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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback:

- The opening segment was very good and pretty much everybody involved was in character. I particularly liked Triple H, as it reminded me of the heel he was back in '03/04. I also liked how he didn't back down against the challenge of Christian facing him at WrestleMania, which is pretty much a given. I don't think there's even the slightest chance of him jumping to Smackdown. The way you're setting it up, it seems like it's Christian's "destiny" almost to win back the world title from Triple H at Mania. Nice.

- I can't really comment on the opening match too much but I'll say it was a good way for MNM to retain the titles by having Nitro sneak in and pin Punk at the last moment. Again, like Christian, Straight Edge seemed to be set up to win the tag team titles at Mania.

- Shawn Michaels' interview was good but for some reason, in the opening lines, he didn't really seem like HBK. I'm looking forward to seeing why Mick Foley is consistently screwing HBK, and of course their inevitable match at WrestleMania. Corr, that's the third time I've finished off looking at a segment with WrestleMania. Although that (IMO) is a good thing because it shows everything on the show is geared toward the big stage, which is how it should be after the Rumble.

- The Steph/Jillian segment was OK, but I'm not sure what you was going for here. A simple comedy segment? Let me know.

- I'm not surprised Umaga won a squash match, knowing how much you like him Duane. Although, if you are pushing him toward putting his undefeated steak on the line at Mania, he needs some bigger competition soon. I know squashing people gets someone over, but only to a certain point. After his dominating performance at the Rumble, I think it's time he moved into an actual feud.

- Orton's little interview was good, and it should be interesting to see him compete in the MITB match at Wrestlemania. Correct me if I'm wrong, but was Kelly turning the little machine thingy where the superstars get their Rumble match entry numbers?

- The Cena/Christian segment was probably the best written since the opening segment. Cena especially was completely in character. I have no idea what Cena's plan for WrestleMania is but it'll be good to see in the next segment.

- I really liked Lesnar's promo since there was a lot of truth in it. I now get the impression that somewhere down the line, we may see a double turn with Lesnar and Cena. I'm not sure if these two will face off at Superbrawl or WrestleMania, but whenever they face off, you've got my interest so well done.

- I'm going to put the next two matches together in one here. Both were OK, but as I said earlier, I can't really comment much when the recaps are so short.

- Cena/Vince was good and (IMO) it seems like you are pushing Cena more and more to the edge, as in, to a breaking point which could be the catalyst for a turn. I like how you've told the story of a "broken" man thus far.

- The 6-Man Tag was good but it seems like these continuous Orton/HBK confrontations are only filler before Foley's return.

- Mr. Kennedy's interview was pretty much perfect characterisation.

- The Christian/Triple H confrontation is the segment of the night so far tbf. I was actually wondering about Edge earlier, and whether a shock MITB cash-in could lead to Edge vs. Christian at Mania but I didn't see it happening. Hunter/Christian and Edge/RVD are two great main events for Wrestlemania. It seems predictable that the brothers will now both winning world titles at Mania, which would definitely be a moment, but that remains to be seen.

Overall Wolfy it was a decent show. The promos/angles were definitely better than the matches, but obviously that was because of the recaps. It seems some new programs are being set up for Mania, which shall be interesting to read. My favourite segment was most definitely the closing segment. The only I'd push for on the next RAW is for both Umaga and Orton to become involved in some more meaningful programs rather than squashes and filler matches respectively.
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