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Re: Being The Booker

Change of plan, chances are I wont be on tomorrow, so Raw is brought forward to tonight...

Raw; January 29th; Albany:

Opening Video


Jim Ross: We are back in the United States, right in the heart of New York, and just five days away from SuperBrawl!!! Raw is on the air, and the Road to WrestleMania continues in Albany tonight!!


The fans instantly are angered, as the music of Triple H plays, and the World Champion leads out the McMahon Family Empire with an added member Ö TYSON TOMKO.
Tomko has a completely new look to fit with the rest of the Family Empire, decked out in a three piece suit, as Shane excitedly pats the Problem Solver on the back.

Jim Ross: Iíd like to say pick out the turncoat, but I guess all of these people on your screen right now would fall under that category. Last week, Tyson Tomko sold himself out to the McMahons, turning his back on his friend Ö his former friend, Christian.

The Coach: And itís the best decision he ever made J.R!!!

Jim Ross: He may think it is Coach. He may be wearing the dear suits and picking up a fatter pay cheque, but money cant buy you a conscience, thatís for damn sure. Tyson Tomko will live to regret what he did last week.

The Coach: I donít think so J.R. Tomko is made now. Heís untouchable.

Jim Ross: Well, weíll see just how untouchable Tomko is come Saturday, because we found out this past weekend, that at SuperBrawl, Christian will face Tyson Tomko, one on one, in an I Quit Match. That one, could be very interesting.

In the ring, Stephanie holds the mic, holding one finger up, hoping for a brief moment to speak first.

Stephanie McMahon: In a moment, Iím going to let the men take over and talk business, but first Ö I just want to remind all the women, in fact, everyone, that next week Ö NEXT WEEK, on Raw, a special three hour edition of Raw I might add, you can tune in and see the most talked about wedding of the year, as I, Stephanie McMahon, will once again become Ö MRS Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Heat for Stephanie, taking the smile off her face, but Stephanie continues to stay firm, and keeps talking.

Stephanie McMahon: When I marry THIS man Ö the love of my life Ö the World Heavyweight Champion Ö Triple H!!!

Stephanie smiles, and hugs The Game, passing the mic on to him.

Triple H: Thatís right Steph Ö the World Heavyweight Champion. And this time next week, when we get married, Iíll still be the World Champion.

Heat from the fans, as they hug again, with The Game passing the mic to Vince.

Mr. McMahon: Until then though, there is some business to be taking care of here. And first on our agenda this evening Ö well, why donít we welcome Tyson Tomko to the McMahon Family Empire, huh??

More boos from the fans, as Tomko steps forward, shaking hands with Vince, Shane, Triple H, then kisses Stephanie on the cheek. The fans meanwhile, greet Tomko with a ĎYou Sold Outí chant.

Mr. McMahon: And Iím going to give my future son in law the credit on this one, because he was the one who had the vision, he was the one that pointed this man out Ö The Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko as a man we needed on the side of the McMahon Family, and not one we needed against it.

Triple H steps forward again, and takes the mic for a moment.

Triple H: Thank you. Tyson, Iíve saw what you have to offer. I know what youíll bring to the table. What we have here, is serious back up. Tomko is someone who weíll be able to rely on, and heíll get the job done, so from now on, we donít need to rely on the likes of Brock Lesnar. Weí-

LOUD, albeit, mixed reaction from the fans for the pure mention of Lesnar. Triple H is stopped for a moment, but composes himself for a moment Ö and continues.

Triple H: Weíve got the Problem Solver right here. Quite frankly Tyson, IĎm surprised you put up with it for so long. Youíve been wasted for two years carrying Christians jock, being his lackey, the butt of his jokes. With us, you wont be the punch line anymore. And you get to prove it at SuperBrawl this Saturday night.

The McMahons nod in the background, as The Game continues.

Triple H: You get to show Christian whoís boss. This is your shot to gain some redemption Ö to get a measure of revenge for being made out to be some sort of lumbering fool. At SuperBrawl WHEN you make Christian utter the words, I Quit, the entire world will sit up and take notice, that you, Tyson Tomko Ö are a force.

The Game gets right in Tomkos face, getting him fired up, before passing the mic to him. Tomko steps forward Ö to a mountain of abuse.

Tyson Tomko: CHRISTIAN!!! Itís just as well that youíre still stuck in a hospital bed in England, because if you were here tonight, I donít think youíd make it to SuperBrawl this weekend.

Heat for Tomko.

Tyson Tomko: But, right now, itíd only be right to thank Triple H & Mister McMahon Ö Shane and Stephanie too, for helping me see the light. Thank you for helping me see just what a schmuck I was, following after Christian week in, week out. I promise Ö I wont let you down.

Tomko looks back and nods, before continuing.

Tyson Tomko: On Saturday, Iím going to take out all my pent up aggression on Christian Ö and Iím gonna make him surrender to me Ö Iím gonna make him quit. YOU HEAR ME CHRISTIAN??? I WILL MAKE YOU QUIT!!!

Heat from the fans, as Tomko slams the mic down. Vince steps forward now, nodding in agreement, before asking for another mic from Lillian.

Mr. McMahon: Thatís the kind of thing Iíd like to hear.

McMahon fixes the buttons on his jacket, as he soaks up some heat from the fans momentarily.

Mr. McMahon: Now, Christian, I want you to sit up Ö just for a moment Ö in that hospital bed while you try to recover from the concussion you suffered last week Ö at the hands of OUR Problem Solver.

Heat from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: Christian, let me warn you now. THIS is your future. THIS is what youíre up against from now until WrestleMania. SuperBrawl is only the start of it. Your life is about to become a living hell here on Raw.

McMahon waits for a response from the fans, whilst we hear Stephanie repeating her fathers words ďa living hellĒ and nodding in agreement.

