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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

WWE Backlash 2008
Sunday April 27th
From The Pepsi CenterDenver, Colorado

***The Preview!***

Randy Orton vs Kane (c)

Can Randy Orton regain his WWE Championship and become the first man to defeat Kane since his shock return and victory at the Royal Rumble in the process? That is the question on everyone’s mind as we approach Backlash tomorrow night, live from The Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

It’s fair to say that the WWE Champion has looked almost unbeatable since his return, but we have seen the former Champion take his intensity up another level ever since he lost the title at Wrestlemania last month. However, as The Legend Killer puts it, it was John Cena that lost to Kane, meaning he didn’t ‘officially’ lose the title. He looks extremely determined to get his hands back on the title, and for the last two weeks, he has done just that, stealing the title away from The Big Red Machine. The levels that he has gone to in order to make a statement have been fierce, and he has been at it since the moment Kane took the title away from him.

The very next night after Wrestlemania in the first action of the night, Mr. Money in the Bank, MVP was taking on Mr. Kennedy. After MVP was victorious, Orton stormed down to the ring and punted Kennedy in the head for no reason before demanding his rematch there and then. Eric Bischoff, Raw’s Independent Head of Authority told him he would have to wait until Backlash, but Orton couldn’t wait to go on the warpath. Not only has he stolen the WWE Championship from Kane, he has attacked his father, Paul Bearer twice in the last two weeks. Is The Legend Killer on the road to revenge, or will he be on the end of it?

Evolution vs The McMahon’s

If the rivalry between these two groups of men wasn’t heated before, it certainly is now after the events of Monday night.

This goes far beyond Triple H & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s marriage, their deception over John “Bradshaw” Layfield being the illegitimate son of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon reuniting with his father, and the reformation of Evolution. This now has become an extremely personal situation between six men that will see them compete with no rules whatsoever when they meet this Sunday in a Wrestlemania rematch. It is a match that The McMahon Men actually lobbied for, and were awarded by Eric Bischoff. When the announcement was made by Mr. McMahon himself, they set the tone for what would and will follow with JBL vowing revenge for Wrestlemania, and changing the balance of this unholy war.

With Evolution standing in the ring, JBL calmly approached the ring to declare that it if there was any justice in the world, along with his family, he would defeat Evolution at Backlash, and that Stephanie would lose her unborn child. It understandably infuriated The Game as a wild brawl broke out which took security an age to break up. That was not as personal as it would get, as The McMahon’s took it to a whole new level this past Monday by taking advantage of the Raw trip to Sydney. Knowing that Ric Flair and Evolution would be away for the long weekend, Vince and his sons paid a visit to Reid Flair, the son of The Nature Boy and assaulted him after his debut match in FCW on the Saturday night. They then presented the footage to an irate Evolution live on Raw, leading to The Nature Boy rushing back home to be with his son. God only knows what to expect tomorrow night.

John Cena vs Kenny Dykstra

It’s crunch time for Kenny Dykstra as he is forced to give his mouth a rest for the night to go up against the multi time WWE Champion, John Cena.

There is no doubting the accomplishments of John Cena, but Dykstra seems to value his lesser ones way too much. There’s no doubt he was impressive in becoming the sole survivor last November to become the Cruiserweight Champion, beating seven others to take the gold, but it doesn’t come anywhere near matching up to the record of Cena. Dykstra has the chance to climb up the ladder tomorrow night, but Cena has the chance to ensure he doesn’t get past the first rung, and gain a whole lot of satisfaction in the process. Dykstra sure has done a lot to get under Cena’s skin, making sure everyone knows exactly who he is at the same time.

Having been drafted over to Raw a week earlier, Kenny took exception to Cena’s arguably sarcastic response of not knowing who he was. The fun loving side of Cena came back to haunt him later on as Dykstra made sure he knew, distracting Cena and costing him chance to become the WWE Champion. He continued in his quest to anger Cena by running down to the ring during his match with Santino this week and attacking the referee before counting a quick fall to give Santino a huge victory. When Cena returned to his dressing room, he discovered the wall had been spray painted with the words “You can’t see me”. It could be one long night for Dykstra when he faces the backlash of John Cena.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Cody Rhodes

What can you say about the friendship of Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes?

