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Re: Being The Booker

c_class reviews your show man…do you believe it?

Anyway…The opening Triple H. promo is needed to set up the Post Rumble/road to wrestle mania. Setting up a 2nd marriage for a super raw? That could be interesting if you pull it off. I usually hate marriages in wrestling. Kept expecting Cage or Cena to interrupt though. Such a huge heel promo with no faces getting involved was strange. Not bad, but felt weird.

First match is a typical match…nothing much to say. The Straight Edge/MNM feud seems to be building along very well. I for one am a big brotherhood fan, I give you props you went out and did something the Fed won’t do…build a tag division around actual tag teams.

Shawn feels un-HBK here. But the foley/Michaels storyline is good. It is something the Fed hasn’t done (except Mankind vs. HBK back in the day). Which is what a good BTB needs. Foley and Michaels seem to be heading toward Wrestlemania for a Icon vs. Hardcore Legend match.

And the comedy for you next couple of shows is set up with Jillian making herself the wedding planner. Very good possibilities here with jillian constantly annoying Steph.

Umaga vs. Snitsky is filler at best…not a match I would pay to see. Umaga gets the win to continue his monster push coming off of killing everyone in the rumble. Very nice build for Umaga Wolf.

Orton being a dick like only Orton can. Good heel move blaming Kelly Kelly for him loosing. Christian Cage arrives and we get 2 segs for the price of one. Cage is on here man. I like the way you play him. Who could turn down a hug from Kelly Kelly. I like this seg into seg into seg thing you got going on here. Very natural and you don’t see it on Raw anymore, or at least very much.

100% had a feeling Lesnar & Cena were heading into each other’s path man. Lesnar was dead on as a bully. Reminds me of the metal head junior who treated my entire 8th grade class like shit lol. Should be a good match for these two

Good to see you are doing your own hall of fame here. Rumble Rematch afterwards and obviously not as good as the PPV, cause its in review form. Rey picking up the win is no surprise.

Alexis Laree in WWE…I like the name Mickie James better. Nothing big here as you yourself said man. A Melina vs. Alexis match at mania maybe?

Like I said the Wrestlemania promo is great and the Cena/McMahon segment is thus far the best of the night. Cena battling to get to Wrestlemania is a good storyline. Now that Lesnar is involved it could prove to be very hot. I like Orton’s little group. The New Wave, the name however I am not a fan of though. I keep thinking early 80’s music when I hear it. They get the win. The Orton/Michaels feud isn’t dead, but Michaels and Foley have something going on. That’s what I like about this BTB, so many possible routes it could go.

Hype for Mr. Kennedy shot ECW style. I miss promos like this. One wrestler talking to a camera. You rarely see those. Hype for UK tour next week. Some good hype for what seems to be a good looking raw.

Like how you had Edge show up in his home town. WWE wouldn’t pass that over. I’m a bit surprised you have both main events this early in the year for WM. I mean one is clear by Feb but the other usually builds to around No Way Out…or super brawl. Good way to end the show, although I am surprised that the Fed (aka you) would have a hometown show with Cage and not put him in a match, and if it were the Fed, they’d job him out.

Superbrawl logo says WCW Superbrawl 2000...just saying.

All and all a solid show. The matches were just recaps but the promos worked. Not as good as your ppv or past raws but a fine follow up. Can’t wait until smackdown
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