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Re: Being The Booker

The Most Loyal Reader & Reviewer Drops By For A Mo

MY GOD. That was some promo, seemed like it would never end at one point
Still, good stuff from everybody, especially The Game. Tomko on the mic, boring. Christian's beating him, no matter what. Fuck Cena tbh, Lesnar/Triple H ftw. Liking Shane/Cena for tonight tho, Shane O Mac spots plz. As usual, everybody seemed themselves and while it was a long mahfucka of a promo, it was pretty damn good too (y)

Finlay > Jobber. Wasn't gonna happen any other way tbh. MITB being filled with people who cant produce high spots atm, not happy

@ Chickenpox tbh. Lame excuses and at this rate SE aren't gonna get their shot at MNM until Mania imo, or at the very least SNME. Not that it would be a bad thing, just for Punk/Helms it would

Kelly OWNS Bischoff. I marked. Kelly

Michelle Williams? The one that never showed skin? Beyonce > Kelly R > her > Jillian tho. Fuck Jillian is ugly, cut her off at the shoulders and she's good to look at tho.

Short and sweet Orton promo here, nothing really above average about it apart from that smirk after he emphasised beating HBK. Surely they can't continue to have a feud with Foley waiting for a spotfest with HBK at Mania?

bahahaha pen marks for chickenpox ay? Nice stuff here and Laree/Melina is still going on which is good, aslong as Melina doesn't beat Laree I'm happy coz while she's nowhere near as good as some make it out she is, Alexis is better than Melina in the ring

Kane getting beaten in 5 minutes ahead of the Superbrawl makes him look a little weak and makes me think he gets eliminated first in the match. Sad to see Kane, masked and a total badass, jobbing so quickly after the mammoth return build you had for him last year. Kane push plz <3

I gotta admit Foley was confusing the fuck outta me there by aplogizing to HBK and what not, blabbering on about the greatness of the ATTITUDE ERA!~ amongst other things. Marked for the official Foley heel turn tho, greatness, just like my Christian/Austin segment last week, the mic can be used to devastating effect
Good work here and I can't wait for these two to meet at Mania, they've GOT to imo, it's a must. Don't you dare do anything else!

Kennedy in MITB plz. Rey in MITB plz. Booker T to stop jobbing plz. Shelton in MITB plz. Make it happen? I love multi matches so seeing this one thrown on the card was good

Lesnar balancing face and heel atm, tweener roles are difficult depending on the superstar, but I remember when Lesnar faced The Rock at SS02, the crowd treated him as a tweener towards the end of the match anyways. He can pull it off and atm is looking good in the role, I'd mark for him to win the Superbrawl match and face Triple H because it kinda seems like you're building towards that, possibly with Cena in the mix too, which I can't say I'm a fan of, I hate seeing Cena near the title all the time

Rey/Kennedy sounds ok, Kennedy should prolly win it. Tomko/Snitsky, yuck. Next plz

Good Cena promo, in character and well delivered tbh. Still sick of seeing Cena near the title as the goody face, but I guess I'll have to live with it

Cena fucking Shane up, a little surprising considering Trips & Tomko were at ringside, but it makes Cena look strong going into Superbrawl next week



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