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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Huge card for tonightís show, gonna be off the charts. Just one quick question, judging by one of J.Rís first line about MITB, are there going to be 8-men in MITB this year? You said ďfour Raw superstarsĒ. Just wondering.

Cena starting the show doesnít surprise me one bit, as it was obvious ever since the Rumble that he would do anything for another shot at the belt. Cena willing to risk his career in the WWE to get another chance at Trips? Thatís ballsy, imo. Bischoff comes out and pretty much tells it like it is, Cena has been complaining too much so he will give him one final chance. CENA VS. LESNAR~! Damn, this was for sure going to be a WM23 match, and now we get it on free TV! This should be an epic!

Lesnar wrestling now makes me wonder what will happen to the main event, as he surely wonít be happy wrestling twice. Just a phenomenal contest between these two, as Cena has everything to lose, and thatís how the story was told. I thought Lesnar had the win after that F-5, but Cena just barely got out of the pin. Lesnar came off looking pretty strong, but it was rather obvious that Cena was going to get the win. Great way to start the show, and now I canít wait to see the MFEís reaction to what just happened.

I liked that Bischoff told them what happened as soon as they got here, but the unrest between Hunter and Lesnar was the real story. Hopefully we get some more interaction between them tonight, as their story has been great. Bischoff maybe on the outs? Weíll just wait and see.

Damn, that was an interesting way for MNM to get out of the match. Glad you didnít go with the obvious choice and just have them get DQíd. That may happen next week, imo. Straight Edge are going to have to wait until WM23 to get a real shot, imo, and thatís when they are going to get the belts.

Damn, yet another twist that could lead to Lesnar/Hunter down the line, possibly at WM23. They will probably not get along during the main event, but I am more interested to see what happens in the coming weeks. Youíre really throwing me off guard with all these possible matches for WM23.

Umaga just destroyed Rey in that match and now he is the first man heading to MITB. Not really shocked to see this, as I know his streak will end against someone HUGE. Rey will maybe be defending the belt at ĎMania, so he will get back to winning soon. A dominating win over a big name is just what Umaga needed, and now we get his preparation heading into his biggest match yet.

Damn, that was an awesome match between HBK and Orton. I loved the backstage stuff with the New Wave attacking Michaels, only for him to dispose of all three of them. Both men left nothing behind, as they head back out onto the stage, with Orton going for the RKO, but HBK ends up hitting SCM!! Great way to end the match, with Michaels hitting the Diving Elbow off the stage and getting the win. This feud is FINALLY over. FOLEY~! Next week should be good, as we will finally hear from the man that has screwed HBK twice over the past few months. Canít wait for that.

Kennedy is finally taking this serious, and that should continue tonight when he destroys DH Smith. Plz continue this KK push right into the MITB match at WM23.

As expected, KK gets the win easily against the hugely overmatches DH. Good way for him to come off as ďcrazyĒ, but Iím not so sure about what happened after the match. No telling us his name? No old-school mic. Unless you are completely changing his gimmick, I am going to be very upset about losing those trademarks.

Pretty predictable interview from John Cena, as he talks about getting his final chance and then going to WrestleMania as the Champion. I still donít see Cena winning, but I am glad that he is back to being his usual self after earning the title shot.

Very good choices for the three Raw superstars in the Super Brawl. The rules are pretty innovative, as it gives us something unique to look forward to. Lesnar and Orton wonít be winning it, which is why Shawn Michaels is my pick from Raw, so that he finally gets his shot at Foley.

Cool way for the Womenís Title match to go, with Laree trying so hard to win but MNM come down to help Melina, helping her retain her title. Glad to see Straight Edge and Laree get the last laugh, as all three hit their finishers on MNMís three members. Next week is going to be a good match, but it wonít be ending cleanly, imo.

Wow, that ďSummer TourĒ is a great idea, and Wembley gets SummerSlam! That should be amazing.

Damn, Hunter must really have all the confidence in the world, as he not only says that he is coming to SuperBrawl ALONE, he lets Cena pick the stipulation. That should be a huge announcement on Wednesday, so thatís reason to read the show. Glad that The Game is showing so much confidence, thatís necessary before WM23.

Pretty sure that was the right call with the short main event, as the show has already been action-packed. Just as I thought, Lesnar and Hunter donít get along, but then a huge SWERVE Ö AS TOMKO ATTACKS CHRISTIAN!! The referee throws the contest out but Tomko joins the MFE! Even more going against Christian now, as he has lost his one true ally. Tomko gets in the hammer shot, and now we get Hunter lining CC up, but Cena saves him! Perfect way for the show to end, as now it looks to be even more stacked in Hunterís favor.

Sky Sports Special Review:

Wow, I completely forgot about the IronMan match. Cena and the Game should have quite the end to their feud, with the better man clearly coming out the winner. Cena going against Finlay should give him so more build, but that stipulation for SB is huge.

Good card, as the main event should be a great tag team contest.

Good win for Chavo, but I really donít think that he is going to beat Kash. If anyone is going to do that, I think you are building up Kendrick to get the job done.

I guess the hospital stay is to keep CC from stealing the spotlight during the final week of build for HHH/Cena. SNME seems like the next time we will be seeing CC.

Cena wins, yay for the little kids!

Pretty good main event, as Jericho is able to be opportunistic when it comes to the legal man situation, taking Rey out after Rey and RVD took down KK with finishers. Jericho scores the huge win, getting some much needed momentum heading into SuperBrawl. I expect him and Jericho to get a little physical in the final two shows before SB.

Raw was spectacular and the Special did its job well. I loved what happened with Christian and Tomko, as it adds yet another layer to what is sure to be an awesome feud once it really gets rolling. Canít wait for SD!.


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