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Re: Being The Booker

Shocked that there was a quick succession of replies so soon after the show was posted. Really greatful, and there are a few of you I owe a few reviews for. (Weekends are generally my review days, so I'll look to get round to it then)

Anyway, I just wanted to answer a few queries, and explain a few other nooks and crannies that need addressed...

- Not much to make of the Steph / Jillian segment. Just to set the foundations for the wedding, but I wanted a recognisable face as the planner, as there are a few skits on the night that I've got that centre around her.

- The Umaga squash matches are all but done as of this show. There are a couple more to come from time to time in the coming weeks up to WM, but his role is set to expand greatly from now. Squash match on this show was to just give J.R and Coach a few minutes to talk up his great performance at the Rumble. As announced later in the show, he faces Mysterio next week.

- Yep, Kelly Kelly (along with Maria) was in charge of the tumbler at the Rumble, and accidently gave Mick Foley a ball, meaning Ortons stablemate, Nick Dinsmore missed out on a spot. (Pretty contrived angle tbh, and something that could easily have been rectified in real life, but for the sake of WWE-land, I dumbed down , and Foley entering the Rumble instead of Dinsmore happened)

- TBH, I used to love Booker T back in the day. Unfortunately by late 2003 / early 2004 I just thought the guy was well passed his peak. Keeping him around though, as I still think he can be useful as a tag team specialist. Dont think Booker himself would agree mind

- Rhyno is currently injured, but due back in the summer. He's not been forgotten though

- Garrison Cade > Scott Hall. Plus, Razors Edge is a cool finisher, someone ought to use it

C Class Superstar;
- I admit myself, New Wave sucks for a name. Unfortunately tag team/stable names have never been my forte. I also just realised a few weeks ago the names connection to 80's music. Double suck. It'd be odd now to suddenly change it, so for the mean time, I'll keep it as New Wave, and hope it catches on ... but I doubt it when I've not even got faith in the name.

- Yeah, just copied the old WCW SuperBrawl logo from 2000 off Google.

Wrestle freak;
- Stephanie opening the show wasnt ideal tbh, but it was the best place for her to get her announcement out of the way before getting to the important stuff, rather than in the middle or the end. As for Shane ... I just didnt have anything worthwhile for him to chirp in with , so I just had him go on a silent protest.

- I wanted Cena to come off as a man at his lowest ebb; he just lost out (via screwjob) on his third consecutive WM main event, and he couldnt bring himself to even pumping up the fans. Wanted to put across how much going to the WM main event meant to him.

- Charlie Haas is still on Smackdown. Currently, he's been doing a lot of jobs tbh, but that wont last forever.

- As for the Mick Foley angle; best get settled in, because it'll be a slow build towards WrestleMania. It's pretty obvious he'll be facing Michaels, but with nine weeks to go, I'm taking the long road with this one, hence the continuation in the mean time of the Orton/HBK TV feud.

- For now (until WM) Kennedy will be ultra serious. It's not a permanent gimmick change though, it's just adding another side to his character. Eventually the cockiness will reappear, as will the catchphrase. I just wanted to freshen him up a bit in this thread, and drop the Kennedy...Kennedy stuff just for a while. When it comes back though, I'll not be using it everytime he talks, just occassionally.


Thanks for reading folks, and as promised, I'll get back to you (and you Renegade when you realise BTB is more important than life itself, and dedicate 24 hours a day to this forum. ) at the weekend.
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