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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown Review

In this review I’ve taken on board what you said, that it isn’t going to be a great show, and in all honestly it wasn’t brilliant, but good for sure. The opening promo was okay, an interference from the Undertaker would’ve done nicely, perhaps hitting the chokeslam or something, and his respect for the Undertaker is huge, but I always thought that whenever someone talks up ‘respect’ so much it would be for the likes of Ric Flair, John Cena, or HBK himself to be honest, Undertaker they’d just talk up what he can do, and that is wrestling in the ring. A couple of grammar mistakes here, in the second paragraph especially, but I could understand it mostly, and I only had to realize for a few seconds before I could continue reading, so no biggie, overall good promo, nothing hype for the future though, it was good, but no real purpose.

Nice segment here, although Kash’s appearance was hardly 15 seconds, and then Maria went halfway through. HBK talking to him was okay, cousins can really. What do you mean by ‘a bar or two?’ Sounds like they’ll get drunk in one place and continue to get as further away from sober as possible at another, I reckon ‘a bar tonight’ would’ve suited it better here, but it was okay, nothing completely bad to be honest.

Good match, Moore’s only chances of doing anything were catching Benjamin from behind and dodging whatever’s thrown at him. When I had a little look at your show last week (hardly even skimming it to be honest) I can vaguely remember and Interview with Benjamin or something, with a Moore appearance leading to the match this week, which is good. Nice ending, Shelton won too fast really for a title match. Instead of six minutes, perhaps eight minutes, maybe nine, anything a couple of minutes longer would’ve made it more suitable.

Why did Tazz walk away with just Coffee is he was after food? Also, I’d like to point out that you’ve overused a few words such as ‘says’ and that Hardy and Tazz smirk a lot, although I’m not fussed about the smirking, more of an interesting segment, or it would be to watch anyway. All of you segments so far have been a bit too long, little ones that we see most of the time in the real WWE would do. I think Matt wont hold off Punk, maybe in the next couple of weeks there will be some kind of assault after a match, although I can see it first being Punk.

Match time was good here, a little longer than a squash, in the first part of the first sentence where you seem to write a very short summary could’ve included Maria getting in the first few moves, if she did of course, but with the build up in the backstage segment earlier, it would’ve been better, but overall I understand what’s going on and I liked the match, not sure weather it was a filler and then you thought of a little segment before or weather its part of a feud. I liked it when McCool and Mickie came in, could set up a three on one handicap match next week. PETITION AGAINST THE GLAMAZON! INJURY!

The Jeter/Sydal promo was alright. Although I wasn’t pleased with Tazz’s appearance making the main event against Undertaker. Doesn’t sound like a good match and doesn’t excite me, or interest me here for the main event. I think in a way it was a waste and could’ve been hyped in the preview in all honesty, nonetheless you made it in a somewhat interesting way so I have no marks against that, other than the purpose wasn’t really necessary.

Good stuff here, I liked Chavo’s reaction. NEXT!

I was offended by this, I honestly was, being English.

Ha, you believed me. Good promo here and I’m glad they were arrogant. I’d like Haas to have won cleanly, but this was a good win for the Masters of the Mat. I really hope they become the tag champs.

Not exactly needed but I’m glad Layla and Burke are in a relationship and they aren’t arguing, I hope to see MVP win though.

Josh Hayger, Jack Swagger, get in! What’s next.

I don’t like a Burke segment followed by an MVP interview one after the other only separated with a commercial break. But meh, I’m happy there is some fuss over the briefcase, as I hope the real WWE does too for at least 6 or 7 months or so, I hope MVP is actually going to save it till next Mania and keep it. I really hope this- oh yes, the interview. Hmm, nice arrogance here, two cocky superstars after one briefcase with a hot diva with one of the superstars, this feud is looking up my friend. For Layla’s sake, I’d rather watch this on TV.

OMG! I didn’t see this coming, Kash pulls one over Matt. Only thing is there has been two matches lost because of them being distracted by a nemesis, which I’d rather be kept to the number one in a single show. Match went on slightly to long IMO, 4 minutes would’ve been good, but I’m glad Kash- excuse me, The Notorious K.I.D beat Matt.

Ha, just like on TV! Owned.
Tazz was expecting him was he, eh? LOL. I like Punk’s and Tazz’s face to face chat, and I’m glad Tazz is showing them who’s boss. Hardy / Punk should be a good match at Judgment Day. Nice feud running here. Glad Tazz got involved and seems to be taking care of the whole roster unlike most with the main title picture.

Thankfully, you’re hyping Judgment Day before Backlash, is this what they did in real life with the old single brand PPV’s?

Eh, a win for Burke? By DQ? Glad MVP got the case involved. Things are really heating up for Judgment Day. Tazz is getting involved too much tbh, and I like it being No DQ and you had a good reason for it, meh.

I’m not happy Taker only face Jeter, but still it’s not really a message in all honesty, it’s a lengthened squash really, I’m happy with the match but I’d like Jeter to win somehow rather than Taker winning cleanly and no interference at the end.

Overall it was a decent show, not your best as you claimed earlier. So fair enough. I hope Backlash is as good as it’s been hyped, I like the card too. Overall it was around 6/7 out of 10 with 8/9 out of 10 being your average show, but at least you put you excuse forward before hand. Here are some predictions.

Backlash Predictions

Kane (c) vs Randy Orton

Evolution vs The McMahon’s

John Cena vs Kenny Dykstra

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Cody Rhodes

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

Candice Michelle vs Kelly Kelly vs Natalya Neidhart vs Melina

Finlay vs Santino Marella


What match will open the show?

World Tag Team Championship.

Which match will be the main event?
WWE Championship.

How many title changes will there be, if any?

Will Kelly Kelly turn on either Kofi Kingston or Cody Rhodes during any part of their match?


Will there be any influential run ins?

If yes, how many?
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