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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy I have always been a fan of you and your thread here is a review for SD

Should be a great main event between Angle and Jericho tonight.

MVP wins the MITB qualifying match over Lashley and Batista which is good because I dont see Batista or Lashley ( even though he was in WM 22 MITB) as ladder match guys. They should have other roles at Mania. I also see MVP as a serious threat to win the MITB match

Cool to see you brought SuperBrawl back, that gimmick main event is such a cool concept. The wwe should seriously steel it for like an annual thing at a ppv like the chamber. Should be a fun match. Angle, Kane, and Undertaker 3 great choices the best left that aren't already booked.

Great Match good win by Edge and I dont blame him for spapping typical Edge. Great stuff when the fuck is he cashing in that brief case, can't believe he still has it.

Well that explains the briefcase sounds like Edge to a tee, as a bitchy whiny heel. Great job can't wait to see what happens in the title situation.

Albrent what a bitch. Batista and Lashley should kill him hope to see a triple threat. I wanna see some tension between Batista and Lashley to, to make it even more appealing.

Wow way to bury Cryme Tyme. Nah just kidding but how did Murdoch do a canadian destroyer, if you are referring to the modified one he used before he was released then ok.

Great to see the Hardys are getting back together hopefully a tag title run although i would like to see them in the MITB match as well.

Jeff picks up the win. I wonder if there is anything behind matt helping him. Maybe Jeff getting mad saying he doesn't need his help. Maybe I am just reading to much into it?

Typical cocky almost high RVD. Seems he isn't worried but I would be facing Jericho and Edge could strike literally at any second.

Kid Kash wins good cruiserweight action I miss the cruiserweights but you do a great job not only having the belt but keeping it relevent.

Great stuff from Angle hope Taker comes out during his match tonight. The match at Superbrawl they are involved in can be a start of the feud and then maybe Angle will attempt to end the streak. ( maybe a career match? to get RID of him?)

Random pairing with Kane and lito but makes them both look strong especially Kane going into teh match at Superbrawl. How do you do it make Kane look credible as a face?

Cool banner great to see the Mania hype begining, sounds like a great show next week, just days before Superbrawl

This should be a great match but I cant see anyone winning cleanly... Oh i was right great match and way to go edge to ruin it. Nah great booking continuing the feuds and not giving to much away. Edge intesnse as fuck taking out Jericho, Jericho has gotta win and face Edge at Mania although Edge has the briefcase wtf will happen. Oh shit just when i thought it was done here's taker. LMAO edge runs even though Undertaker doesn't want him. Tombstone baby good night angle great way to end a great show.

Man great stuff even in review form it was amazing can't wait for superbrawl. I hope you dont make anymore matches cause the iron man, plus the title match, and the Superbrawl match is like 5 in one so thats why. I will give my SB predictions next sd, cant wait for raw ill be reading
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