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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Double post again, due to lack of comments from lazy bastards tbh...

Was gonna post a preview, but couldn't be assed, recap anyway


SmackDown! Recap
Bud Walton Arena
Fayetteville; Arkansas

Similar opening to that we saw on RAW as a video highlights package airs showing all of SmackDown!'s major talking points. We first are shown The F.B.I finally losing their Tag and Cruiserweight titles to the team of America's Most Wanted and Paul London. We then see Team Kennedy pull off a huge win against Team Hardy with Mr. Kennedy in impressive form, eliminating 3 men including scoring the decisive fall on the United States Champion himself Matt Hardy. We also see the injury's suffered by both Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy, souring the match somewhat. Next is the Inter Promotional match which sees Randy Orton pull off a huge victory, pinning 3 of RAW's top stars on the way to winning the match for SmackDown! and continuing his great run in recent months. Then it's Undertaker being assaulted and buried alive by RAW's Monty Brown, allowing Goldberg to score a massive victory. Finally we see highlights from another epic Angle/Lesnar encounter which finally ends with Kurt Angle making Lesnar tap to the Ankle Lock after 2 minutes in the hold, the longest anyone has withstood in the lethal hold

*Opening Video*


The show opens with Kurt Angle hitting the ring to a standing ovation from the fans. Angle takes his time to celebrate his win last night and the crowd show their appreciation for their champion with an *Angle* chant. Angle talks about how he's proven once again why he is the very best in this company. Angle gives Lesnar his props and says he put up a helluva match but when the Wrestling Machine slips into gear, nobody can match him. Angle then goes on to say he's feeling in the best shape of his career and it's down to a tremendous run with the World Title. Angle even goes as far as to thank the fans for their continued support of him this year, eluding to him now being a full blown face. As Angle then states he's ready for the next challenge out comes GOLDBERG to major heat. Goldberg gets right in Angle's face and only has a few choice words for the Olympic Gold medalist, telling Angle that Goldberg's not next for Angle, but Angle is next for Goldberg! Heat for that as Angle shows no fear of the psychotic monster standing across from him. Angle gets right back in Goldberg's face and tells him to name a time and place but is cut off by JBL! The self proclaimed Wrestling God says there is no way Kurt should be handing out World title shots to people just for getting in his face. JBL then talks about all his achievements and says if anyone deserves a title shot it's him, seeing as he was the longest reigning WWE champion in history. BOOKER T then makes his way out a good reaction from the fans and stakes his claim for a title opportunity by reminding us of his 5 time reign as the WCW champion. Just as tensions really begin to boil over, out comes General Manager Paul Heyman and says that NO ONE will just be made the number one contender for Kurt's title, they'll have to wait and see what Heyman has in store. Heyman does make a huge match for the main event however, stating that Kurt Angle and Booker T will take on Goldberg and JBL! All four men argue amongst themselves as we head to a commercial break

-Commercial Break-

In a rematch of sorts from last night, America's Most Wanted & Paul London team up again to take on The FBI trio of Nunzio, Palumbo & Stamboli in a 6 Man Tag matchup with both the WWE Tag and Cruiserweight titles on the line in a one fall to the finish matchup. Despite starting strongly, The FBI run out of steam and the faces pick up the win as AMW finish off Nunzio with the DEATH SENTENCE, confirming The FBI's fall from the top

After the match the titantron airs a video package of a certain popular superstar and it ends with SHAWN MICHAELS COMES TO SMACKDOWN! NEXT WEEK sending the crowd into a frenzy and a booming HBK chant breaks out as we go to commercials

-Commercial Break-

We come back and the commentary team hype up Shawn Michaels and his impending debut on SmackDown! next week and we are reminded that still to come tonight Chris Jericho will host the Highlight Reel with special guest Randy Orton

Backstage now and AMW are talking but then are interrupted by Paul Heyman who first off congratulates them on getting their straps back at Survivor Series and also retaining them tonight. AMW instantly realize Heyman has an ulterior motive to this discussion and Heyman reveals that they had better enjoy the fact they've beaten everyone that SmackDown! currently has to offer because next week they'll be taking on the latest acquisition to the Tag division on the show as they will defend their gold against the recently drafted team of LA RESISTANCE!~

