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Hip Hop Mafia Game Thread

Los Angeles California at the Staples center it was the biggest event in Hip Hop the Hip Hop music awards. Everyone was there from the west coast, and from the east coast and all in between. Rappers such as dr dre, eminem and Talib Kweli were there. Awards for song of the year and video of the year were up for grabs. Everyone was filling up the area outside of the building there was tension in the air. There were lot's of security surrounding waiting for some one to get out of line so they could get their night sticks out and crack somebody;s head open. Tupac was seen getting out of a long stretch limo he see's biggie small's talking to P diddy from far away. Tupac who was miling as become angry. Biggie then notcies tupac and looks at him. Tupac opens his coat showing that he has a gun strapped to his waist. Biggie Then dares tupac to do soemthing. p diddy see's the gun and grabs biggies arm and drags him away. Tupac makes his way into the bulding he sits down next to his west coast posse. Outside NaS arives his in confronted by a camraman and someone from bet. They do a small interview with him.

man: NaS do you think you will win an award.

NaS: if I din't think I could win I would of stayed home.

NaS then walks off he then bumps into JayZ.

JayZ: hey NaS we got to talk but lets go some where to be alone. They both walk off.

Back inside the arena. On stage John Cena who goes to diffrent events such as the kids chioice awards have come to the Hip Hop awards to present an award. Before he get's to say anything Tupac stands up.

Tupac: Who the fuck is this.

John Cena: I'm John cena from the wwe and I came here to present an award.

Tupac: get off the stage.

John Cena: You can't see me.

Tupac get's his gun out and shoots cena. John Cena falls to the ground and he is dead.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Cena was wwe superstar/actor and wannabe rapper. He knows about 5 moves and held the wwe title and is hated by the IWC.

Tupac sits down as all the wrestling fans in the crowd that are in the IWC stand up and cheer while the children and women begin to cry. People come on th stage and drag the body off to dump it in the garbage. Biggie smalls not wanting to be out done or be shoed up by Tupac was thinking of something to do. The award for song of the year was won by biggie smalls. He gets up and goes to receive his award. He gets' on stage and Tupac and his follow est coast rappers begin to boo and toss things at the stage. Biggie smalls try's to give a speach but was interrupted by Tupac Biggie then get's off the stage and takes some one from the first row picks him up and stabs him to death the man was.

Originally Posted by Emperor_NaS View Post
Robert Matthew Van Winkle AKA Vanilla Ice an American rap artist known for the 1990 one hit wounder "Ice Ice Baby."

Biggie smalls then points the knife at Tupac. Tupac get's up and goes to to get some of biggie. But there pulled apart by security. Dr Dre get's a chair and trows it across the room hitting p diddy in the face. The security stopped the show. The award show was done and every one leaves. Tupac leaves he goes to his limo and see's that it is wrecked. on the hood is spray painted G unit and there is a note on the windsheld. The note read.



Tupac: what the fuck is gunit?

Snoop Dogg see tupac and goes over to him.

Snoop: What happened?

Tupac: what the fuck is gunit?

Snoop: Some lame ass rappers don't worry about them.

Tupac: Fuck that I'm going to kill them.

Tupac then looks over to see that Biggie is upset about something. Biggie smalls has had his limo wrecked too and as also gotten a letter warning him about g unit. In a dark alley 50 cent is seen with a police officer.

Cop: You know you could get into a lot of shit for what out just pulled.

50 Cent takes out an envelope of money and gives it to the cop. The cop takes it.

Cop: I would take you in but your paying me more then I make in a year and you do give me a lot of information.

The cop leaves just then 50 cent turn around and bumps into the game.

The Game: Who you snitching on this time?

50 cent: I aint no fucking snitch and it's none of your business of what I'm doing.

The Game: I know that you messed up pac and biggies limo see In don't care about the notorious P.I.G but no one fucks with pac.

50 Cent: Wanna do something N igga?

Just then tony yayo and lloyd Banks come out of the ally and stand behind 50 cent.

The Game: nah not yet but you better watch your ass because your boys there not going to be around forever. Buck is gone and banks and homo yayo are not to far behind.

The game turns around and walks off. He stops and says.

The Game: Oh and stop snitching.

The game the leaves as well as g unit.

NaS and JayZ meet up at a bar near the arena.

NaS: So what you wanted to talk about?

Jayz: This shit is out of hand the west coast and east coast mafia are out to kill everyone we need to stick togeter if we want to live. We have to kill them.

NaS: I know some people that we can get to help out.

Just then a car drives by and shoots up the place. NaS and JayZ both jump behind a counter and wait for the bullets to stop. They hear the car pull off and they get up. They see a body on the ground he was.

Warren Anderson Mathis AKA Bubba Sparxxx He is is notable for his hit single Ugly.

Nas and JayZ both go to find some help against the west coast and east coast.

The battle lines have been drawn who will come out alive. West coast vs East coast and it looks like thats not all will other factions be involved looks like WC and EC have to look out for gunit as well. But what do the other rappers have to say that are not a part of any of the factions when it's every man for him self who will win?

Unlimited sign ups. I'm hoping to get 37 players.

sign up
1. RKO920
2. DH-Star
3. Sticksy
4. CM Dealer
5. Wesson
6.~AussieFan~/Postage WINNER
7. Lostfan
10. dan_marino
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12. Magsimus
13. Kantos/Wesson WINNER
14. Wolf Tiger
15. Don.Corleone/StevenL
16. Nov
17. Seabs/ De-Sqaure
18. MetalX
19. Steven L
20. Postage
21. Spiked.
22. certs

day 1 with 20 people alive its 11 for a lynch.

Day 1

Night 1


Night 2






night 5


Strain = Lemon Cookies


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