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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

“FCW” TV Results
(Saturday 26th April)

The Empire made their way down to the ring, looking very smug with Katie Lea grinning more than ever as Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders, the FCW Tag Team Champions walked behind her, both holding Union Jack flags over their shoulders. Once in the ring, Katie said that last week they defied the odds and Dusty Rhodes by emerging victorious in the 5 team elimination match to retain the tag team titles. She said that they proved they can overcome anything Dusty could throw at them, and directed a message to him by saying that are only too happy to take on any challenge he issues them, just so they can add to his disappoint. It didn’t go down well with the fans in attendance as Katie then said that last week, all three of them were impressed by the attitude of one man who also stood up to Dusty last week, and even leant a hand in his support for them. She said that they were so impressed that they are proud to announce that there is an addition to The Empire, and that addition is Hade Vansen. He made his way out looking very pleased with himself. He thanked Katie and took the microphone, saying that it is a privilege to be a part of The Empire with the honour that they stand for and demonstrate in a discriminative environment such as this. He pointed the blame a Dusty and said that he got what he deserved last week with Sanders & McIntyre holding on to the titles that they deserve, but he also said that someone else who got what he deserved was Reid Flair.

Vansen then said that Reid was brought in for no other reason other than his father’s name on his birth certificate, and that he learnt a valuable lesson last week by finding out that life isn’t easy around here. With the rest of The Empire smiling behind him, he went on to say that he was looking forward to roughing up Reid himself, but he will have the chance once he beats another pampered son of a Hall of Famer in Joe Hennig and moves on to the semi final of the Television Championship tournament. He got distracted with the fans booing him, and it allowed Dusty Rhodes to have his say as he walked out to the arena. He said that first, Vansen should worry about Hennig as it’s not going to be easy, just like it was supposed to be last week for them. He then promised it would be difficult tonight for The Empire as they will be taking on the team that Vansen helped them beat last week in Teddy Hart & TJ Wilson. It didn’t seem to bother them, but Rhodes then announced that Afa Jr would be joining forces with Teddy & TJ, while the FCW World Champion, James Reiher would be their partner, and if their team loses the match, both they and Reiher will be forced in to defending their titles against the same three men in two weeks time. That didn’t go down so well, and Dusty barely cracked a smile as he left with The Empire looking shaken in the ring.

**Commercial Break**

Match 1

CJ Red vs Jay Bradley

A entertaining match with Red using his speed and agility to his advantage while “The Natural” Nic Nemeth watched on eagerly from the curtain. Bradley took CJ close, but Red was able to slide down his shoulders, spin him round and kick him in the gut before finishing him off with the Red Alert, a springboard swinging reverse STO. CJ stood up and got his arm raised as Nemeth applauded him with a sly grin. CJ stared right back at him, not put off by the man he’ll face in the Semi Final of the Television Championship tournament.

Winner: CJ Red.

Shantelle Taylor, the FCW Women’s Champion was talking with The Bella Twins in the backstage area when Roucka and Michael W. Kruel walked up to her. Brie & Nicole made a quick exit as the serious looking Roucka told Taylor she knows that she won the right for a title match several weeks back, and then told the champion that she will be getting the match next week. She said that she wanted to come and tell her that to face, as well as that it would be the last week she is Women’s Champion. Taylor took it quite well and didn’t seem surprised, and she asked Roucka if she’s heard. Roucka & Kruel looked confused, and Taylor said she clearly hadn’t before walking off. Roucka turned to Kruel and asked him what Taylor was talking about, but he said he didn’t know either. Roucka wasn’t happy and said they’d have to go find Dusty Rhodes to find out what’s going on.

**Commercial Break**

Match 2
Television Championship Final Quarter Final Match

Joe Hennig vs Hade Vansen w/Katie Lea

A very good technical back and forth match. Hennig managed to fight his way in to control after slipping away from Vansen’s grasp, leaving Katie Lea concerned. Just as Hennig looked to be setting Vansen up for a Perfect Plex, Colt Cabana walked down to the ring and tried to catch Hennig’s attention. He was confused and let go of Vansen before walking to the ropes and trying to understand what Cabana was asking him, but Vansen reacted by recovering and walking up behind him to spin him round for the South City Driller, a lifting spike DDT for the victory. Katie joined Vansen in the ring and raised his arm as Cabana watched on, looking slightly angry with himself.

Winner: Hade Vansen.

