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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback:

{Btw Wolfy, I hope you don't hate me after this ; I'm just giving my honest opinion}

- First off, great to see you've put Tomko in a three-piece suit rather than his usual attire to fit in with the rest of the McMahon Family Empire. I didn't like Stephanie's opening line. Even if she is the only female of the group, she is (as she always says) "the most dominant female in the WWE" and this line made her look extremely inferior to the men, which is definitely not her character. I think it was a bad move to have Triple H call Tomko "Christian's lackey". I mean it's a negative either way. It's negative for Tomko because it makes him sound inferior, and it sounds bad for the McMahons because they've hired a lower card wrestler, a lackey, to their group rather than anyone else. Again, Tomko admitting he was a "schmuck" rather than saying something like "you held me back" makes him sound weak. Apart from those few things, in general, everyone was in character here.

- Again, like last time I can't comment on the match itself since it's in such short recap. However, Finlay in the MITB = good booking decision.

- Doctor Marella ey? Hmmmm, I wonder who that could be. I like how MNM keep ducking out of the titles matches, as it will definitely put Punk and Helms over once they finally win the titles. By the way, is there any chance you got the inspiration for this storyline from one of the Smackdown vs. Raw games? There's a very similiar storyline there.

- Like last time, I'm not too keen on this whole Jillian/Stephanie deal but I guess it's just more hype for the wedding next week.

- Orton's promo wasn't entirely in character. I don't know if you'll agree with me, but when you read over it again, you might see that the promo was very generic and could've been given to pretty much everyone. I think promos are crucial in showing what a character is, and this promo didn't really do that. I think you may go with the story that Orton's determination to focus on hurting Shawn Michaels will cost him the victory at SuperBrawl.

- @ the chickenpox washing off. I liked the aftermath of this match, and if not next week, we're sure to see a 6-Person Intergender match pitting MNM against Straight Edge and Laree soon. {Btw this is just personal preference, but Alexis Laree is an awful name. Mickie James plz }

- Now again, this is probably my personal preference, but what have you done with Kane? Yes I have no problem with Orton going over, and yes I have no problem with Kane losing, but does he have to be a complete jobber? I'm pretty sure you brought him back with the mask at WrestleMania right? I keep thinking about how well you played that moment out, and what you've done with the character since then. Why rejuvenate the character only for him to become a jobber again? Also, for Kane to be a part of the SuperBrawl match and lose to the heel Orton clean was a bad decision imo. You would want Kane looking like a viable threat rather than a filler guy (even if he is just that) heading into SuperBrawl, and I think interference from the New Wave or a roll-up win - something along those lines - would've been more appropriate here.

- I don't think Shawn Michaels would use the word "damn" for some reason; it just doesn't seem him. However the rest of this promo was gold, and this was definitely the segment of the night. Right now I think this Foley/Michaels deal is my favourite storyline going on RAW. I love that you're taking Foley's character back to the twisted, unstable wildcard that it should be.

- As soon as I saw Booker T's name I KNEW he wasn't winning this match. Anyway, it was nice to see Kennedy get the clean win over Rey. So far you've done well to convey this new, more aggressive Mr. Kennedy to the audience. I'll be paying attention to see if you can keep it up. A little suggestion: If Kennedy is stripping himself of all the traits that made him "Mister Kennedy, Kennedy", maybe he should go back to calling himself Ken Kennedy, or even Ken Anderson, as "Mister" Kennedy is the name that the fans can follow.

- Lesnar's promo was OK, and in fact, I preferred it to Orton's promo earlier. By the way, if the SuperBrawl winner can pick his own opponent for WrestleMania, technically couldn't he use it as a loophole and choose to face the world champion? Clear this up for me please.

- The Bischoff/Kennedy was OK. Nothing much to comment on here, but as I said earlier, you did a good job of playing out Kennedy's new gimmick by him being not satisified until he has gold. Even though Mysterio only just won the title, I wouldn't be surprised if you considered him a transitional champion, just so Kennedy could win the title from a face and not the heel Shelton Benjamin.

- Tomko/Snitsky = DUD, tbh. However I can see someone had to job to Tomko to have him look strong heading into SuperBrawl, so it might as well have been Snitsky.

- If the Foley/Michaels segment was the best two-man promo of the night, Cena's promo was beyond a shadow of a doubt the best one-man promo. It just blew everything else out of the water. The thing about this promo is that you did something that is very difficult to do through writing out a show, and that's to get the reader to genuinely dislike the character. This is the typical, "never back down" Cena that the smarks' dislike, and because the characterisation was perfect, I could visualise this promo and I felt like telling Cena to shut up. That's why this promo worked. I've been reading your shows ever since your comeback, and each and every RAW, it seems like you have Cena's character spot on compared to the rest of the roster. I'm guessing he's your favourite superstar to write for? If not, he's definitely the most well written character anyway.

- The Cena/Shane main-event was perfectly written in the sense that it achieved exactly what you needed it to achieve heading into SuperBrawl: make John Cena look as strong as possible. Since it's Shane O Mac, I have no problem with Cena completely demolishing him on his way to the PPV. JR's PPV sell was good as well, but not as good as DDMac's "cue JR's awesome PPV hard sell" before his SummerSlam PPV.

OVERALL: In general Wolfy, I think the show was OK. Some of the characters need to be written out better, and considering who you are, I know you can do better. That being said, the Cena promo and the Foley/Michaels segments were brilliant. The matches are difficult to comment on as they're in such short recap but that's your personal choice so I can't say much about that. I think certain wrestlers like Booker T and Kane should be utilised better, as the stronger they look, the bigger the win looks for the guys who beat them e.g. Randy Orton. Like I said at the beginning, I hope you don't think "Ah fuck you" after this feedback , but I'm just being honest with my opinions here. I will definitely be reading SuperBrawl.
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