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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by brian8448 View Post
Really? From what I've read people seem to get more androgenic effects from the AD's rather than big gains. I'll check out the link though, thanks. How is your sex drive/appetite/overall mood on AD's?
Sex Drive is great, I had one 'failure' and I attribute that to too much booze.

Appetite is decent, better than when I was on Superdrol.

Mood? Pretty damn good, except I do attribute a lot of my 'energy' to White Flood.

Originally Posted by Rajah
I have a home gym with plenty of equipment. I'll take some pics and post them sometime.
I'm not concerned with how much I can lift, it's the proper form and results you get from it that matters. It's better to curl 50 lbs properly than try to curl 100lbs and swing your body
Completely agree. I hate dumb asses in the gym that just toss weight around or flop like fishes.

Though, when I am doing biceps I do try to set to failure. Cheat curling can be beneficial if done properly. Hell, as long as you are doing proper form 80% of the time, a few cheats are beneficial in all fields.

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