In a busy backstage area, Dusty Rhodes was talking to some workers when Roucka & Michael W. Kruel walked up to him. Roucka asked him why Shantelle Taylor was so pleased with herself, and what she meant by saying “haven’t you heard?” Dusty told her that after giving her the title match next week, he thought he’d spice things up a little and make a mixed tag team match for tonight with Roucka & Kruel teaming up to face Taylor & Shawn Spears. Kruel asked Dusty if he was kidding, and of course he said he wasn’t, leaving Kruel frustrated and shaking his head. The DiBiase Brothers then walked past and were bragging about how they took apart The Badstreet Boys last week, and that caught Dusty’s attention. He excused himself from Roucka & Kruel to catch up with Brett & Mike. He quickly put them in their place and told them that they ruined his plans last week, and that because of them, Matthews & York weren’t allowed to compete this week, but they will be next week. Mike asked Rhodes what he was getting at, and Dusty explained that they have to deal with the consequences of their actions, and that if they want to act like thugs, he’s going to let them, next week against The Badstreet Boys in a Streetfight. They looked stunned as Dusty told them maybe they’ll learn before walking off, leaving Mike & Brett not so thrilled.

**Commercial Break**

Colt Cabana was pacing up and down a locker room when Joe Hennig walked in. He wasn’t happy at all and asked Cabana what the hell he was doing out there earlier on, and said he would have been in the semi finals if it wasn’t for him. Cabana calmed himself down and asked Hennig if he remembered what he said to him last week when he wanted them to be partners. Joe knew, but he played it down, and Cabana said that Henning lied, saying he already had a match when he didn’t. He then asked Joe why he lied, and said that all he wanted was to team with the son of Mr. Perfect. Hennig shook his head in frustration and asked Cabana what he wanted from him, and that if he wanted revenge by costing him his match, then he sure got it. Joe turned his back to leave when Cabana grabbed his arm, not going down well with Joe, who turned back and stared at him. Cabana let go and said that he didn’t do it on purpose and only wanted an answer, but Hennig told him to save it and walked out anyway, leaving Cabana glum as he stared at the door.

Match 3
Shawn Spears & Shantelle Taylor vs Michael W. Kruel & Roucka

Taylor & Roucka had a real go at each other, and after tagging out, it spilled to the outside. It left Spears & Kruel to fight it out, and the over anxious Kruel fell victim to a hangman’s neckbreaker to give Spears & Taylor the win. Roucka looked stunned on the outside as Taylor got back in the ring and celebrated with Spears. Roucka couldn’t take her eyes off Taylor.

Winners: Shawn Spears & Shantelle Taylor.

Lena Yada was with the FCW World Champion, James Reiher. She asked him how he felt about facing Afa in a matter of moments, and about the possibility of having to defend his title against him if his team lost tonight. Reiher played it down and said that even if the worst does happen, there’s no chance of Afa ever winning the FCW Championship from him. He said that Afa’s no threat to him, and that he couldn’t even win the title in his wildest dreams. Lena pulled the stick back and was going to ask another question, but Reiher pulled it back himself. He said that even though he has no problem in taking care of Afa and two Canadian punks, he doesn’t have a clue why Dusty Rhodes has brought him in to his problems with The Empire. He said that he knew Dusty has it in for them, but that it has nothing to do with them. He then said that Dusty might think he calls the shots, but he’s going to show him very soon just who really is the top dog in FCW. He grinned at the camera before walking away with the FCW Championship gleaming on his shoulder.

**Commercial Break**

Match 4
If the team of Reiher & The Empire lose, the opponents will receive title shots in 2 weeks

Afa Jr, Teddy Hart & TJ Wilson vs James Reiher & The Empire (Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre) w/Katie Lea & Hade Vansen

An unbelievably competitive match with both sides getting close calls. Reiher thought he had it and yelled at the referee, turning his back on Afa on tried to capitalise with a samoan drop, but Sanders saved the match by breaking it up at two. That led to TJ & Teddy getting involved as they took Sanders to the outside before doing the same with McIntyre with Teddy then taking them both down to the floor with a springboard plancha. Vansen then pulled TJ to the outside by his feet as Afa went to the top rope with Reiher barely moving. Katie Lea sensed the danger and got up on to the apron, then grabbed Afa’s foot while Vansen tossed TJ in to the barricade. He then jumped up on to the apron and pushed Afa up the top, causing the referee to disqualify Reiher & The Empire. Vansen & Katie looked stunned, and Reiher wasn’t best pleased either as he stood up. He walked over to Vansen, who talked smack back at Reiher before being shoved down to the mat by the FCW Champion. He got back up, but Katie pulled him back as Reiher stared back at him as the show came to a close.

Winners: Afa Jr, Teddy Hart & TJ Wilson.

**End of Show**


We can announce that the WWE have signed a number of workers to developmental contracts. Ryan Reeves & Heath Miller were let go by the company last year, but they have resigned and will now head to the Florida training camp.

Victor Ceron, known to many as “The Brazilian Beast” Kafu will also be heading to FCW after an impressive spell in the IWA, based in Puerto Rico. He will be joined by Taylor Rotunda, the son of Mike Rotunda, Irwin R. Schyster. It is believed that Rotunda will need some more time before making his debut.

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