Mr. McMahon: So buckle up, and get ready Ö itíll be an extremely bumpy ride. And to prove that point Ö in two Saturdays time, we will see the return of Saturday Nights Main Event. And Christian, youíll be in action Ö tag team action. Christian, youíre going to be teaming up with your friend Ö and ours of course, John CenaÖ

Pop for the mention of Cena

Mr. McMahon: And the pair of you will face Ö Triple H, Tyson Tomko, my son Shane, myself Ö and why not Ö BROCK LESNAR!!! 5 on 2!!!

Triple H suddenly looks a little unhappy, not keen on the addition of Brock Lesnar, whilst the fans boo the announcement of the handicap match.

Mr. McMahon: Like I said Christian Ö buckle up.

More heat, as McMahon passes the mic to Shane.

Shane McMahon: And as for you John Cena, tonight, youíve got yourself a tune up match for SuperBrawl. So Ö well done for saving Christian last week. But Ö how do you plan on saving yourself tonight Ö when you face me!!!

Heat from the fans.

Shane McMahon: Thatís right, youíre going one on one with Shane-O Mac!!! And tonight?? Tonight is just the start, come SuperBrawl, youíre out of our lives, and after Triple H brushes you aside, youíve got NOTHING!!!

Shane gives the fans a moment to voice their displeasure, whilst he looks at his family members, nodding in agreement, with Vince heard stating ĎAmen to thatí.

Shane McMahon: Basically, you shoulda took my pops offer two weeks ago, when he handed you a ringside ticket for WrestleMania, because itís about as close to the main event youíll EVER get!!!

Shane bounces up and down a bit, as Triple H walks up behind him, putting his arm around Shane, with the smiling McMahon passing the mic off to The Game.

Triple H: Now, thatís not to say Iím looking past John Cena this weekend. I mean, Iíve got to beat Cena in a Sixty Minute Iron Man Match.

Cheers for the mention of Cena. Triple H looks around to his family members, and raises an eyebrow slightly at his own statement.

Triple H: Because Ö thatíll be difficult, right?? I mean, Cena is a guy thatís made a living on his wrestling ability, and his endurance of course, and that ďwillĒ to go that extra mile when the tank is at empty Ö but Ö thatís not John Cena at all, is it??

Triple H looks around, and shrugs.

Triple H: No. That doesnít describe Cena at all. John Cena has never been praised for his technical ability. Heís all impact, he cant pace himself thirty minutes, let alone pace himself for sixty.

Triple H again shrugs, knowing there isnít a real argument for what he is saying.

Triple H: I mean, whatís the longest John Cena has ever went in the ring?? Twenty Five, maybe Thirty minutes?? He doesnít know what itís like to really go. Cena, you are about to enter a world you cant even begin to imagine. This isnít like any other match. This is the biggest test of your stamina, your skill, your endurance, and your will to win.

Heat from the fans, who start up a ĎCENAí chant.

Triple H: You hear that John?? Thatís the fans chanting your name. Surely that will spur you on at SuperBrawl?? Ö Wrong!! They cant help you this time kid, youíll find out the hard way Cena. When it comes down to it, when weíre fifty minutes deep, and youíre caught in a sleeper hold, or a figure four, or just getting your ass beat Ö youíll hear those chants Ö and they wont make a difference.

Heat from the fans.

Triple H: You wont be able to feed off their support. Itís all on you, and you alone to deliver. Itíll come down to pure ability Ö and I win every time, hands down.

The Game fixes the belt onto his shoulder again.

Triple H: Your body is gonna be spent, and you wont be able to do a damn thing about it. Yísee, in your desperation Cena Ö in your desperation to prove Ö hell, I donít know what it is youĎre tryin to prove. But what youíve done Ö Iíd call it career suicide my friend.

Triple H shakes his head, and removes his sunglasses.

Triple H: Youíve picked a match that you think you know Ö but you donít have a clue. What will you do after thirty minutes?? When your muscles start to tighten Ö when your legs start to wobble, and your body burns all over?? Iíll tell ya shall I?? Ö youíre gonna fold.

HHH moves towards the camera to speak.

Triple H: For ten minutes, youíre gonna come out all guns blazing. Youíll think youíre on top of the world Ö next ten minutes Ö youíre gonna hang on, but youíre gonna feel me get stronger. By thirty minutes Ö youíre gonna be out of gas, and no chances to refill the tank, and Iíll continue to get stronger. After forty Ö youíre gonna wish it was over. Youíll be trailing behind, playing catch up with a guy that still has twenty minutes in the tank. And for the last twenty minutes, Iíll toy with ya, Iíll play around, and I WILL embarrass you. Youíre gonna reach down into the well, and look to find another gear, and youíll find you donít have it. Kid, youíre gonna find yourself WAYYY out of your depth, and Iíll be there to punish you, I promise you that.

More heat for The Game.

Triple H: And you will be punished on Saturday. Because Cena, Iím sick of your face. Iím sick of seeing your face, every single week, in my way, blocking my path to WrestleMania. So on Saturday, Iím not giving you a chance for excuses. This Saturday, youíll get the very, VERY best of Triple H, one on one.

Pop from the fans, happy to see a genuine one on one match.

Triple H: No tricks, no surprises, youíll get me one on one this Saturday, and youíll pay the price, for the longest hour of your career. I promise you that. Youíre gonna pay for pissing me off. Youíre gonna pay for having the audacity to challenge me to a sixty minute Iron Man Match. In fact, now that I mention it again Ö Iíve never been so insulted in my life.

ĎAssholeí chant starts

Triple H: The fact that you must actually think youíre in my league to take me on in this kind of match insults me Ö thatís why Iím taking you on alone Ö thatís why I wont just beat you Ö I wont just embarrass you Cena Ö Iím going to take away all the credibility you have.

Heat from the fans.

Triple H: You hear the fans chant your name tonight?? Make the most of it, because when they see how pathetic you are this Saturday, when I expose you as a flash in the pan, an over rated hype machine, and only in the position youíre in, with chance after chance, solely on the basis that you sell t-shirts Ö they will disown you.

The Game soaks up the disdain from the fans.

Triple H: Theyíll move on, theyíll forget John Cena like a flash, and theyíll move onto the next guy, and the next guy, and the next guy, as they all fall Ö and bow at my feet.

