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Re: Being The Booker

Couple of points to pick up on just to clear things up;

- So far 3 out of 8 have been confirmed for MITB; plenty of time to add the 'spot monkeys' . Just have a little bit of patience

- That would be an accurate description of Michelle Williams. I thought she'd be a more realistic choice to appear, saying as she did the opening at WM 22 irl.

- Cena as the goody face stays. . Not a popular decision (not even from me) but it's an approach that I find works for me. There's enough people that portray an edgy, badass/tweener Cena. Not here.

- I dont hate you TKO. It'd be a worthless review if you didnt give your honest opinion. As it goes, I get where you're coming from in the protrayal of certain characters in the opening promo. The intention behind Stephanies promo was more down to her just being excited for 'her big day' next week. I agree though that it's against her character to come off as inferior to any men.

- With Tomko, I was more trying to give off the impression that he finally realised he was better than what he was doing, and that he's better than being a lackey.

- Cant disagree with the comments on the Orton promo. Definately was generic, but often, I find Orton as generic when he talks (not so much in recent months)

- Last time I played a wrestling game would've been SD vs Raw in 2005 (I think it might've been the first of the SD vs Raw series). More of the inspiration behind the illnesses was the old excuses Edge & Christian always used to get out of matches in 2000. The Marella thing ...

- As for Kane, I'll admit that I dropped the ball on making him relevant again upon his return last year. When I did his return angle, there were more plans to utilise him better, but for different reasons they fell through. All in all, Kane is one of those guys that I've never been able to get behind for a big push.

- It was stipulated when the Super-Brawl was first announced that the winner could chose his own opponent for WrestleMania, but not any title matches.

Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, hope I've cleared a few things up / explained why some things came off as they did.
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