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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

John Cena still a bit upset really did surprise me I understand that he did not get his title shot and all that but I just expected him to come out a fresh start in England and be the normal John Cena again. He was in character for what you have him doing at the moment and him putting his contract on the line adds a nice twist to everything. I was really happy to see that Bischoff interrupted Cena and not Vince McMahon because sometimes I feel as if you under use Bischoff due to having the McMahon’s on Raw. Big way to start the night Wolfy, we’re going to get Cena/Lesnar and well I don’t know if I misread or didn’t pick up on something but WHEN not if but WHEN Cena wins this opener is his contract still on the line at Super Brawl?

I knew all along that Cena was going to get the win and get one more shot at Triple H it just felt right. However I have noticed that as of late every time Lesnar gets close to proving he is worthy of a title shot something bad happens and that is a bit disappointing. Anyway this match sounded pretty EPIC and so far Raw has been awesome… again. I also have to give you props for your commentary I hate writing commentators but you do it exceptionally well.

The McMahon’s and Triple H did not seem very happy with Bischoff’s decision. However regarding Bischoff he was very weird here perhaps even contradicting himself a little bit because he went to tell Vince about what happened and to try and smooth things over but a breath later he is telling the family about how he does not care anymore and wont be walked over. I don’t know where this will go from here however I hope you are throwing a swerve because I really don’t want to see a face Bischoff.

Match being postponed was hilarious, I was not disappointed because I believed the match was not ready to happen yet anyway. Hopefully it’s a dirty finish next week leading to a great build to what will eventually be an awesome tag team match.

Dramas between Triple H and Lesnar are good I just really love the whole main event upper card scene at Raw at the moment. Lesnar as this killer tweener is sick but I hope you don’t make him turn on Triple H yet. Lesnar needs to be tweener for a long time still.

Umaga is this much better (…………………) then Rey Mysterio Some people may not like Umaga in the main event because he is a big man but I think he is athletic enough to make it work. Better yet who cares just have him Spike everyone and slowly climb the ladder

Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton clash for like the thirtieth time this month LOL but I don’t know since there has not really been a clean winner I still find their matches exciting. I liked how you had Shawn take out New Wave however him then getting the win makes Orton seem way to soft. I don’t like Orton looking so weak at the moment and I hope something big happens regarding him and Mania other wise he could be a major waste.

Foley short and sweet and I love the way you are keeping the loveable ness of Foley going with the thumbs up and waving but he is doing whatever to get cheap heat instead of cheap pops. I love it

I still feel kind of weird having Mr Kennedy no longer using his catch phrase however I am intrigued to see where you go with his character. He better… BETTER… go over DH Smith.

Aftermath with Kennedy was nice to with him ripping his mic away and so forth.

Cena backstage interview was nice you seem to do Cena well and not make him boring. I think Lesnar/Cena at Mania is going to rule. LOL I jumped on the band wagon

I Love Eric Bischoff and I love you more as this match at Super Brawl is going to be off the hook. Michaels/Orton and Lesnar in the one ring reaks of EPICness and I can not wait to see how it turns out.

Melina retains the title and I loved the miraculous recovery however I guess MNM got theres in the end. I continue to love your main tag feud right now.

Summerslam…. LOL time flies…

Triple H mic time was nice he seemed very intense I must say and him and Christian is going to be so good. Main event was extremely short, seven matches is pushing it by the way and Tomko turning was a freaky yet nice hook. Was totally unexpected but I guess you had to do something to spice things up. Aftermath was great with the typical beat down, nice save by Cena but this was all great.

Overall Wolfy another good Raw. You continue to impress me with your greatness, I will have a review for Smackdown done one day LOL I got to get to other people first… Sorry

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