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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Thanks for the reviews guys I will try to return them in the coming days, just to clarify a few things...

-Lol, you said it was Edge’s first title win in the run up to Raw, but now in the promo Edge is Champ “again”? Silly Reney.
That was my bad, he had a 3 week reign in Jan 06, I just forgot at the time because ya know, it was short.

~!, not “!~”. I will kill you if you fuck up my thing again.
I do it differently, because the last thing I would want is to be accused of copying the great promo king.

Now is the mask or no mask Kane?
Masked Kane ftw.

I think you’re mixing the Clash with his Spinal Tap.
Yeah I know, just got them mixed up . It's been fixed

Didn’t like the showdown with The Rock.
I was trying to keep within the time limit of a 2 hr show considering the last RAW I wrote went for close to 3 hrs, remember?

Well, straight into the main event. Run ins from Cena and The Rock early on??
I generally only recap parts of the match and most of what I write is the ending, which is when Cena & Rock came into it, near the end.

Hope that cleared some things up.

Any other reviews would be more than welcome.


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