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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Review:

Jericho vs. Angle should be a very sexeh main event, as the rest of the card will probably just be moving us towards SB.

I never thought that Lashley or Batista would work in the MITB, so it was quite obvious that MVP was going to pick up the win. I am very surprised that Batista took the fall, as I viewed him as being above Lashley in this thread, even after what happened at the Rumble. Anyway, Batista and Bobby will both probably move towards the US Title, so MVP being in MITB should be interesting, good call.

I figured that Angle and ĎTaker would be in the Super Brawl, but I was kinda surprised about Kane, tbh. No way heís winning it, but good way to get him on the card.

Damn, you still make William Regal look like the jobber who is only used to get people over. But this was a perfect way for Edge to let out even MORE frustration, taking it to Regal and getting the win, and then blasting him with MITB after the match. Good way to continue to pick up the heat. Good little promo for him after the match, talking about being screwed numerous times by the company, and he has a reason to be upset. I know that all this hype building to Edge being Champion has to come true, and when it does, this thread will reach another level of awesomeness.

Just like I said earlier, it sounds like both Batista and Lashley are going to be the next challengers for the US Title. Albright will be able to run for a little while, but he will eventually need to defend the Belt against both men, which is when he will lose it, imo.

I guess both teams donít mean that much to you, as this only got two sentences. No comment on the winner.

Obviously Matt and Jeff are going to be challenging for the WWE Tag Team Titles, and they are going to do it at WM23. Should be a good way for Jeff to get back on the map tonight, by taking on one half of the Champions.

Just as I figured, both tag team partners are at ringside for this contest but it is the Hardyz that finally get some retribution on AMW, picking up the win. I think this could be a very good tag team contest once it really gets rolling, as these four men have the talent to put on one hell of a contest.

Good way to get RVDís face on the show, as he is pretty much in two feuds at the moment. Heís just as cool and calm as we come to expect, but I think that might change after Edge beats him down a few times before WM23.

Didnít expect anything less from two great wrestlers like Kash and Chavo, as this was a good way to get Kid over as Champion, beating a very respectable challenger. Hopefully this was Chavitoís only shot, as I would love to see BK get the next shot at the Champ.

Those are some pretty strong words from Kurt Angle, as it is pretty much all but confirmed that he and ĎTaker are on a collision course for WM23. Hopefully we get to see more of the Angle we just saw, because he reminds me of the Angle we saw before WM22, probably some of your best character writing, imo.

Carlito will probably be taking part in MITB this year, as you seem to want to build him back up. Good win for him and Kane, as they both build momentum, and it was also good to see Kane look strong heading into the Super Brawl.

Solid card for next week, as I think Edge will be putting Regal on the shelf with that No DQ stipulation. Pretty interesting Main Event, but I think the winner will be RVD/Jericho because thereís no way that ĎTaker and Angle are going to MITB. They need to wrestle each other at WM23!!!

A very hectic main event to end the show, but I was glad that Jericho and Angle got some great time to wrestle each other. Good that Jericho isnít a full-blown heel, as I think he will be going to MITB as a face. Edge coming down doesnít surprise me in the slightest, as he takes down Y2J and yells more about him not earning his shot. ĎTAKER~! Edge gets out of dodge but the Deadman scoops up Angle and drops him with the Tombstone! Kinda predictable ending, as we hadnít seen UT all show, but it was good to see him gain from revenge on Kurt.

A pretty good recap, but I am still looking forward to seeing this show come back into full, as the storylines leading into ĎMania are going to be epic. Keep up the phenomenal work!


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