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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Second Raw is up baby!! Let's get it on! I'm not the first review? Shame on me

Obviously, I see HHH accepting that challenge for the Ambulance Match, which as far as I'm aware, is something that we haven't seen before from HHH at any point in his career. Christian's attack on Austin was vicious, gonna be big to see Austin's reaction tonight. 25 Man Battle Royal? Weird number as I've never seen a 25 man battle royal, usually a 20 or 30, but I digress. Let's get on with this thing!

I liked HHH's intensity as well as his story telling of even more backstory of PPV's we didn't see. He tells of his journey and then kicking the hell out of Vince McMahon. Now, that piece gives us a reason as to why Shane has been attacking Hunter. Now, Shane is on the Titan Tron, and I'm trying to be nice here, but I really did not like Shane's portion of the promo at all. What I mean by that is, damn right it was a good promo by all means, but only if it was coming from the face perspective. Shane didn't get over any massive heat, he didn't make the crowd hate him, however he was trying to get sympathy in this case. You did a great job of pulling off the face Triple H, but you didn't quite capture the heel Shane well enough to out him over as a force. Luckily, it is early in the fued and hopefully you can turn it back around.

Jindrak/Cade was a bonified flip of the coin type match here as you could have gone either way with it realistically. This is a very low mid-card fued, so it shouldn't provide all that much entertainment, but it seems that Cade may be climbing out of that hole. He picks up a nice W and we'll see where he takes it from here.

Coach as a mouthpiece for somebody? I first of all don't understand why Monty needs a mouthpiece in the first place. A manager, sure I get that, he's a beast and he needs to be restrained, but not on the mic. Monty vs. Kane, but at Armageddon? I guess that could work, but it seems that that could have been done on RAW and Monty could have moved onto something bigger after that.

Hell, I just popped for another Cena/Rock reference. I can see you maybe even giving the Rock the win tonight, as it will give him some time before his colossal clash with Cena coming Mania. Good solid, Rock promo, with him saying he's taking out the jabronis.

MNM picking up a non-title win it looks like. Big win for them, as they are definitely going to Armageddon now, no doubt at that, IMO. Can't see Cryme Tyme going too far, but MNM beating them two times in a row may be a little too unlikely. So far though, this is the most unpredictable match at Armageddon.

Lesnar seemed extremely bland in this promo. I understand he virtually never speaks on the mic, so it is quite hard to capture what he is saying. Him "gulping" at the reference of him just barely beating RVD isn't too intimadating either, would have liked to see him a little more crazy and vicious.

Christian is the man, and he is getting the full fledged heel push that he never really got in the WWE, so I find it well served. Foley's leash with Christian seems to be getting shorter and shorter, and it could blow over very soon. Can't see Christian winning the thing tonight, but I still expect an obvious push.

King said it perfectly basically, with Phoenix being one of the most dominating women in the division. She is a beast and completely cold cocked the two best wrestlers beside her in the division in just a few moments. It's nice to see a women's fued getting pushed, and Trish and Phoenix can both go in the ring, and their fued should be a good one at that.

Benjamin and Haas have a microphone put near them for some reason, and it didn't come out to bad actually. Benjamin is solid, and I was scared about Haas, but he didn't come off bad, he sounded like a bad ass heel that just wanted some revenge, and it looks like their match is up next.

Styles and Haas would be a great match up personally as both of those dudes can wrestle like there's no tomorrow. Not that surprised to see AJ pick up the win as he needs a ton of momentum since he is going to come after Benjamin's title, but he has almost been kicking too much ass. In 8 days, he's got 3 pinfall wins, which seems a bit much. Would love to see Benjamin/AJ at Armageddon, one-on-one or even a Ladder Match maybe?

LMFAO. That was nothing short of a classic Cena rap. If that was involved in a bigger moment of a show, that would easily be my vote for promo of the month, and even now it may be. I seriously lol'ed at every line of that promo, great A+ stuff, not to mention Cena/Rock is getting hotter by the second.

Everybody in the ring at once!?? Damn, and not to mention, STING IS IN THE BUILDING! If he wins, I can see him sticking around, if not, it was still great to see him for one night. This is a tough one to call, but I think I'm gonna go with RVD as of right now, since he really doesn't have much doing while the other two top faces, Austin and Rock are both involved in their own fueds. I read the match in full, and then decided to comment, rather than comment little by little. Thought the battle royal was good. At times in the beginning it was a little hard to follow, as there was a crap load of dudes in the ring. It got good though eventually as it didn't stay that way for too long. We got all the major rivalries in as Monty and Kane eliminated each other and proceeded to fight all over the building, while Cena just absolutely killed the Rock, who some how came back and won! Not to mention that Lesnar and RVD happended, although it was relatively a clean elimination from Lesnar, maybe would have been better if he cheated, with a chair or something along those lines. I am a tad bit shocked that the Rock won though, maybe Cena will get chucked in there somehow for the Triple Threat. Even if not, this will be great as I can see Cena screwing The Rock out of the belt and furthering that Mania showcase.

Overall, I don't think it was as strong as last week as a whole. This week did a lot of building towards fueds and what we can see in the future. I'm a little surprised that we didn't see anything of HHH after the opening. Either way, good show and I've already said much of what I want to. I'll be checking out Smackdown!, good job with this.

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