To the ring and our second match of the night sees Rey Mysterio taking on Finlay. The two put on a solid display with Finlay working over Rey's left leg for the majority of the contest, keeping the high flyer grounded and thus severely limiting his offense. He also gets some help from Little Bastard to keep Rey on the back foot. Eventually after Rey gets back into the match, he scores the victory with the 619 and followed it up with a Slingshot Body Splash onto the Irishman for the win

Backstage now and Steve Romero is joined by Mr. Kennedy. Romero asks Kennedy first off what his reaction is to HBK coming to SmackDown! Kennedy says he's sick of all the crap he's hearing about Shawn Michaels coming to SmackDown!. Kennedy goes onto say he could care less about the big shot when he arrives as long as HBK knows that the spotlight doesn't shine on him here. Kennedy then says he'll show tonight in his match where the spotlight does shine, and that is on Mr. Kennedy...Ken-nah-day!

-Commercial Break-

Next up is the Highlight Reel with Randy Orton as Jericho's guest. Jericho starts off by congratulating Orton on winning the match for SmackDown! last night. Orton instead of being happy with last night, berates his team mates, saying they should all be on their hands and knees begging for Orton to forgive them for such a terrible performance last night. Orton goes onto say he carried the team the entire match, eliminating 60% of the opponents by himself.

He criticizes Batista for trying to return with a bad shoulder injury and then JBL for lacking conviction and ambition as the Team Captain, saying he was a bad choice for leader. Orton then tells Jericho he was useless and had Orton been Team Captain, Jericho would have never made his team. Y2J takes exception to this and warns Orton to stop being an ass clown. Orton brags about the calibre of the superstars he eliminated in Shawn Michaels, Christian & Steve Austin while he points out Jericho didn't eliminate anyone! Orton tells Jericho since he began to care about the fans again, he's lost his ruthlessness. Since he cared about what the "Jerichoholics" felt, he's gone soft. Orton tells Jericho the fans can only get you so far, they will never be what you need to get to the top. Jericho seems to be thinking Orton's words over. Randy warns Jericho that the fans can never get him back to the title, that they won't win anything for him. Jericho continues to be silent and think Orton's words over as the crowd shits on Orton for this tirade against them. Orton tells Jericho he's in the zone and he's going to the top without the fans, and he wants to know is Jericho going to join him. Y2J says he could do that which Orton smiles and nods to, or he could do this...AND TAKES ORTON DOWN AND SLAPS THE WALLS OF JERICHO ON HIM! The crowd erupts as Jericho locks on his patented submission hold and Orton begins to tap the mat, tapping the mat in pain. Y2J finally lets go of the hold as Orton writhes around the mat in pain and Jericho pounds on his chest and pumps the fans up as we go to a commercial break

-Commercial Break-

We return and find A-Train the ring, receiving the "Shave Your Back" chants he usually receives when he makes an appearance


The crowd comes alive out of shock more than anything else as THE BIG SHOW steps out on stage to a surprisingly good pop. The commentary team busts a nut as they can't believe the big man is back and he's on SmackDown! Big Show is all purpose in a train wreck (no pun intended) of a match with the A-Train, and despite facing a man who is easily over 350 pounds, The Big Show is far too good for the woolly mammoth and takes less than 5 minutes to put the A-Train down with a shattering SHOWSTOPPER! The Big Show is back!

Kristal now interviews the United States Champion Matt Hardy about his upcoming match with William Regal. Hardy gives a run of the mill promo by his standards and warns Regal that he'll not be beaten because he will not die!

