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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Ring of Homicide 2:

Anything Goes: Austin Aries v.s Jimmy Jacobs-**1/4

-A decent brawl, but it ends way too early. I'm still looking forward to their other brawls, but this didn't help much.

The Age of the Fall (Brodie Lee & Delirious) v.s Cheech & Cloudy-*3/4

-This was an alright squash tag match and was a great way to show off Brodie Lee in his debut. Cheech & Cloudy would make a great undercard tag team in ROH. They aren't too over the top like most of the Chikara teams.

Some Women's Match-N/A

-Didn't watch and I don't even remember who was involved.

The Osirian Portal v.s Kevin Steen & El Generico-3/4*

-The only thing good about this match was Kevin Steen, the rest was 3 idiots pandering to the crowd. Steen was the only one who looked like cared to win this match. The Osirian Portal are hard on the eyes and I hope to never see them in the ring again. Not only are they awful they made El Generico act like an retard the entire match. If I want cheap comedy matches without any substance I'd waste my time and money on Chikara.

FIP Title Match: Necro Butcher v.s Go Shiozaki-**3/4

-This was an alright FIP match. It was on par with their original match. I didn't rate that one much higher either. It's a brutal match, but besides the strikes there really isn't much else to it. Still fun to watch.

Chris Hero v.s Brent Albright-***1/4-***1/2

-I really enjoyed this match. It was a lot like the Albright/Pearce battles which I fuckin' love. The first Albright/Pearce match is still my singles MOTY in ROH last year. This match wasn't as great as those encounters, but it had the same old school flow. This was better than Richards/Albright probably would have been so I wasn't upset about it changing. Totally.

6-Man Mayhem: Hallowicked v.s Rhett Titus v.s Jason Blade v.s Ruckus v.s Davey Richards v.s Claudio Castganoli-**1/2

-Usually I hate these matches, but Richards and Claudio kept this match from turning into an all out spotfest. Ruckus did his best to screw this one up, but it wasn't enough to keep it down. Rhett Titus was gold during this as well. He is a decent wrestler and should be given another lower midcard feud soon.

Tyler Black v.s Jerry Lynn-***1/2

-This match wasn't like the other Lynn matches in ROH with the great heel/face interaction. This was more like the RVD/Lynn matches. It's a definite most watch, too bad their wasn't much of a story.

The Briscoes v.s LAX-****1/4

-This was a tremendous main event. It was great seeing LAX and especially Homicide again. The night before certainly wasn't enough in that clusterfuck of an Irontag match. This was a brutal match that left both Briscoes bloody. This is exactly what I hoped for from LAX and I'd rather see them return than the Motor City Machine Guns. If MCMG were to return again I'd rather see Shelley in singles competition. I was also glad the Briscoes ended up winning after Homicide kicked out of the J-Driller. It just wouldn't seem right to have LAX just steamroll through the tag division without being on the actual roster. Good booking to such a great match.
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