tonight. Would have just seemed cooler, imo.

Liked the way to push Shelley's obnxiousness, though I still don't care for the X Title. The whole chewing gum in his face was though. Rey vs Shelley ftPPV and written out in full, plz.

Ergh, Nigel's much too good to be stuck in some crappy losing tag team. =/ Not too sure about The Briscoes getting much of a reaction either as they come out, because out of the 12000 there I'm willing to bet maybe a tenth would know of them. That's at the most. I liked that you referenced to the indy sections of the crowd, but I don't think the reaction towards them would even be 'decent'. Lukewarm until they see them wrestle (and no sell ), tbh.

Aries was pretty damn good here. Liking the whole we're the future thing. Gen Ex definitely are better than 3D, so do as Aries says and put them over. Liked Aries doing most the talking btw, because Roddy's never had any real charisma. Just sheer talent. As for the Teddy thing, he still seems much too generic. Needs more of a swagger. And he's an idiot if he can't see that it's a number one contender match next week. >.>

Like the putting over of Albright, though I'm not too big on this 'slump' from Abyss. If you wanted a slump you should have started him oiff as a winner. He doesn't look like he's in a slump to the audience really: he just looks like a loser, because that's all he has done since the promotion began. Mitchell was pretty , and I'm glad to see him persisting. Hopefully you evolve it from here though because we can't have this happen every week. =/

MVP promo was GOLD, tbfh. Loved it. Some great lines in there, such as I'm the MVP, I'm the VIP, I'm whatever I want to be, and so annoying they named him twice. Epic, epic stuff. Really enjoyed it. MVP seems to be someone you can nail promowise every time. btw, not liking MVP's crew having left with him still there. Doesn't scream faction, tbh.

Cage promo was pretty win too. You used his personality/humour well with the opening, then moved to the serious side like you should. It's why I love Cage and it's why I'm loving your promos with him.

Hmm, interesting with Mitchell/Heyman. Looking forward to seeing what you've got planned for the two. The heel sucking up to the authority was btw.

Don't like seeing Mistico going into another tourney after losing out on his shot at a title last week, but ah well. Good to see him go over, because while Bentley's alright (or Matt Michaels ), he's nothing too special. Oh, La Mistica is absolute pwnage, btw.

Main event time came a bit quickly, imo. Maybe one more promo before it? Ah well. @ you saying the oufr biggest stars in wrestling. Liked Kennedy avoiding Goldberg, showing how big Goldberg is. No complains about the match really, except I think Hart should have appeared here, as I said earlier, especially with a beatdown taking place from Gen Ex. Would have fitted in well, imo.

Pretty good show again. Not quite as good as the first one, bvut impressive nonetheless. Hopefully we'll see some more storyline advancement next week to fill out the PPV.

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