More heat for The Game.

Triple H: What is it you say John?? You fear nothing Ö and regret less?? Believe me, come SuperBrawl, you may not fear anything Ö but you should. And after sixty minutes, you WILL regret EVERYTHING. This is it for you Cena Ö end of the road Ö game over.

The camera pans out, as we fade for a commercial.


The same invitation from last week is shown, inviting us all to join Triple H & Stephanie as they marry, next week on Raw.

We return, at ringside with J.R & Coach, as Finlay waits in the ring for his opponent.


DH Smith enters to a generous response from the fans.

Jim Ross: Well, this is surely a huge opportunity for the young man, second generations superstar, DH Smith. Heís had a couple of losses recently, but tonight, has the opportunity, should he get past Finlay, to compete at the biggest event in the wrestling calendar, WrestleMania!!! One of these two men will join Umaga and MVP from Smackdown in this years Money in the Bank ladder match!!! Also tonight, Straight Edge will get their title shot that they should have had last week, when MNM pulled out with food poisoning, and lets not even get started on their miraculous recovery to save Melinas title.

The Coach: Donít start J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Not only that, but as we heard before the commercial, John Cena will have a chance to get his hands on Shane McMahon, and ahead of this Saturdays Super Brawl match, Kane from Smackdown will be here, and tonight, he faces Randy Orton, one on one!!! But Kane isnít the only guest tonight Coach, as we are also expecting an appearance from our former General Manager, Mick Foley. Will we get the answers we have been looking for?? I certainly hope so!!!

Finlay vs. DH Smith
Smith gives a good account of himself against Finlay, but eventually finds himself out of his depth, with Finlay too crafty, too wily, and too resourceful for the rookie, proving too much for Smith to handle, and eventually gets the job done with the Celtic Cross for the clean, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Finlay @ 04:51

Finlay has his arm raised, and looks pleased with himself, as he now gets a spot secured at WrestleMania, in the 8 Man Money in the Bank ladder match.

Jim Ross: And now we know three of the eight men set to compete in the second ever Money in the Bank ladder match. Finlay joins Umaga and M.V.P. Five more will be decided in the coming weeks.

The Coach: And itíll be hard to stop that man. A wily old veteran J.R. Finlay may not be the best suited for a ladder match, but you can bet your bottom dollar heíll have a gameplan to get the job done.

Backstage, we see Straight Edge preparing for their rearranged World Tag Team Title shot, and now make their way down the hallway, as the Raw music kicks in and J.R starts hyping this match coming up next Ö when Eric Bischoff stops Punk and Helms in their tracksÖ

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen. Iím glad I caught you just in time. Your tag team title match is off.

Punk and Helms look at each other, with a smile on their faces, more to do with disbelief rather than finding anything funny.

Eric Bischoff: MNMís doctor has just informed me that Mercury has chickenpox.

Straight Edge let out a sudden laugh, still unable to believe what they are hearing.

CM Punk: Chickenpox?? And you bought that??

Gregory Helms: Donít you think this is a little convenient Eric?? Last week food poisoning Ö which was BS Ö now Chickenpox?? Wassup wit dat??

Bischoff looks a little angered by the protests, as he responds.

Eric Bischoff: Iím not stupid, okay?? I know they faked it last week, and for that Ö I apologise. This week though, a reputable doctor has confirmed Mercurys condition.

Straight Edge still donít seem impressed.

CM Punk: I find that hard to believe Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Really?? Well youíre just gonna have to swallow it. Doctor Marella has told me with good authority that Mercury cant compete tonight Ö but Nitro can Ö so instead of tonights tag team match Ö itíll be Nitro, one on one, with CM Punk.

CM Punk: And OUR title shot??

Eric Bischoff: Next week Ö I promise.

Bischoff turns from the two men, and begins to walk away, when he is approached by Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly: Mister Bischoff??

Bischoff gives Kelly a glare that says ďDonít waste my timeĒ

Kelly Kelly: Mister Bischoff, just moments ago, we heard Mister McMahon announce the main event for Saturday Nights Main Event in less than two weeks. But, I thought Mrs McMahon had ordered that you had sole responsibility over all matches on Raw?? Surely you wouldnít allow a 5 on 2 handicap match??

Bischoff rolls his eyes.

Eric Bischoff: No Kelly, youíre wrong Ö again. I did sanction the 5 on 2 handicap match at Saturday Nights Main Event, and I donít have to explain myself to you. Now, if youíll excuse meÖ

Bischoff then walks off, but hears as Kelly mumbles under his breath.

Kelly Kelly: Hmm, I guess the guys that said youíre in Mister McMahons pocket are right.

Bischoff stops, and turns, making his way to Kelly again.

Eric Bischoff: Iíll pretend I didnít hear that Kelly. This once.

Eric turns, and walks off again, with Kelly looking concerned in the background.


Backstage, we see Jillian Hall and Stephanie McMahon conversingÖ

Jillian Hall: Flowers are sorted, the dress fitting is on Wednesday. We have to have the run through on Monday afternoon though, but everything is fine.

Stephanie nods, and smiles.

Stephanie McMahon: This is great Jillian. Youíve been wonderful. Now, what about Michelle Williams?? My Dad said sheíd promised to sing at the wedding.

Halls smile fades, and she turns her nose up a little.

Jillian Hall: Yeah. Miss perfect Destinyís Child is showing up. Yíknow Steph, I just donít know if she has the class for this wedding.

Stephanie looks at Hall, then bursts into laughter.

Stephanie McMahon: Thatís a good one, you almost had me there. Just make sure you confirm her, okay??

Stephanie then walks off, sipping her coffee, whilst Jillian looks a little unhappy about the situation. Whatís her beef with Michelle Williams?? {Hmmmmm??}


We return with Randy Orton sat in a studio.

Randy Orton: For three straight years, Iíve been a part of the Raw main event at WrestleMania. At WrestleMania 20, I fell just short of becoming the youngest world heavyweight champion in history, when I took on Shawn Michaels in a ladder match. That was a learning curve. By the time WrestleMania 21 came around, I WAS the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, and I took part in the youngest main event in WrestleMania history when I faced John Cena Ö and lost.

