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Re: Hip Hop Mafia Game Thread

Originally Posted by Postage View Post
forgot to unlynch Santafan

By the way guys, Wesson is mafia. East Coast I believe.
When am I not defensive?
Originally Posted by Santafan View Post
I'm being stupid? Go fuck yourself.
Originally Posted by Santafan View Post
@ Postage: Cool. We can deal with his tomorrow perhaps then. Or depending on rko920's claim, today.
Real smart.
Originally Posted by DH-Star View Post
Postage has brought out the notebook haha.

Wesson - Postage says your Mafia and then you get very defensive. I'll write that down in my notebook too, but I use wordpad on the computer 'cause I'm cool like that.

Santafan - Wolf Tiger continuously asked you for reasons and you said you have reasons but don't feel like saying them? You either have reasons or you don't.

FoS: Wesson

I'm FoS'ing both of you because I want to lynch one, but can't decide who is the best option at this point. Preferably SF, but it all depends on who is more suspicious from here on out.

As for dan_marino, not overly suspicious, just one odd post. I'll put him off to the side in my notepad
SantaFan would probably like to survive the night phase, he has some sort of proof. So DEAL with it. He's not revealing and giving the mafia too much info.

Postage Notebook means he's backtracking and is trying to MANUEVER he fucked up.

Lynch RKO scum if Postage actions don't scream 920 is scum then what does?

My Dan Marino Full of shit list

Dan Marino
DH Star

and a WTF at SantaFan.
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