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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Angle vs Jericho shall own. Anyway on to the actual show.

MVP gets a big win over two very capable competitors I am extremely glad with this result. Lashley and Batista would have probably started fighting with each other and what not but still a win like this could only mean good for MVP’s career while Tista/Lashley thing continues to tick.

Kane… Kurt Angle…Undertaker just let me say that SuperBrawl match is going to kick ass…

Edge gets what well was an uncontested win. No it was not a squash but was Edge ever in doubt? A bit of aggression from Edge never hurt nobody either so good work mate. Nice mic work by Edge to typical whining and complaining it is going to be so great once he becomes champion.

Batista and Lashley have another confrontation and I thought they were going to come to blows for a minute however obviously they didn’t. Albright just chiming in with a smart ass comment was good and he was lucky he got out of dodge to be honest.

Mad Murdoch Twins … for the wins LOL Well not really but I like them more than Cryme Tyme.

The Hardy Boyz back together is good however I can not see it lasting to long. I can see you in the end going through what everyone else does and that is having a Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy feud would be pretty fun.

Nice RVD interview and RVD being more composed is well in character since he is the laid back cool guy. I would love to see the pressure get to RVD and have him become a more extreme individual. Or perhaps once he loses the title anyway he seems to be above Edge at the moment but I don’t like how RVD is over looking Jericho.

Kid Kash and Chavo Guerrero are both awesome talents… Kash getting the win is good continuing his momentum ever since winning the Cruiserweight Championship. Hopefully Kash has a lengthy reign.

Kurt Angle showing off some intensity is nice. Him and Taker is going to be awesome when it happens and well I guess this is where we see the good bookers from the inexperienced ones. Good bookers let the situation progress where as inexperienced bookers would book the match straight away

Carlito gets an interview and then gets a good win for himself. As for Noble and Haas they could both do so much better then jobbing like this.

Next week is looking pretty sexeh… it is quite obvious that Arn Anderson knows what he is doing.

18 minutes??? Would have been an epic match. Jericho gets a big win here and even if it is by DQ its still a huge win. Aftermath was nice with both Edge and Undertaker getting involved and leaving a hurting on their opponents.

Overall a good Smackdown mate I found it to be quite entertaining. Sorry the review was a bit shitty but I just got so many to get through. I think I got my points across anyway, I will see you for Raw Wolfstar (trying something different, tbh)

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