Orton sits back in the chair, still visibly angered by the loss.

Randy Orton: And by the time last years WrestleMania rolled around, I thought it was time for redemption. I challenged Cena this time Ö and lost again.

Orton sits forward again, getting nearer to the camera.

Randy Orton: Three WrestleMania appearances, three championship matches, three defeats. This, I thought, was gonna be my year. But yet, here I am Ö no title match this year, and no way into one either. So what now?? Iíve never been involved in anything other than a world title match at WrestleMania, where do you go from there, huh??

Orton smiles a little, before speaking again.

Randy Orton: Itís a good question Ö and I plan on it being my decision this Saturday, when I win the Super Brawl, when I beat Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Kane, The Undertaker Ö and Shawn Michaels Ö most of all Ö Shawn Michaels.

Orton grins widely, as the picture fades out, back to the arenaÖ

2nd Match:
Johnny Nitro w/ Melina vs. CM Punk w/ Gregory Helms
Punk takes it to Nitro, taking out his aggression on one half of the tag team champions, having had their rightful title shot taken away from them for the second week running. Nitro tries to weather the storm, and looks to wear Punk down, but the plan doesnít work for long with Punk feeding off his anger, and gets Nitro into position for the Punk Card Ö when Melina jumps on the apron!!!

Punk hitís the move, then looks to confront Melina, but before he can Ö Helms races around the ring Ö AND PULLS MELINAS SKIRT DOWN!!! Melina jumps off the apron, and desperately tries to cover up her underwear, but as Punk turns back around Ö MERCURY IS THERE Ö AND BLASTS HIM WITH THE TAG TEAM TITLE BELT!!! The referee sees it, and instantly calls for the bell, ending the match.
Winner: CM Punk via DQ @ 05:00

Helms is straight in the ring, and tackles down Mercury, but Melina follows, and pulls Helms by the hair, getting him off Mercury. Helms gets up, and sets himself to hit Melina, but stops short, WHICH ALLOWS HER TO KICK HIM IN THE NUTS!!! Mercury follows up, and nails Helms with a spin kick, as Nitro is now back on his feet, with Melina directing traffic, with MNM dragging CM Punk up Ö BUT ALEXIS LAREE SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE Ö and attacks Melina!!!
Alexis and Melina roll to the outside, and the commotion distracts Nitro and Mercury, which allows Punk to recover, and beats the two men off for as long as he can, until Helms is back up to join him, with Straight Edge now beating MNM, eventually sending them over the top rope to the floor!!!

On the outside, MNM now try to drag Alexis from Melina, but as they do, Laree grabs a jug of water from the announce table, and throws it in Mercurys face!!! Punk & Helms now come to Larees aide, with MNM running off like a pack of scalded dogs up the ramp.

Straight Edge and Alexis now take a stand in the ring, watching MNM hightail, and a camera zooms in Mercurys face, as it appears the water has washed off the chickenpox!!! Mercury has red lines on his face that now look like washed pen marks, rather than chickenpox!!! MNM get out of dodge, whilst Straight Edge and Alexis still look livid in the ring.

Jim Ross: One day Coach, one day, MNM will get their comeuppance, and I promise ya, it wont be a moment too soon. How many times can MNM dodge the bullets, how many times can they pull the wool over Eric Bischoffs eyes??

The Coach: What do you mean?? A reputable doctor advised our General Manager that Mercury shouldnít compete. Mercury came out here to support his friends, and he should be praised!!!

Jim Ross: Iíd love to meet that doctor, thatís for sure. Reputable my ass. Whatíll be the excuse next week?? Huh?? Will they forget their lucky trunks?? One of these days Coach, MNM will pay the price. Folks, when we come back, Randy Orton will go one on one with Smackdowns Kane, in a preview ahead of Saturdays Superbrawl, donít miss it.



A video now plays, with a young man, and young woman in a car, kissing. The woman pulls away for a second.

Woman: Wait, wait.

The man looks upset, as the woman pulls away from him.

Man: Whatís wrong??

Woman: Itís just Ö itís my first time.

The man smiles, before reassuring the woman, whilst stroking her arm.

Man: Itís okay Ö itís my first time too.

The woman now smiles, then looks inquisitive.

Woman: Really?? Well, have you got them??

Man: Yeah, theyíre right here.

The man pulls his wallet out, seemingly to pull out a condom, and off camera the woman catches a glimpse of it.

Woman: Okay Ö Iím ready.

The camera now shows what the man pulled from his wallet Ö two WrestleMania 23 tickets.

Man: Alright. WrestleMania, here we come!!

They share a quick kiss, and exit the vehicle, as they walk away, holding hands Ö towards the New Orleans Superdome Ö

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo Ö FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS Ö AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


3rd Match:
Randy Orton vs. Kane
Clunky match, which never hits any great heights, as both men appear to stay in second gear throughout, and go through the motions. Kane is made to look strong, but in the end, Orton is a worthy winner, having the better of the match, and gets a sudden finish, just as it appeared Kane was coming back, nailing an RKO as Kane lined up the Chokeslam. Orton hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 05:16

Orton picks up a good win, and sets himself up nicely for this Saturdays Super Brawl, where the winner picks his own WrestleMania match.

Jim Ross: You heard from him earlier folks, Randy Orton has his eyes set on his own destiny, and should he win the six man Super Brawl on Pay Per View this Saturday, he will have his WrestleMania destiny in his own hands.

The Coach: It sounds to me J.R that Orton knows exactly what he wants to do at WrestleMania, and the only way he can guarantee it, is by winning the Super Brawl on Saturday night.

Jim Ross: That is this weekend, but still to come tonight, Silver Spooned Shane takes on the #1 Contender, John Cena, five days before Cena goes head to head with Triple H for sixty minutes in the Iron Man match. Thatís the main event tonight, but before thatÖ

Suddenly, the camera shifts to the parking lot, where a yellow taxi pulls up Ö and out steps the unmistakable Mick Foley!!!

