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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

This was a decent promo from HBK and a nice way to open the show for the Aussie fans. Although this wasn't exactly an exciting promo it was very well written and it did it's job of progressing this feud. This feud is huge and you seem to be taking your time with it as they haven't had many confrontations, however I think there are still around four shows from now to JD, so there is time for this to heat up. Also with this being a feud between two faces you are booking it slightly different, with a lot of focus on respect which I like. Yeah so this was a good promo, liked his talk about the history and the showstopper line worked well again. I was expecting a scary 'Taker promo on the screen, but as I said it seems like you are developing this slowly which is cool.

This was a good little promo, all these promos for Shane are doing a lot for his character. The parts with Kash and Maria were interesting too. Not sure about HBK leaving the building though but I guess you can build his feud without him. I don't know where you are going in the long term with Shane either, but I have certainly warmed to him since WM.

I thought this had the makings of a good little feud, however Shelton made quick work of Moore. Doesn't do much for Shannon Moore but Shelton is the focus and it puts him over well as the champion. It doesn't look like he'll be coming back for more, so I wonder who is next for Shelton.

The segment with Hardy and Tazz was very good again, the two were very friendly with each other as you would expect, and it's great to hear that Hardy will be taking on Punk at JD, can't wait for that. Shelton coming in was interesting, this was a little quick after Shelton just had a match, but it makes sense for him to find Tazz straight after. An arrogant heel asking for some decent competition is used a lot and it works here, but maybe he might just regret it. I wonder who Tazz has in mind. Nice bit of comedy too btw.

Shane's advice didn't help then haha. Good win for Beth Phoenix, makes her look even more dominant and the aftermath was cool. Phoenix is good on this brand as the dominant diva and it looks like the others will try and stop her. I thought you were going to introduce a title for them, but it doesn't look like it yet.

This was a good promo with Jeter and Sydal, I haven't seen too many promos from them so I imagine this would do a lot for their characters. Jeter was great in this promo and I liked what he had to say, and he had some typical heel excuses for turning on his buddy. The shot from Jeter surprised me a little, thought it was going to be the other way around but it was a good way to give him even more heat. Good to see Tazz using his authority again and thats a good match announced, Taker is sure to win but I don't think it will do Jeter any harm.

This segment was okay, I see what you are doing with Chavo and it was a very good twist, but it didn't really make sense to me. Why was Killings saying sorry? Didn't he just get beat down by Chavo last week, thought he'd be attacking him not saying sorry. Anyway as I said them making up only for Chavo to take him out again was good.

The pre match promo from Masters was great, really good way to build up heat. The win for Haas is good for them and it makes it look like they are a real threat to their titles at JD. This will give them somehting to brag about again as well.

The short segment with Burke warming up was very good, I think it would come off very well to show his hate for MVP. It's always good to hear from MVP so his interview was cool, and it adds some more hype for their match later on.

I thought Hardy was going to run through his opponent tonight and send a message to Punk, but I liked how it played out. Punk turning up was a surprise but it was a great thing to do to further the feud by having him distract Hardy, making him hate Punk even more. Good win for Kash too despite the distraction.

Tazz is a busy man tonight. Decent segment this, I liked where it took place as well, showing that Tazz is clever and knows how Punk works. Next week should be very good.

The match between MVP and Burke would be a good one to see. The DQ finish was probably the right thing to do, keeps both men looking reasonably strong and it was a good set up for Tazz to come out again. Tazz is certainly a busy man, but he's showing his authority and showing that it really is his show. The match at JD should be great, and no DQ is even better. I thought the briefcase might be on the line though, which makes me think this may be a win for Burke.

Well it was good for Jeter to get a main event match against Taker despite his loss. It wasn't a squash by the looks of it which is good. A convincing win for Taker is a good thing with JD approaching too.

Overall it was a good show, not one of your best but a good show. Things are developing nicely on the Smackdown side for sure and JD looks like it will be very good. Matches were a bit short, but they were only slighlty shorter than my TV's and I think you are focussing on Backlash so it's understandable. Good job mate.

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