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Re: Being The Booker

Opening promo was solid. Trips & Stephanie getting re-married? Fair enough, 3 hour RAW should be good altho it's a while away. Definitely sets up a chance for Christian to crash the show. Promo picked up when Triple H got on the stick, good stuff from him there and I have no doubt he and Christian will battle at Mania while Cena takes on most likely Shane in some crazy No Holds Barred style match. Oh and marks for the "Shane's a Pussy" chant. Made me lol

Straight Edge/MNM seems ready to happen at Backlash and can't see MNM holding the straps for much longer tbh. Sad to see Booker just drifting around the tag title scene, but you've never seemed to be a fan of him. Good match and choice of an opener tho

Is Foley gonna show? I don't think he will but something's gotta go down soon, this feud could be something special given what they can both do, especially Foley with no rules. I'm expecting to see a more ruthless HBK side too, when things heat up

bahahahaha can't believe I'll say this but poor Steph, having to put up with that hideous thing Jillian as a wedding planner

Umaga is a beast and I can't see his run ending yet, I wonder what he'll do at Mania? Fuck a legend up, win the IC title perhaps? Or maybe he'll get a big feud? We'll see, either way he owns

Orton in MITB, I reakon he'll win it too. Kelly Kelly. Christian not his usual comical self, a little disappointing, but the confrontation with Cena was a little odd to say the least. I can sense something big going on soon, but I won't count my chickens before they hatch, to put it, because I had thought it would be Cena taking on a McMahon, but I'm not as sure of that now...

OH SHIT!~ Cena/Lesnar looks on the cards now, could be good stuff too, I was a little surprised to see Lesnar come out during, both men portrayed well and in character, good promo all round. It's been seen before, but this can still be one sweet feud

Bret Hart is a good choice for HOF, be interesting to see who else is inducted in the coming weeks too

Rey goes over Shelton again, as he should. Next challenger for Rey? Hmm. Carlito is a possibility, as is one of Orton's boys, Rhyno's still around, and there's a few others I'm sure, Mr. Kennedy is on RAW rit? Oh and can't forget Umagaaaaaa! Quality of matches tonight has been quite creamy, not just for the superstars involved in them, but for the fact they've been well written despite only being recaps

Superbrawl ay? Beats No Way Out always lagging in between the big 2 imo, all for a fresh change

Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh another Mickie push, yay [/sarcasm]

Wow, Vince is a right c*** ain't he? I was half expecting Cena to flatten him towards the end of that segment, it's gonna make things even more interesting heading towards Mania. Great work here, Vinnie in true asshole mode

Cade stealing Scott Alco-hall's finish? Fuck you tbh. Solid stuff and Orton nailing HBK only 24 hrs after dumping him out of the Rumble in similar sneaky fashion is leading to the short term possibility of a final HBK/Orton match on the 3 hr RAW imo. Good match altho Carlito jobbing instead of Bulldog Version 2 is a little disappointing

Strong words from Kennedy, I wonder what we'll see from him come Mania. Anyways, very good promo and can't wait to see where you take him now

. Christian back to the comedy routine, you're absolute gold with this mans promo's, never stop plz. Oh, Christian making Trips beg was nice. WTF, Edge? This is one interesting segment. Eh, that all went a little quicker than I expected, RVD/Edge will be good too and all, but focus is definitely on Christian/Trips and what a huge match it'll be. Overall, Edge's appearance wasn't really all that, but the rest of this promo more than made up for it

As always Wolf, good stuff. You're the king, <3.


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