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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Kanefan4E's Smackdown Review

Good little video, it helps people like me get a feel for what's to come. I hope you don't mind if I incorporate the bullet point style into my thread. It really is helpful. It's good that you actually care enough about your readers to do this. Credit where credit's due.

I'm not too keen on Michaels being the one to use the 'cheap pop'. Well saying that, I'm sure he's done it in the past. I loved it when you described that Michaels had the belt around his shoulder. It's been too damn long since I've seen Michaels as Champion, whether that be in BTB or in real life. I don't know why but I enjoyed that line immensely. It was basically a given that Michaels would turn serious, and it was at the right moment. Building up the crowd to get excited and then really turning up the heat. Good stuff Nige. I'm also interested in the direction of this feud. Interesting to see you go for the respect/respect battle, rather than the heel vs. face battle. It will be interesting to see what happens after this feud. Maybe Undertaker wins the title at Judgment Day and Michaels turns heel. That would be too awesome to come true to be honest. Oh and Undertaker not being in the promo was disappointing. Well for me anyway. Hopefully he shows up later in the show.

I wasn't too keen on this backstage segment. I mean Michaels just came out of a serious promo talking about his World Heavyweight Championship match with The Undertaker, then he agrees to go to a few bars. Not my cup of tea. I would have preferred Michaels to turn the offer down, knowing that he's got to put all of his energy into the title match. You did get some more Australia hype in here though so that's a good thing I guess.

I have to admit. I really like the condensed match recaps. Really easier and enjoyable to read. It also makes the PPV matches seem that little bit more special. It was a good opening contest, but it was always going to be Benjamin who wins.

I understood the direction of this next promo. But if Matt wasn't thirsty, why would he be looking for a bottle of water from the trolley? Just seemed illogical. The overall promo was decent enough though. Benjamin is being used perfectly here on Smackdown. I can't wait to see who will step up to Benjamin. Oh and I laughed hard at Tazz not being happy with the food. That was an awesome end.

Dominant divas are awesome. Perhaps that's why I love Beth Phoenix so much. She's just so ruthless. A decent little match which got Beth Phoenix over, aswell as Maria to be honest, as she gave as best she could.

I think I mentioned it in the comments I left after you posted the preview. I'm not a fan of two low key guys having big in ring promos. It may sound pretty biased but I guess that's just me. I did however love the match that Tazz set up. My god is he getting a push. I just hope he doesn't beat The Undertaker, that would suck in so many ways.

Not much to say about the Killings/Chavo promo. It looks like you're setting up a Killings/Chavo promo. That's fine I guess. Again not my cup of tea. I've hardly seen any main eventers yet on this show apart from Shawn Michaels. I may have missed a lot and some of these guys may be main eventers. I'm not sure though. I know you like the young guns so I guess that explains it.

Masters is fucking awesome. I'm glad you're using him. Singles push please. I'll make do with him in a tag team for now as he seems to be the ring leader so to speak. However, I'll be rooting for a singles push, and when that happens I'll be here to mark the fuck out. I noticed that you don't have a lot of action after your matches. Maybe you're not a fan of that. I however think that it's needed sometimes. Rather than just have the winner celebrate.

Nice hype here for the Burke/MVP match. I hope Burke wins. Can't see it happening though after this segment.

Oh, is that Jack Swagger? I'm sure it is. I feel like a right idiot. I've been staring at that image for the last hour lol. Looking forward to see how you use him.

I actually forgot that MVP was Mr. Money In The Bank. I think I can see MVP and Burke facing off at Judgment Day. That would actually be pretty sweet.

Heel Punk is more than awesome. You're using him well too. I love the fact that he screwed Matt Hardy. I can see big things from their PPV match. Especially considering the hype it's getting.

More Tazz. I'm not going to complain like others have because I actually see it as a necessity. Your General Manager should play a predominant role on the show. Especially when he's as good as Tazz is. I was doubting whether Tazz would work, but you sure as hell have proved that he can.

Ahh see I knew this match would be booked. One question though. Is it going to be for the briefcase. I guess if it is you'll make that point known in the next few weeks. A decent match with a more than satisfying ending.

Jericho will own Smackdown. That's all I have to say here.

Undertaker was never going to lose. If he did I would have probably smashed my laptop. This match worked wonders in hyping Taker and Michaels' match at Judgment Day, as well as putting Jeter in the limelight. Great stuff and a nice little match to end the show.

Overall I was impressed. I did have some negative points throughout the show, but I think I mentioned them during the review. There were far too little main event guys on the show for my liking. There should be more in my opinion to carry the show, while you build up the others. Overall though it was a solid show with four weeks left to build until Judgment day. Good work Nige.

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