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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Like the video package opening the show, it really sets the tone for the rest of the show as it gets everybody updated on everything they missed. The results seemed good, and Orton comes out of this with a major push after eliminating 3 RAW guys in a row. Not to mention, Angle vs. Lesnar is always fabulous so there are no complaints there. Lesnar in the hold for two minutes!? That could have gotten a little boring to watch, but still it saves some of his face as he is a monster who wouldn't tap out.

Not surprised to see the World Champ make his way out for the first segment of the night. Thought that was a good decision as we might be able to establish the next number one contender already. Goldberg is out here and Angle vs. Goldberg would definitely be huge. Next out is JBL, and he makes a good point. And finally, Booker T makes his way out. Heyman comes out and settles this dispute by making a tag match. That was a good idea as you don't announce the #1 contender just yet, and it leaves everybody guessing, as well as booking a huge main event.

Well, just seeing as both AMW and London just won their gold, I can't see them dropping it back to the FBI right away. Not surprised to see them with, and nice to see it with the Death Sentence, match seemed decent enough. I also like the FBI push, as that is something different that not a lot of other guys do.

HBK on Smackdown! That may be something that may take a while to get used to, but the fact that it's Michaels should over shadow the fact. I think we all know what it is setting up too, Angle vs. HBK for the title at Mania, do it Renegade, do it.

Highlight Reel tonight with two guys that are great on the mic. Should be an interesting segment, looking forward to that.

Lol, this has to be the first time ever in a BTB, that La Resistance has been announced as an intimadating opponent. No offense to the guys, their just not over. Although, a little USA vs. France fued may not be all that bad, and the match itself should be solid.

Rey vs. Finlay, I've seen the contest dozens of times, so it's pretty much cemented into my head. These two always put great contests, so I can't here being any different. Finlay working on a body part, that his methodical self. Rey quickly fires up and beats Finlay, but with a splash, could have something else, but either way, nice match and I would like to see where Rey goes from here.

An HBK/Kennedy fued would own, I'll give you that. Now, I'm conflicted, just because I wanna see Angle and HBK go at it at WrestleMania. HBK and Kennedy at Mania would also be equally awesome, so I can't really say. Either way, good Kennedy promo, with the Ken...neddyyy!

Great stuff in the highlight reel right here. I could envision Orton saying it to Jericho in my head. Jericho ponders it over before attacking Orton, again very authentic, I could really see it happening. Y2J gets Orton in the Walls and it looks like we have the start of something here.

It's return hype galore tonight on Smackdown! as we get a package hyping the debut of CM Punk. Not to mention, the Big Show returns and he dominates A-Train, no surprise there. Interesting to see him win with the Showstopper though, nice to see his finishers varied.

Booker and Kurt are now on the same page it seems for the main event, which their going to have to be to take on two beasts in Goldberg & JBL. Nice to see a real life reference made, although that is something the WWE would never do, remind us of a storyline that is over 12 months ago.

Kennedy vs. Holly is a decent match-up as it gives Kennedy a win over someone with at least a shred of credibility left over. The idea of reversing the Alabama Slam into a Mic Check is nasty, and nice for Kennedy to get another win.

At least the injuries aren't too bad and no one will be missed severly as the Big Show has come back, and Michaels and Punk are arriving soon.

Matt and Regal would actually be a solid match up, and nice to see the title get some air time. Although, with your loaded roster, I don't know if Matt is the right guy to be holding it. Maybe when Punk comes in, we could have a nice fued for it.

Tremoundous Main Event, as there was a ton of reversals and a lot of close finishes. Only I didn't like was Goldberg mashing the hell out of the referee, as he wouldn't really do that, at least I don't think. Also, where were Booker and JBL at the end of the show, that would have been nice to know, but nonetheless great job. So it definitely looks like Goldberg is going to be Angle's next challenger.

Overall, it was pretty good for a recapped show. The undercard lacked severly, but it's alright as we had a great highlight reel and an awesome main event. Next week should be huge with the debut of HBK, I assume he'll be gunning for Kennedy? Either way, good show, and I'll be tuning in for RAW.

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