Jim Ross: Well there he is. Ladies and Gentlemen, will we finally get some concrete answers from that man, Mick Foley about his recent actions?? Heís on his way to the ring right now, donít miss it, when we return.


We return with a video package for SATURDAY NIGHTS MAIN EVENT Ö FEBRUARY 10TH!!!

Back into the arenaÖ


Mick Foley enters the arena to a lukewarm response, with the fans uncertain how to take the Hardcore Legend these days. He waves to the fans, offering a thumbs up, as we see him carrying his new book to the ring. He rolls inside, and picks up a mic, left for him in the ring, as the music dies down.

Mick Foley: Yíknow, itís great to be back Ö right here Ö in Albany!!!

Cheap pop, but plenty of boos filter in.

Mick Foley: And I just want to say to everyone that my new book, The Hardcore Diaries, is set to hit the bookshe-


Foley isnít given a minute to talk, as Shawn Michaels storms right down the aisle, determined to get answers from Foley!! Mick holds his hands up innocently as HBK steps inside, not wanting any trouble, with Michaels looking ready to snap. The music dies down, and HBK is given a mic, but Foley speaks up first.

Mick Foley: I know why youíre here Shawn. To be honest, Iím a little upset you saw fit to come charging down here. I just wanted a few moments to plug my new book, and then, I was going to get to my explanation.

Foley looks to Michaels innocently, but HBK seems consumed with rage.

Shawn Michaels: Yeah, thatís very nice Mick. Problem being, this isnít a book club, and I havent got the patience. I donít care about your latest masterpiece in the literary world, I just want some damn answers. So Mick, lets not beat it around the bush here. Why?? Why screw me at the Survivor Series Ö then do the same at the Royal Rumble??

The fans pick up a little, as Michaels stares at Foley, desperately seeking answers.

Mick Foley: Okay, thatís how you want it. Thatís fine. First off Shawn, I already explained myself for the Survivor Series incident. I set myself a goal last summer, and that was to rejuvenate the WWE Ö set off another boom in wrestling. The first experiment, was the Boogeyman. Shawn, I thought I had unearthed a modern day Hulk Hogan. And Iíll hold my hands up and admit Ö I was wrong on that one.

Few chuckles from the fans, but some boos too, with HBK looking on at Foley, still stoney faced.

Mick Foley: So I moved on, and tried experiment number two Ö create controversy, water cooler moments, keep things unpredictable, much like the attitude era. An era that you Shawn Michaels kick started, when you screwed Bret Hart, at the Survivor Series, in his home country.

Heat for Michaels on that point.

Mick Foley: So how could I let an opportunity pass me by like the one that presented me at the Survivor Series Ö in your home state of Texas, to screw you out of the World Title.

Heat for Foley.

Mick Foley: Thatís the type of thing that creates controversy. Thatís the type of thing that people stand around the water cooler talking about in work the next day.

More heat from the fans.

Mick Foley: Nothing personal Shawn, like I told you in November Ö just business. Iím trying to do the best thing for the WWE. I thought you of all people would understand what Iím trying to achieve.

Foley looks to HBK for some sort of reaction, but HBK has that blank, vacant look, staring through Foley.

Mick Foley: Now though, I realise you didnít appreciate it, and I fully understand why you kicked me in the face the following night. Iím Ö sorry.

Foley pulls the mic down, and holds his hand out, offering a handshake to HBK. Michaels though, ignores the offer, and speaks instead.

Shawn Michaels: What about the Royal Rumble?? That wasnít in Texas, why screw me again??

The fans interest starts to peak again, with HBK bringing up an interesting question. Foley this time, actually smiles.

Mick Foley: You got me there Shawn Ö kinda. I mean, you werenít my target in Indianapolis. THAT was my target at the Royal Rumble.

Foley points to the WrestleMania 23 logo hanging high above in the rafters.

Mick Foley: My goal that night, was purely selfish. I wanted to give the world the biggest shock in the history of the Royal Rumble. More shocking than Mister McMahon himself winning the Royal Rumble. I entered the Royal Rumble with the objective of winning Ö and headlining WrestleMania 23.

The fans give a small pop for Foley.

Mick Foley: Iíd done everything in my career Ö sure, I already main evented WrestleMania Ö but I didnít feel like I earned that one. This time, I wanted to do it the right way, win the Rumble, and go to the big dance. Can you imagine it Shawn?? It wouldíve been the most talked about title match in WrestleMania history, the biggest comeback in the history of this sport. RATINGS Ö TALKING POINTS!!! A BOOM!!!

Michaels stays silent, allowing Foley to continue.

Mick Foley: So Ö Iíll admit, you eliminating me within a minute Ö it got me mad. I lost my cool after that, and yes, I deliberately screwed you Ö out of spite.

Heat from the fans.

Mick Foley: Iím not proud of myself for that Shawn. Iím extremely disappointed in myself. And Shawn, all I can do Ö is offer my sincere apologies.

Small pop from the fans, as Foley extends his hand once again. Michaels still looks angry, but this time, decides to accept the handshake. The two shake for a moment, as Foley brings the mic back to his mouth.

Mick Foley: I really am sorry Shawn. Iím sorry for what I did to you, Iím sorry for letting the fans down Ö but most of all Ö Iím sorry that I cant put up this charade any longer, because I cant stand what Iíve become. I cant stand what I see in the mirror anymore Ö Iíve become nothing more Ö than a deceitful son of a bitch.

Michaels looks at Foley, confused at the last comment Ö then suddenly Ö FOLEY NAILS MICHAELS WITH THE MICROPHONE!!!!! Foley backs HBK against the ropes, and blasts him again and again with the mic, drawing blood, finally knocking Michaels down!!!

Foley now pulls out Mr. Socko, with the fans booing the Hardcore Legend, whilst J.R is in shock at the actions of Foley. Mick shoves the sock in Michaels mouth, and applies the MANDIBLE CLAW!!! HBK falls to his knees, and soon passes out from the pressure of the claw!!! Foley gets back up, and drops the sock on HBK, before running his fingers through his hair, as he picks the mic back up.


