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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Nice way to open with the McMahon Family Empire and giving Stephanie the microphone to start off was a bit of a surprise however it was a great announcement. It let us know there is a three hour Raw coming up (which should be awesome) and her and Trips are getting remarried on the Raw (which should be awesome). I still would have preferred for Vince or Trips to start off the talk but oh well. Shane being to distressed was not something I liked, he is a McMahon I doubt he would get offended that easy that just seemed very cheesy. McMahon has his normal cheap crack at Cena calling him a THUG and well this was just a typical little crack at Cena. Wasnít bad but nor was it anything good. McMahon telling Christian to go to Smackdown is definitely something I expected and am glad to see you brought it up some time in this promo. I thought Christian would be the MAIN priority in this promo however you started with Cena. Anyway here we gop Triple H timeÖ Bit of friction between Trips and Vince and that is what I loved about there alliance in 2000 all the constant bickering, anyway Trips isnít scared and I loved how you stopped making Trips look like a bitch and actually made him look like a bad ass, This is the Trips I want to see and this is the Trips I want to see at Mania. Nice way to kick off the show Wolf and after that promo and well even before it I guess, it is just about 100 percent sure Christian and Trips is going to happen.

I was very happy that MNM got the win here i think they really needed it after being dominated by Straight Edge in the Rumble match. I donít know where you are going to go from here with this tag feud however I can see you saving Straight Edge and the champs for Mania and that is something I definitely want to see

HBK interview was good continuing to build the HBK/Foley feud and all that is left now is for Foley to come out and tell everybody why he screwed HBK. Until then this really canít progress so I hope it happens sooner then later.

LOL @ Jillian HallÖ But at least she is not singing

Umaga squashing people is something I like, I hope in coming weeks he really continues his domination from the Rumble. Give him a feud though, please.

Randy Orton blaming Kelly is typical him trying to think of an excuse. Him in MITB is something I donít really like because I think he is better then that only way I would like is if he wins the thing.

Christian announcing tonight and well he is staying on Raw as for Cena I reckon Lesnar is in his futureÖ Even though I didnít earlier I can see the light now.

Cena seemed a little bit to depressed for my liking okay he was upset but I could still see him trying to have fun with the fans and try to cheer himself up like the tool that he is. Lesnar interrupting confirms everyoneís suspicions and Lesnar was perfect. I guess he is going to be the heel again after almost turning face for a while. Lesnarís brutal honesty was awesome because he was telling the TRUTH and Cena didnít like it. Cena hitting the FU just about sets them up for Mania.

Rey Mysterio defeats Benjamin just as I thought he would and now I think Mr Kennedy will come into Reys path soon. As for Benjamin I am not to sure what is next for him because I canít see The Brotherhood lasting to much longer, Where is Charlie Haas?

Laree defeats Victoria and well I like Victoria better so I donít know not to happy tbh.

VBAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am sorry buit I couldnít help but laugh at the arrogance of McMahon I could picture him doing this in my head this was great Wolfy. It shall be no loss if Cena quitís in my opinion

The New Wave continue to get some great exposure and get an enormous win thanks to Orton taking out HBK. These two continue there little rivalry on the side and well I donít know why it continues with Michaels soon meeting with Foley. BUT youíre the booker I am show you have your explanations.

Mr Kennedy bringing out a new side is a very brave thing Wolfy.I admire what you are trying to do however it does not mean I like it LOL well I guess I donít mind it however getting rid of the catch phrase is a big mistake. You should just make him say it in a more sadistic, vicious type of way.

Christian talking was well done the way you teased him going to both brands was excellent. I thought he was going to Raw but then I thought he was going to Smackdown and that is exactly what this was meant to do. Triple H comes out to persuade Christian to stay on Raw and I just want to say as much as I like this new Triple H it is weird how he just changed over night. LOL 2 Christians remarks about Stephanie. WTF LOL EDGE??? EDGe was made to be a goof here wrecking Christianís non existent plan. The LOL at him getting owned by Christian and I guess we have both Mania main events set up.\

Overall Wolf another one of those shows that was hard to criticize however I did try The roa to Mania has officially begun I canít wait.

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