We’re going to get a good idea of the answer to that when these two clash for the Intercontinental Championship in Denver tomorrow evening. Things between them have become strained to say the least since Kofi won the Intercontinental title nearly four weeks ago in a tag team elimination match that saw Cody as his partner. Due to the rules put in place, the member of the team that got the pinfall would leave as the champion, and seemingly to the frustration of Cody. He went to Eric Bischoff and asked for a shot at the gold, but he didn’t get the answer he was looking for, but it wasn’t just the Intercontinental Championship that was upsetting him.

A couple of weeks earlier, there was an insinuation from The Colon Brothers that there may be more than meets the eye as far as the relationship between Kofi and Cody’s girlfriend, Kelly Kelly. It was clearly designed to wind Cody up, but with the bitterness already sinking in, it was obvious that Cody had doubts. Both Kofi & Kelly denied the rumours, but Cody has changed drastically from being very laid back to an aggressive control freak. His treatment of Kelly has been questionable, and that appears to have had an effect on Kofi as he went to Bischoff himself this past week to ask for Cody to be given what he wants, a shot at the gold. Will Kofi’s plan to move on work, or is their trouble around the corner?

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

The arrogance of the challengers here may just be their undoing come Sunday, as they sure have lit a fire underneath the two men that wear the gold right now.

John Morrison & The Miz haven’t held back in their comments towards Paul London & Brian Kendrick since moving to Raw from Smackdown two months ago. But over the last few weeks, it has escalated at quite a pace with the challengers accusing the champions of not being good enough to carry the titles, and even going so far as to speculate that their hearts aren’t in anymore. That got a strong reaction a week later as one half of the champions in Kendrick met The Miz one on one, and emerged victorious. It seemed to take Miz and his partner by surprise, but they called it a fluke Monday night just gone, and they quickly continued to put down London & Kendrick. However, they only caused to anger them further as the champs struck back by attacking them backstage during the interview. There’s no shortage of tension going in to this one as the defiant champions put their gold up for grabs against the cocky duo of John Morrison & The Miz. Just who will have the bragging rights when this is all said and done?

Candice Michelle vs Kelly Kelly vs Melina vs Natalya Neidhart

We all saw Victoria crowned as the new WWE Women’s Champion at Wrestlemania 23, and to shake the foundations of the diva division even further, a number of the top divas were drafted to Smackdown, including Mickie James & Beth Phoenix. That quickly left a void with Victoria needing a challenger, and we’re going to find out who that will be when these four divas compete for a shot at her title.

Beth Pheonix’s ally, Natalya Neidhart told Victoria a couple of weeks ago that life without Beth on Raw wasn’t going to be as easy as she thought. Could it be that Natalya carries on where The Glamazon left off before heading to Smackdown? We have two former champions in Candice Michelle & Melina who will be desperately trying to stop her and add to their number of title reigns. The troubled Kelly Kelly will also be looking to take her mind off of Cody Rhodes & Kofi Kingston by earning a crack at the title, in addition to following up her first two victories since joining Raw. Just who will it be that is standing tall with a title shot waiting in the wings?

Finlay vs Santino Marella

It doesn’t take much to get under the skin of Santino Marella, but by the looks of things, a leprechaun does just the trick.

Since Finlay was drafted to Raw, Hornswoggle has become quite a menace to Santino and his girlfriend, Melina, leading to the fiery Italian gunning for the fighting Irishman in this all European encounter. It all started quite innocently as Hornswoggle’s antics around the ring led to Melina screaming out loud during a match between Finlay & Santino, resulting in a defeat for the Italian Stallion. He’s been quite busy since then, asking for Finlay to be punished, but when action was forced on to him, he quickly got the Irishman’s attention. Two weeks ago on Raw, he raced down to the ring during Finlay’s match to steal his shillelagh, and in turn, the distraction led to Finlay losing the match. He and Hornswoggle fired back this past Monday after Santino was celebrating like crazy due to his shocking yet controversial victory over John Cena. They quickly crashed the party and left him lying in the ring. Which one of them will be left lying in the ring tomorrow night?


Kane (c) vs Randy Orton

Evolution vs The McMahon’s

John Cena vs Kenny Dykstra

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Cody Rhodes

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

Candice Michelle vs Kelly Kelly vs Natalya Neidhart vs Melina

Finlay vs Santino Marella


What match will open the show?

Which match will be the main event?

How many title changes will there be, if any?

Will Kelly Kelly turn on either Kofi Kingston or Cody Rhodes during any part of their match?

Will there be any influential run ins?

If yes, how many?

The show is written and formatted, and will be up towards the end of the week. If you want me to let you know when it's up, give us a shout!

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