Foley slams the mic back down, and gestures to the fans the ĎBANG BANGí salute, sticking his tongue out between the gap, where his two front teeth should be.

Jim Ross: I just cannot understand this Coach. Did Mick Foley just lead Michaels up the garden path with a list of lies?? What the hell is going through that mans mind?? What is going on with Mick Foley??

The Coach: Iím stumped. Foleys behaviour is just off the wall. Iím starting to think heís been hit over the head one too many times. Foley to put it simply Ö has lost it.

Jim Ross: What have you done Mick?? What the hell have you done??


We return back at ringside with J.R & Coach.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, I am still in shock, having just witnessed Mick Foley, a man I have called a personal friend, a man I admire greatly, cheap shot Shawn Michaels in the middle of the ring. Again Coach, I have to raise the question, what is going through that mans mind??

The Coach: By the looks of it J.R, thereís a lot of empty space. Thatís what.

Jim Ross: We are no further to finding out Mick Foleys real motives for the actions he has carried out in recent months. Just when we thought we had gotten to the bottom of Foleys intentions, because from the sound of things, The Hardcore Legend has led us all up the garden path.

The Coach: The man needs help J.R. I mean real help. Mick Foley has issues, and they need addressed by a professional.

Jim Ross: For once Coach Ö I actually have to agree with you.

4th Match:
Rey Mysterio, Booker T & Elijah Burke vs. Mister Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin & Mark Henry w/ Theodore Long
Quick fire six man match, with plenty of history between Mysterio & his three opponents tonight, whilst Booker & Burke have a storied history with The Brotherhood too. After the fast paced start, things slow down as the heel team wear down Burke. This carries on through a commercial, and we rejoin with Burke trying to fight a bear hug in the hands of Mark Henry. Elijah starts to fight it, with the fans firmly behind him, stirring him on, and he eventually breaks the grip of The Worlds Strongest Man, but as he runs off the ropes Ö Theodore trips his leg!!!

This forces the match to implode, as Rey and Booker come to the aide of the rookie, and all hell breaks loose. In the midst of the carnage, Rey becomes the legal man for his team, tagging in from Burke. Rey and Booker get Henry to themselves, and whip him off the ropes {as Kennedy makes a blind tag}, and team up to get him into the ropes, allowing Rey to hit the 619 on Henry, with Booker following up with a Scissors Kick!!! Mysterio jumps to the ropes, and finishes Henry off by Dropping the Dime Ö but the referee refuses to count as Henry is not the legal man!!!

During this period, Booker has now left the ring to help Burke as he takes on both Long & Benjamin, whilst Kennedy slips into the ring to take Rey by surprise Ö AND DELIVERS THE MIC CHECK!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Mr. Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin & Mark Henry @ 08:03

Kennedy picks up a well devised win, outsmarting the Intercontinental Champion tonight!!! The much more straight laced Mister Kennedy bounces right back up to his feet, with an expressionless look on his face as his hand is raised, before showing a grim smile, with the new attitude looking to be paying off.

Jim Ross: We have witnessed Coach in recent weeks, one of the most startling, and sudden transformations that I can recall. Mister Kennedy has metamorphosed from a cocky, loudmouth, to a ruthless machine, intent solely on victory.

The Coach: I donít think anyone has ever flicked the switch as quick as Kennedy has. He came to the realisation that if he was to prosper on Raw, and fulfil his goals, he had to develop a straight ahead approach. No messing around, no playing games, no crowd pandering. Kennedy is now focused, as you said, solely on victory, and J.R, you cannot deny itís working.

We cut backstage, to Todd GrishamÖ

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The Iron Man, Brock Lesnar.

Mixed response, as Lesnar enters the picture.

Todd Grisham: This weekend Brock, at the SuperBrawl, you are one of six men competing in the SuperBrawl match, with a big incentive for the winner Ö as he will have the opportunity to name his own opponent at WrestleMania. My question to you Brock, is if you win Ö who will you face at WrestleMania??

Brock Lesnar: Who will I face at WrestleMania?? Todd, there is only one name that springs to mind for me, and thatís John Cena.

Pop for the mention of Cena.

Brock Lesnar: And itís quite simple as to why, Todd. Two weeks straight, Cena has got my blood boiling. First, the night after Royal Rumble, he started to bitch and moan about getting screwed over, and missing out on his WrestleMania main event dream ticket. Seriously?? Did Cena forget to see what I did for over sixty minutes at the Royal Rumble?? And he has the gall to complain??

Lesnar looks at Grisham, as if he is waiting for an answer. Brock though, continues before Todd says anything.

Brock Lesnar: As for last week?? Heck, just call me a bad loser Todd. I especially donít like losing to a whiny bitch, like Cena.

Heat for Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar: So for me, itís a no brainer. What better, than to slap the taste out of John Cenas mouth in front of 70,000 Cena fans on the grandest stage of all??

Todd Grisham: Having said that Brock, is there a second option, should John Cena recapture the World Championship on Saturday??

Lesnar stops in his tracks, and thinks for a moment about the question. He looks down, then back up with a smile on his face, before speaking.

Brock Lesnar: I guess Triple H will be free then wonít he??

Brock pats Todd on the shoulder, before walking off, leaving a question mark in the air, should he win his match at SuperBrawl.




Backstage, Eric Bischoff is waiting, as Mister Kennedy approachesÖ

Eric Bischoff: Just the man I wanted to see.

Kennedy stops at Eric, pulling off his elbow pads as he listens.

Eric Bischoff: Last week, I instructed you Ken, to go out to that ring, and annihilate DH Smith in front of his own people. And boy, did you pass that test.

Kennedy immediately interrupts.

Mr. Kennedy: I didnít do it because you told me Eric, naw, naw, naw. I beat Smith from pillar to post, because Ö I can.

Eric Bischoff: Well, be that as it may, I was seriously impressed with how you just beat Rey Mysterio tonight. And as a result, Iíve rewarded you Ken. This Saturday at Superbrawl, youíll have a chance to do that again, only this time Ö the Intercontinental Championship will be up for grabs.

