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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's Backlash Review By Kanefan4E

I have to say, the build up to this unsanctioned match between Evolution and The McMahon Men has been nothing short of sensational. It got so personal, especially when John Bradshaw Layfield stated that he hoped Stephanie lost the unborn baby. I actually had to double take at that line to see whether you actually booked it, and you most certainly did. That has made this match all the more enjoyable in my opinion. It's certainly my favourite feud on RAW at the moment, and that should come as a shock considering The Big Red Machine Kane is involved in another high profile feud. More on that later.

The actual content of the Unsanctioned match was great. Really entertaining to be honest. I enjoyed the way you wrote The Big Show's arrival. Like I said, I had an inkling as to who it would be returning when you posted the news and notes, but I had my doubts throughout the PPV. I think it's safe to say that Triple H's next match will be against The Big Show. Especially after reading the ending of this unsanctioned match. To be honest with you Nige, I'd actually mark a little inside for this match. I remember their somewhat filler feud in real life, back in 2005/2006. Their match at New Years Revolution was pretty darn good, so I expect yours would be too. That's if you book it, for all I know you could go a completely different way.

Batista seemed to get a decent running in this match. Everywhere I looked I could see nothing but 'SPEAR' pretty much here there and everywhere. I'm not sure whether Batista will get any sort of a push after this, but it's safe to say he deserves one. It's pretty clear you booked him to be a dominant force in this match. The one thing I'm really looking forward to is reading where you take the two factions. It's safe to say they'll still be feuding with each other, but the most important thing is what angle you'll go with to keep the feud fresh.

Staying on the positives, because that's all I seemed to notice in this show. The King Of The Ring! I'm stoked to see this make a return. I've not seen it used in BTB a whole lot, especially not the actual PPV. I really can't wait to see who you decided to push and de-push in this tournament. Hopefully the finals will produce a great PPV quality match. Dykstra please. Speaking of Dykstra, I really thought you were going to book him over Cena, especially with Cena leaving to film a movie. I guess I was wrong. None the less, at least Dykstra got a PPV match, and a damn good showing against one of the best in the company in Cena. I can see Dykstra's name in stars. Oh and Dykstra >> Doane, so good call my friend.

Finally, I can get to something I didn't particularly like on this show. Don't get me wrong, nothing makes me smile more than Kane getting a decent push, let alone holding the Championship belt for a good few months. I applaud you for giving Kane a fucking decent role on RAW, rather than have him job to unworthy pieces of shit. However, it was pretty much a given that Kane would retain tonight. You built Orton up too strong in my opinion. Kane hardly got a look in during the build up from Wrestlemania to Backlash, that's why I could tell he was going to pull out the victory. I'm looking forward to where you go from here though. I don't think the feud is fresh enough to continue it, but I'll wait and see what you do. Hopefully Kane continues to carry the brand.

Candice looked smoking in your banner Nige. Really, really smoking

I apologise for not being able to comment on everything, but you know as well as me that I've only recently got back into this thread, and even that was from the last Smackdown, so I wasn't very knowledgeable of your RAW goings on. Rest assured though that I know all the ins and outs on RAW, so I'm able to get back into both brands. Again I apologise for the short review, and before I go I just want to say you're doing a great job here in the BTB section. Over a year and still going strong. Fucking awesome stuff. Anyway, enough of the arse kissing. I look forward to RAW
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