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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

'Ello darling. Since you threatened me, I guess I really should review for you. =/ At least it's in full this week.

So Triple H crying about losing his title? Triple H sucks. Naww, quite nice work here. His lust for the title was covered pretty well, and I definitely liked the lines at Shane. Quite impressive really. Helped me pick up what's going on as well. >_> Shane's dialogue was alright, though it didn't have the same feel to it. Something was missing with the promo, though I'm not sure exactly what. It just didn't feel quite right. Triple H's bit was very good though. Oh and next time you threaten to have someone leave in a hearse, remember, WWE does not do death angles.

Cade beat Jindrak? Disgusting. Unforgivable. As for Jindrak being a face, gtfo tbh. Jindrak should be the heel out of the two as that's the only way he's going to get a push out of you from the look of things.

Coach with Brown? tbh. btw, next time you say squared circle and not SERENGETI~! I'll personally chop your nuts off. Learn to Alpha Male, nubmuffin.

Meh, just Rocky running through some catchphrases and usual lines. One of the reasons I don't like Rocky in BTB's really. I'm guessing Rocky vs Cena is headed to a match at Aramgeddon?

MNM beating the stereotypes almost makes up for Jindrak's loss. Nah, I'm joking, it doesn't evcen come close. Glad to see MNM pick up the w though, and with the dirty tactics CT will probably wanna be poofs and get even with them, leading to a match at Armageddon or sumfinks. MNM > CT.

@ Lesnar getting mic time without a manager. No character in this promo really. Find him someone plz, because he desperately needs a voicebox. Smiled at Grisham being a dumbass, btw.

Foley was the generic face GM type here, with the Fioley cheap pop thrown in. Nothing too special, but nothing bad. Quite liked Christian though. The guy is pwnage, pl,ain and simple. Weekly dose of Vitamin C is . Christian > some old bastard, so keep putting him over. Don't think he's headed for a match with Edge, though it would be epic on so many levels.

Phenix beating Mickie ftw. Mickie is epic suck, tbh. Phoenix promo is aight, seems like you're trying to make her in the mold of Jazz as a tough bitch with the promo. Her pwning Stratus is pretty lawlz, considering Stratus is the one doing the run-in. Seems like you're big on Phoenix, so I expect her to get the belt. Nice little segment to make Phoenix look epic strong.

@ Benjamin and Haas having no character at all. Especially Haas. I'll forgive you though, because Haas vs AJ is creamworthy.

Match seemed very un-WWE like with the ending involving epic spots. Just show why Styles > almost all in WWE. In parts you seemed a bit jumpy as Styles dove out of the ring then had Haas in a crucifix with no mention of them climbing back in the ring and continuing the action first. Still, you gave this match a nice amount of time for it to be as epic as it should be.

The rap was rather entertaining and had me laughing quietly to myself at some points. Just a little advice though: next time, try not rhyming 'me' with 'me'. They're kinda the same word. >.>

The one thing the entrances tell me here is that you have a stacked roster. Like, ridiculously stacked, lol. @ Johhny Parisi/Swinger, btw. The guy who used to job to guys with no entrances on Heat has no place in this match. Good thing he's gone early . Good to see the big men getting eliminations. Nice to see you using the match to advance feuds with Austin and Christian, though I'm rather sadface to see Christian not getting a title match. I think you kinda spoiuled the ending here. The Rock getting destroyed but not legally eliminated = comeback victory. =/ Lesnar looking like a beast is , but his fall to The Rock was inevitable. At least Rocky vs Edge should be absolutely epic since Edge is a God on the mic and Rocky is awesome too, despite being a walking catchphrase machine and nothing else in BTB (and to a degree irl).

Overall, solid but nothing great. Triple H was by far the best part of the show, though nothing else seemed to carry the same emotion and feeling to it. Not too much advancement, though you have many feuds simmering along fine.

I'll check back in for SD.

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