Kennedy nods, liking the announcement. Eric, beaming, then continues.

Eric Bischoff: You pleased with that??

Kennedy thinks for a moment, then shakes his head. He walks past Bischoff, then turns, walking backward a little as he replies to the question.

Mister Kennedy: Iím not happy Eric, and Iíll not be happy until I have the Intercontinental Championship this weekend.

Kennedy turns, and walks on, whilst Bischoff shakes his head, disgruntled that his favour hasnít been welcomed with open arms.

We return with a highlights package on Tyson Tomko turning on Christian last week, leading to their ĎI Quití match being announced for SuperBrawl.


Tyson Tomko enters the arena, to a chorus of boos, as Snitsky waits for him in the ring.

Jim Ross: And there Coach, is the man who last week, turned his back on his best friend at the drop of a hat.

The Coach: I think itís called ruthless aggression J.R.

Jim Ross: Itís called selling out Coach. Tomko proved last week he isnít a true friend. He sold himself out to the highest bidder, and he deserves everything thatís coming to him on Saturday night.

5th Match:
Tyson Tomko vs. Gene Snitsky
Squash win for Tomko to look impressive ahead of his biggest ever singles match this weekend. He dominates the similar sized Snitsky with ease, finishing off the big man with a big boot to the face grabbing the 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Tyson Tomko @ 03:18

Tomko has his hand raised, and quickly pulls away, looking to the hard camera, and mouthing a message to Christian that ďItís payback this SaturdayĒ.

Jim Ross: I cannot wait Coach, I cannot wait to see Captain Charisma get his hands on that man, Tyson Tomko, this Saturday, and boy, will he get what he deserves!!!

The Coach: And I canít wait for that man, Tyson Tomko to get his hands around the scrawny neck of Christian!!! And heíll get what he deserves!!!

Jim Ross: Well, one of us is gonna be happy then come SuperBrawl. Either Tyson Tomko or Christian is gonna have to utter the words Ö I Quit.

The Coach: This Saturday J.R, Iíll be happy.

Jim Ross: It will be this Saturday, but still to come tonight, our main event, John Cena, five days from his sixty minute Iron Man Match against the best in the business, Triple H, meets Shane McMahon one on one, donít go away!!!


We return at ringside now, with J.R and Coach set to shill for a few momentsÖ

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and we are bracing ourselves for a fortnight of huge show after huge show. Starting this Saturday night, in a WWE first, we will present a Pay Per View spectacular like no one else can, with the SuperBrawl in Providence, Rhode Island. Then, this day next week, Monday Night Raw emanates from Chicago, starting one hour earlier than usual for a three hour special which will feature the remarriage of Stephanie McMahon and the current -for now at least- World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. And, a week on Saturday, it is the return of Saturday Nights Main Event on NBC!!! And we found out earlier tonight that at Saturday Nights Main Event, John Cena and the Royal Rumble winner, Christian will team together, to battle the force of Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Tyson Tomko, and Vince & Shane McMahon!!!

The Coach: Itís a big line up for a big two weeks of WWE J.R, on the road to WrestleMania too!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed it is, and it starts on Saturday on Pay Per View, the final Pay Per View event before the Granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania Twenty Three. And the line up couldnít be grander Ö this one could main event WrestleMania itself, John Cena with one final throw of the dice, one last chance, to become World Heavyweight Champion, challenges Triple H, in the most gruelling of all matches, the sixty minute Iron Man match!!!

The Coach: The Game has promised to go it alone this Saturday night, he has promised to make Cenas life hell this Saturday. The Game means business J.R, and it means bad news for John Cena. His dreams ends this Saturday.

Jim Ross: The winner of that match will go on to WrestleMania on March 18, to face the Royal Rumble winner, Christian, but in the mean time, Captain Charisma has his hands full with an I Quit match this weekend, against his former best friend, the man who turned his back on Christian last week, Tyson Tomko. It couldnít get any more personal.

The Coach: You hit the nail on the head baby boy. This one is personal, and itís gonna be ugly. If I were a fan of Christian, I wouldnít be thinking ahead to WrestleMania Ö Iíd be hoping he survives SuperBrawl!!!

Jim Ross: From Smackdown, Mr. Friday Night, Rob Van Dam will need to be at his best once more, as he faces yet another challenge for his WWE Championship. RVD has been able to fend off all kinds of obstacles, heís had to fight the odds, this Saturday, he is one match away from going to WrestleMania!! Standing in his way though, is the desperate challenger, Chris Jericho!!! Which one of these two men will defend the title against Edge at the Showcase of the Immortals??

The Coach: Van Dam has beaten the odds time and time again. This Saturday, itís an even playing field, but will his constant battling to hold the title have taken itís toll by the time SuperBrawl, and Chris Jericho rolls around??

Jim Ross: And of course, the first ever Super Brawl. Six superstars, three from Raw, three from Smackdown, will do battle in five different matches, with one superstar departing after each fall, one will remain standing when itís all said and done, and that man will hand pick his own opponent for WrestleMania in six weeks time. Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker!!! What a star studded line up!!!

The Coach: Six superstars, ALL former world champions, and what a prize for the winner, what an incentive. I cant wait for that one this Saturday.

Jim Ross: And of course, lets not forget, just added this evening, itíll be a refocused Mister Kennedy, challenging Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship!!!

The Coach: And itís a well deserved shot for Kennedy. You beat the champion, youíre entitled to a shot at the title.


John Cena gets the fans on their feet, as itís main event time!!!

Jim Ross: Listen to the ovation!!! John Cena has brought this capacity crowd to their feet!!!

The Coach: He better enjoy the adulation tonight J.R, he better enjoy it, because after SuperBrawl, heís gonna be yesterdays news this time next week!!!

Cena storms into the ring, and throws a ĎWORDLIFEí symbol to the camera, throwing off his cap and shirt into the crowd, asking for a mic, wanting to say a few words before the match.

