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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

I've gone through the needing supps to make gains phase like most people. Its just up to the person and what they want. What do you need?

Protein - mostly from real food, but whey is good. Just get one you can stand the taste of. Its that simple. Walmart $15 for 3lb tub works just fine, but tastes like crap.

Creatine - it all does the same stuff. If you want to buy designer creatine supps, go ahead, but you get very similar affects from the mono pills. Ethal Ester works too if you don't respond to mono. Some people are just non-responders to mono creatine. I'm one of them.

Vitamins - you need them along with minerals. I take AST Multipro... they work great for me. Also check out ZMA for minerals.

All others are extras... Depending on your goals, use what works.

As far as me right now, I am in a pretty hard cutting phase. I take my AST Multis, Fish Oil, L-Carnitine, and Milk Thistle. A serving of Syntha-6 or Walmart Whey about once every two or three days if I don't have a meal handy. That's it! I've lost 34lbs since Jan 1 and maintained most of my muscle. I'm gunning for a 6 pac. Trying to shed that fat boy look I've had all my life.

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