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Some of the guys on here are so pathetic

Okay I've been wanting to say this for the longest time but I never did because I didn't want everyone to hate me and give me red squares but it got so bad that I barely even come here any more anyway so whatever I dont even care. Okay first of all let me say that there's a LOT of good posters on here and I love talking to some of you but there's even more fucking loser creeps on here. Some of the guys on here are just sexist perverts and I cant stand them, they're so annoying that they make me not even want to come here (which sucks because I love some of the people on here and I still wanna talk to them) but I hate how I cant make a post without some freak making a sexist comment either about how I should give them nude pics or about how I should be in the kitchen instead of posting, it's soo frustrating!

The thing that really made me mad was when someone gave me a green square for a picture I posted in the picture thread and the comment was "Your next picture better show more skin or next time this will be a red square." Wow, really?? Here's a better idea you fucking creep, get off the computer and go outside then maybe you wont have to harass an innocent girl on the internet for no reason. I come here to read wrestling news and have fun in the rants section not to be bothered by a bunch of horny virgin 12 year olds just finding out what their dick is for! News flash, the female posters on here are posters just like everyone else so why can't I just be treated like everyone else without all of these comments??

And sometimes I feel like I cant even totally blame the guys, some of the women on here are beyond pathetic. Like how can I expect to be treated with respect when there's e-sluts repping people with pictures of their ass or posting pictures of nothing but their boobs in the picture thread? You guys are even more pathetic than the guys but I feel more sorry for you guys than annoyed, that's beyond sad if you need to come onto a site full of horny guys and beg for attention because you can't get it in real life but sorry, I have a boyfriend who I love more than anything so I don't come here for that. I just want to read about wrestling and talk to the nice people on here and joke around and have fun, is that really too much to ask for?? Ahhh, that feels so much better letting that out, lol.

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