The fans drown him out at first, but eventually die down to allow him to speak.

John Cena: Alright Ö Iíve kept quiet long enough. Triple H.

Heat for the mere mention of The Game.

John Cena: Triple H, I heard everything you said earlier tonight, and if your aim was to make me angry Ö congratulations Game, it worked.

Small pop from the fans.

John Cena: H, at one point earlier yíeven said that YOUíD never been more insulted in all your life, than having me challenge you to a sixty minute Iron Man Match.

Cena shows a small smirk, and shakes his head in amazement.

John Cena: Thatís right, you said that. So, I guess we actually have something in common, because after what you said about me earlier Ö gotta say, Iíve never been so insulted in all my life either.

Small pop from the fans with Cena getting a little angered.

John Cena: Basically, youíve come out here, and youíve wrote me off. You came to this ring, and dismissed my challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Cena smirks again, but not out of any happiness.

John Cena: Now, donít get me wrong Ö Iím not tryin to say Iím Ric Flair or Bret Hart, heck I know Iím never gonna be the most gifted guy technically, you donít need to tell me that Tripper. But to write me off?? Not cool homie.

Cena paces around, still smirking, but still not for any funny reasons.

John Cena: Iíve caused you enough problems for you to know that aint true. Twice weíve met, and twice Iíve had you beat in the middle of the ring. Just because this time itís a sixty minute Iron Man match, suddenly Iím a dead man walkin?? Suddenly Iím not up to it??

Fans give heat, as Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: All of a sudden Triple H, youíve decided that I cant go for an hour?? What else did you call me?? Was it, all impact?? No substance Ö over rated Ö only here to sell merchandise, right??

More heat for The Games earlier comments.

John Cena: Man, if you REALLY think that Ö Trips, youíre in for the rudest damn awakening this Saturday. If youíre expecting me to run out of gas Ö if youíre hinging your game plan on me having nothing left in the second half Ö you better have a plan B.

Cheers now from the fans.

John Cena: Because I guarantee, I promise on Saturday night, I WILL keep comin forward Ö Iíll NEVER back down Ö and Iíll NEVER quit.

Big time pop.

John Cena: Break my arm Ö Iíll use the other one. Break my leg Ö Iíll HOP around this ring CHASIN, YOĎ, ASS!!!

The fans get excited, as Cena gets himself amped up ahead of SuperBrawl.

John Cena: You can break my bones, you can break Ďem all Ö BUT YOU WILL NEVER Ö BREAK Ö MY Ö SPIRIT!!!

Pop from the fans, and a ĎCenaí chant starts up.

John Cena: And trust me when I say it. I really do fear nothing Ö and I really do regret less. I donít fear taking you on for sixty minutes, and I wont regret taking back what is rightfully mine, because I have to go to WrestleMania Ö I just Ö have to, regardless of what itĎll take Ö I HAVE to be in that main event.

The ĎCenaí chant continues.

John Cena: For sixty minutes this Saturday at SuperBrawl, Iím gonna be on yo ass, Iím gonna keep comin, from the first second, to the last minute, no wasted motion Ö this time around Ö you wont stop me Ö HELL Ö YOU CANT STOP ME!!!

Fans chanting reaches fever pitch.

John Cena: All my focus is on one thing, and one thing only H. Thatís takin what rightfully belongs TO ME!!!

Cena looks to the fans, looking to draw on their support.


Huge cheer. Cena calms down, and waits for the fans to die down for him to speak again.

John Cena: I do though, agree with one thing Trips. This is the end of the road Ö and the game will indeed be over Ö Ö Ö for you Ö

Another big pop builds slowly, as Cena stands tall in the middle of the ring.


Cena stands, and looks around, listening to the fans support, with Cena looking at his intense best, now awaiting his opponent.



Shane McMahon enters to a decent heel reaction, flanked by Tomko & Triple H with Vince and Stephanie not appearing for this one.

Main Event:
John Cena vs. Shane McMahon w/ Tyson Tomko & Triple H
Itís barely a match, as Shane is a lamb to the slaughter, with Cena ripping McMahon apart. Both Tomko and HHH try to get involved, but the intensity of Cena scares both men off each time they make a leap to the apron. Cena is in control for almost all the match, bar a very brief spurt of offence from Shane which barely troubles Cena. The #1 Contender attempts to send a message to The Game at the end of the contest, nailing Shane with an FU, and makes a cover Ö 1...2...CENA PULLS SHANE UP HIMSELF!!!

Cena breaks the count, and locks eyes with The Game, telling him Ďthatís oneí. He then climbs the turnbuckles, AND DELIVERS WITH A STUNNING LEG DROP ACROSS THE BACK AND NECK!!! He covers again, 1...2...AND AGAIN PULLS SHANE UP TO STOP THE COUNT!!! He makes eye contact again, telling HHH clearly Ďthatís twoí. Cena then turns Shane over, keeping his eyes locked on Triple H the entire time, AS HE APPLIES THE STFU!!! Shane taps instantly, and the match is over!!!!!
Winner: John Cena @ 05:44

Cena has his hand raised, keeping his glare on the champion, mouthing to him ĎAND THATíS THREEí. Triple H though, doesnít look fazed, and smirks a little, making sure Cena sees him as he tells his adversary ďBUT THAT ISNT MEĒ, pointing at Shane, making sure Cena knows it wont be as easy as it was tonight when it comes to SuperBrawl.


Official Card for WWE SuperBrawl:

*Banner Credit - SaMi*
Date: 3rd February 2007
Location: Dunkin Donuts Centre, Providence, Rhode Island
Event Music: Evanescence; Sweet Sacrifice

World Heavyweight Championship;
60 Minute Iron Man Match:
Triple H vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy

First Ever SuperBrawl Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane

I Quit Match:
Christian vs. Tyson Tomko


Current Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

5 on 2 Handicap Match:
Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Tyson Tomko, Shane & Vince McMahon
vs. Christian & John Cena


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:
Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H OR John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam OR Chris Jericho vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Umaga vs. M.V.P vs. Finlay vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???


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