A video hype package airs, and it's of the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk! The video basically summarizes Punk's life and career up to date and includes shots of him in action then it states coming soon to SmackDown! at the end

-Commercial Break-

Back live and Kurt Angle walks into the locker room where Booker T is. The two realize they have a history, but Angle says that tonight, they need to put that behind them. Booker tells Kurt he may forgive him for tonight, but he'll never forget what Kurt did to him and his wife last year and that he better recognise that. Angle says that's fair enough and promises Booker he's changed and if he can count on Booker, Booker can count on him. The two share an awkward handshake and Booker seems to think over Angle's words, before saying he can dig that

Next up Mr. Kennedy takes on Hardcore Holly. It's a solid match yet not too long, and Holly gets more offense than you'd think he would've in, eager to teach the loud mouth Kennedy a few lessons. In the end, Kennedy is too good and after countering an ALABAMASLAM hits Hardcore with the MIC CHECK for the win

We now receive an update on the condition of the injured superstars last night at Survivor Series. Batista is still expected to miss the first third of 2007, Jeff Hardy's hamstring wasn't torn like first feared and he could be back by the start of the new year while Bobby Lashley is still indefinitely out

-Commercial Break-

Matt Hardy is in action next as he takes on William Regal. The match is nothing more than a way to get the US Champion onto the show and he gives a strong showing, proving too good for Regal once he gets a roll on, countering the REGAL CUTTER into a Side Effect and then hitting the TWIST OF FATE for the victory

JBL is now backstage with Steve Romero. JBL boasts about how he's going to win the match tonight and go on to once again rule SmackDown! When asked what his feelings were about teaming with Goldberg, JBL said he has to do what he has to do and as long as Goldberg doesn't step "out of line" JBL won't have a problem. JBL says Goldberg is all brawn and no brains and that's why things are gonna go JBL's way tonight

-Commercial Break-

The big main event is a furiously contested one with all four men getting plenty of time in the ring and the two heels Goldberg & JBL struggle to get along in the early going, giving the team of Angle & Booker the chance to control the match. Finally as Goldberg is being worked over by Booker T, JBL cheap shots the Book Man and this leads to the duo taking turns beating down Booker, as if sending a message to Kurt Angle. Booker has firm fan support and battles back into things, scoring with the Book End. Goldberg is tagged in as is Angle to a huge pop and Angle takes it to Da Man, showing no fear of the beastly Goldberg. Goldberg uses his power game to get on top of Angle, and goes a Powerslam, but Angle counters it and hits Goldberg with the German Suplex Trifecta. JBL is back in the ring and goes to level Angle with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, BUT ANGLE DUCKS IT AND TAKES JBL DOWN INTO THE ANKLE LOCK! The crowd erupts however JBL isn't the legal man and Goldberg is crouched in the corner, setting up Angle. Goldberg charges in looking for the SPEAR, but Booker T saves Angle from it by just managing to hit Goldberg with a clothesline! Angle, stunned by just how close he came to being finished let's go of JBL in a moment of shock. Meanwhile Booker unloads a mix of right hands and chops to Goldberg before setting him up for the AXE KICK...BUT IS FLATTENED BY JBL WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Booker is wiped out and Bradshaw smirks when he is taken from behind by Angle and hit with an ANGLE SLAM! Angle turns around INTO A SPEAR FROM GOLDBERG! Heat as Goldberg taunts the fans, letting out his trademark animal like growl. Goldberg now points to the heavens and brings Angle to his feet. Goldberg lifts Kurt up with the JACKHAMMER...BUT ANGLE SLIPS OUT OF IT AND TAKES GOLDBERG DOWN INTO THE ANKLE LOCK! The crowd erupts as Goldberg is slapped into the unforgiving hold, however he ROLLS THROUGH THE MOVE, SENDING ANGLE ALMOST INTO THE REFEREE! Angle puts the brakes on just in time, and then turns back to Goldberg who tries to hit Angle with a Savate Kick to the chest, but Angle avoids it and GOLDBERG KICKS THE REF RIGHT IN THE CHEST! Goldberg shows no remorse for his actions as he and Angle begin to trade right hands as the bell is rung by the winded official

With the match ending in a no contest Goldberg is furious and shoves Angle away, turning to the referee in question. Goldberg grabs the poor ref around the neck, scoops him up on his shoulder and drives him to the mat with a thunderous Powerslam! Goldberg gains some massive heat for this but in taking his eye off Angle, he is punished as Angle comes up behind him and manages to hit him with the ANGLE SLAM! The crowd erupts as Angle is handed his WHC and he stands tall above the carnage in and around the ring as we fade out, the commentary team hard sell this main event and the HBK debut for next week's show




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