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Re: Being The Booker

Cena promo was good, I was wondering if he was going to quit for a moment but really he couldn't do such a thing. Bischoff on par as usual and HUGE match made for right now! Whoa, huge way to kick the show off, but I can't see Cena losing tbh

And he does win, just as I expected, but the table spot was great and I marked for it. Never see that on weekly shows anymore, good stuff. Cena winning with a rollup doesn't make Lesnar look too weak either which is wise because the man did just go coast to coast in the Rumble match and needs a big match for Mania

Bischoff standing up to the McMahon's was a little surprising as he usually just goes along with what they say, but obviously, no one was happy to hear the news and Cena/Triple H should be a good match and hopefully Cena DOESN'T win the title

@ MNM no showing their match. Cowards. Straight Edge will get their revenge, no doubt

LOL The Brotherhood staunched by Trips. Funny. Lesnar is a machine and would likely fuck HHH up. Solid confrontation here, possibility of a feud between these two heading into Mania seems likely although you can't rule out Cena from making it a triple threat

Umaga in MITB? Ugh. I know you mark for the man, but I just cannot picture him in a ladder match, what kind of ladder could support the fat fucker anyways? Aslong as he doesn't win it I guess I'll let it slide because I heart you so much, but really, he doesn't fit in a ladder match imo

FUCK! Orton takes a huge bump spot and then HBK follows him off the stage. This show has had it all, someone goes through a table, people going off the stage. Awesome stuff. HBK beating Orton is good but I wonder what we'll see from these two after the Superbrawl match leading into Mania. Either way shall be interesting but another quality match here tonight

Foley playing this kind of heel is refreshing and I hope he finally does show up on RAW next week, he's really dragging this out with Shawn. I guess this is what HBK will be involved in at Mania now, it's gotta happen

Kennedy owns Smith. All for that. Don't jesus push him plz

Standard run of the mill stuff from Cena there, blah blah blah but he's not winning, I hope he isn't anyways

3 big names for the Superbrawl match and I wonder who SmackDown! will throw into it. I can see Lesnar winning it so he can get a title shot, but I wouldn't count out Orton. HBK won't be winning tho as Foley will likely cost him the match. Oh and Bischoff overkill ftw tonight, what's that like the 4th time he's featured in a segment?

Melina as champ can get boring, TRISH PLZ. Nah lol, but I'd like to see Laree take the strap soon. MNM get owned and it's always nice to see the faces standing tall, neither of these feuds are over it seems

Summerslam in the UK? Cool

I KNEW IT! Tomko finally turns on Christian, and my god it's been coming. I've been waiting for this for so long and it finally happened, Tomko was the only thing holding Christian down from becoming the main player he should be, and now after Christian buries him at Superbrawl I can see a big match for him at Mania

Good work as always Wolf, bar Umaga in MITB and the Bischoff overkill. You own


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