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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Sky Sports Special; January 24th; Glasgow:

John Cena opens the one hour special, broadcast live on Sky Sports, getting the raucous fans on their feet. Cena makes his way to the ring, and grabs a mic, needing a minute to calm the fans down. He quickly gets to the point, and briefs the fans on what went down on Raw this past Monday, where he earned a final lifeline, earning a title shot at SuperBrawl, and later, Triple H would offer Cena the opportunity to make the stipulation. With little time to spare, Cena quickly gets to business, telling the fans hes been thinking long and hard, but has decided against picking an obvious choice like a Streetfight or Last Man Standing, instead, he is willing to prove himself against The Game, and prove himself to anyone that doubts him willing to prove that he fears nothing and regrets less by challenging Triple H to a sixty minute Iron Man Match!!! The fans arent thrilled, but pop for the announcement anyway but then go nuts as Cena also announces hes in action TONIGHT, going one on one with an old enemy, Finlay.

We return after a commercial, and finally get to hear from tonights announcers Michael Cole & Coach. They run down the three matches tonight; Cena vs. Finlay from Raw, Chavo Guerrero vs. Brian Kendrick from Smackdown with the winner facing Kid Kash on Friday (even though the match for Smackdown was taped on Tuesday~!), and the big main event, pitting the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam & the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio against the #1 Contender @ SuperBrawl, Chris Jericho & Mister Kennedy from Raw.

Chavo Guerrero defeats Brian Kendrick @ 04:54 to earn a title shot against Kid Kash on Smackdown this Friday.

A promo for SuperBrawl plays.

After the next commercial break, we return, and Cole & Coach show a highlight package of the sickening attack on Christian on Monday by Tomko. Cole announces that Christian has been in hospital for the last couple of days, and may be kept in for up to a fortnight.

John Cena defeats Finlay @ 06:47 with the STFU.

The WrestleMania VP plays.

Cole & Coach now hype this weeks Smackdown, announcing the big matches.

The Raw & Smackdown hybrid main event closes things as RVD & Rey Mysterio team up to face Chris Jericho & Mr. Kennedy. Its a top quality match up, with history on both sides, and the two teams get to have plenty of time to tell their story. The match eventually breaks down, as Jericho saves Kennedy from the 619, which gives RVD a reason to come after Jericho, giving us a four man brawl. In the midst of the madness, Jericho gets a legal tag from Kennedy but it goes undetected by Van Dam and Mysterio, who still believe it is Kennedy.
The finish comes as Rey DOES hit the 619 on Kennedy, with Van Dam following up, nailing the Five Star Frog Splash!!! Kennedy is beat, with Mysterio making the cover, whilst Jericho baseball slides RVD out of the ring, then lies in wait for Rey to get up having realised Kennedy isnt legal. And as Mysterio reaches his feet Jericho comes from behind with a bulldog, and follows up with the Lionsault!!! Jericho covers, 1...2...3!!! The Number One Contender scores himself an impressive, smart win @ 14:55, building momentum for SuperBrawl, when he challenges Van Dam.

After the match, Jericho and Kennedy look to put the exclamation mark on the victory, but Rob Van Dam comes to the aid of Mysterio, running off the two heels, locking eyes with Jericho, as the show goes off the air.


Not really expecting any reviews for this show tbh, it's not intended to be a big show or anything like that. Really, it's here for the sole purpose of being an extra show to allow more build up for SuperBrawl, as I didnt want to cram too much into an already loaded Raw last just past. It was quickly recapped for that reason.

Of course, any further thoughts on Raw would be appreciated


Smackdown Preview:

Smackdown rolls into Sheffield, England this Friday with a showcase of the best talent on Smackdown set to be on show in the United Kingdom, with championships and WrestleMania places up for grabs.

This past Wednesday night on the Sky Sports special, available in the U.S on wwe.com, Chavo Guerrero defeated Brian Kendrick to earn a title shot tonight. Will forty eight hours be enough recuperation time for Chavo, as he challenges Kid Kash for the Cruiserweight Title, looking to win the title for the first time in nearly two years.

Meanwhile, one of Batista, Bobby Lashley and M.V.P will look to join the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania. Those three men face off with just one spot open in the ladder match at WrestleMania for the winner. Which of these three men will come one step closer to a guaranteed title shot??

Edge, the man who challenges either Rob Van Dam or Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, will also be in action this week, taking on Englands own William Regal. Mister Money in the Bank will be surely hoping to send a message to both potential opponents by defeating the veteran in his home country, but with home field advantage, could Regal rise to the occassion and shock Mister Money in the Bank??

Following his shocking return to the WWE after four years in exile at the Royal Rumble, Jeff Hardy makes his Smackdown debut this week, and as per request of Americas Most Wanted, Hardy will face one half of the tag team champions, Chris Harris. The Wildcat and The Cowboy have been hell bent on revenge following the return of Jeff at the Royal Rumble, saving his brother, and this week, they'll have their opportunity to make Heff Hardys comeback very short lived.

This past Monday, Raw General Manager announced the three men from his brand to take part in the upcoming 'Super-Brawl'; Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & Brock Lesnar. This Friday, Arn Anderson will reveal the three Smackdown superstars set to partake in the first ever match. Which three men will take part, with the chance to name their own opponent at WrestleMania 23??

Then, the main event. Chris Jericho, just eight days away from challenging Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship will face the Wrestling Machine, and Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle. Angle has been on the roll of a lifetime since returning at the Survivor Series, making The Undertaker tap out for the first time ever, eliminating The Deadman from the Elimination Chamber, and just last week, Angle scrmabled The Undertakers brain with a steel chair. It promises to be a classic match, between two of the top superstars in the WWE today, both at the top of their game, and both desperate for glory.


I'll post Smackdown in a few days ... probably Tuesday.
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