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Re: Being The Booker

... The Road Begins ...

Raw; January 15th; Toronto:

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The Road to WrestleMania is now fully underway, coming off the back of an historic Royal Rumble just twenty four hours ago, where Raws very own ĎCaptain Charismaí Christian triumphed over twenty nine other men to reign victorious!!! Christian now has nine weeks to prepare, nine weeks to wait, until he main events the granddaddy of Ďem all Ö WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!

The Coach: I know youíre Christians biggest fan J.R Ö I donít know why, but you are. However, I wouldnít get too excited just yet, remember, he has the opportunity to flee to Smackdown and face RVD for the WWE Championship instead. Frankly, I wouldnít blame him.

Jim Ross: Well, to be honest Coach, after last nights debacle of a heavyweight title match between Triple H and John Cena, I wouldnít blame Christian for packing his bags for Smackdown too!!! How can any one man compete with the McMahon Family Empire. Referees are bought, General Managers are puppets, and the World Champion is a joke!!!

The Coach: You cant say that!!! Take that back J.R. The Game is a ten time World C-


The Coach: And here he is!!! The Champ is here!!!

Jim Ross: And surprise, surprise, look who heís bringing with him.

Triple H, Stephanie, Shane, and a bandaged Vince McMahon enter side by side to an unholy chorus of boos from the fans. Vince has a huge bandage on his head, following the sledgehammer shot he ate last night, whilst Shane limps down the ramp, selling the effects of the FU through a table.

The McMahon Family Empire brush off the heat, and make their way down the ramp, all looking smug, smiling like a happy family, as J.R and Coach continue about the integrity of Triple Hís title reign.

In the ring, Triple H holds the mic, but hands it off to Stephanie, allowing her to speak first. She patiently waits for the heat to die down, before speaking, but loses patience waiting, and speaks over the heat.

Stephanie McMahon: Thank you. Seriously. Thank you.

The heat still doesnít die down completely, and after looking to her family, she continues.

Stephanie McMahon: After weeks Ö actually, months of planning - re-planning - hours, upon hours of organizing, I can now officially announce the news that you ALL have been waiting for.

Stephanie takes a moment, smiling lovingly at The Game, before looking to the camera again, and speakingÖ

Stephanie McMahon: Thatís right. I can now confirm the date that Triple H and I Ö will re-marry!!!

Heat from the fans, as Stephanie scowls at the reaction. She calms herself, and puts on another smile, not letting the fans get to her.

Stephanie McMahon: And you are all cordially invited to join us, on a special three hour edition of Monday Night Raw on February 5th!!!

More boos from the fans, not at all interested in seeing them marry again. A small ĎSLUTí chant develops, with the McMahon Family Empire all bemused at the chants.

Stephanie McMahon: And sorry, what are you basing that on?? The fact that I am set to devote myself to this man Ö the FATHER of my beautiful child??

Stephanie looks to her family, shrugging, and bemused by the response of the fans.

Stephanie McMahon: Iím actually the opposite of that word. But then, Iím not surprised by your reaction, given that this country is a little Ö ass backward??

The fans react badly to the comment from Steph, who seems pleased that she got the last word, before passing the mic to her brother.

Shane steps forward, but as he sets himself to speak, he is met with a VERY audible ĎSHANEíS A PUSSY!!!í chant.

Shane looks taken aback by the chants, and looks so distressed by it, he decides to pass off the mic to his dad instead.

Mr. McMahon: Could you show my family some respect, huh?? (Talks over heat) My little princess, out of the goodness of her own heart, has cordially invited each and every single person on the planet to watch her marriage, live on air. And this is how you treat her??

Vince holds his arm out towards Stephanie, and the camera focuses in on her, with Stephanie shaking her head in disgust at the fans.

Mr. McMahon: And my son?? Not only is his treatment unfair Ö itís completely unjustified. Shane has more bravery in his little pinkie than any one of you in this audience tonight. THAT, I can guarantee.

Shane nods in the background, as Vince fixes his jacket, preparing to start again.

Mr. McMahon: Before I hand over to my future Son-in-law, Iíd like to address a few points first. Number one, I donít care Ö not one iota, how John Cena lost last night. I donít care if every single person her believes he was screwed and should get another rematch. John Cena gets NO rematch.

McMahon sparks more heat with that statement, and ignores an ĎASSHOLEí chant.

Mr. McMahon: I donít care how much you people protest, neither does Eric Bischoff. The deal was, quite simply, John Cena had one final shot. He lost. It doesnít matter how, it doesnít matter why. The only thing that matters Ö is that he lost.

More heat for Vince.

Mr. McMahon: And I say thank God. Thank the lord that John Cena doesnít stand before you the World Champion. Given that Ö THUGS behaviour last night Ö heíd be a disgrace to be called the face of this company.

The fans voice their opinion, but Vince ignores it.

Mr. McMahon: John Cenaís conduct last night was not befitting of a champion. Dare I say it, had Cena miraculously won last night Ö I do believe heíd have been stripped of the championship tonight anyway, as a matter of principal, and urgency to restore order Ö and to prove that those sort of actions should not be rewarded Ö but punished.

Vince finishes making his point, and turns to share a smile with his family in the ring, before continuing.

Mr. McMahon: Now. Onto our Ö esteemed Royal Rumble winner-

McMahon gets cut off with a booming pop for the mere mention of the hometown hero, Christian. McMahon cant help but show a sly smile.

Mr. McMahon: You should know what to expect by now Christian Ö which is why I would strongly advise you Ö go to Smackdown. Give yourself a chance kid.

Heat from the fans, wanting Christian to take the title from Triple H. It also appears that The Game doesnít agree with Vince, and promptly asks for a mic from the time keeper.

Triple H: Wh- wait just a little second there Vince. Thatís not the plan Ö not at all. Weíve discussed for months that weíll do whatever it takes for me to main event WrestleMania. Christian goes to Smack down Ö where does that leave me, huh??

Vince looks a little uncomfortable, and tries to diffuse the situation, not wanting the family to air dirt laundry in public.

Mr. McMahon: Hunter, lets not discuss this in public. Letís discuss it later, behind closed doors.

That doesnít work for The Game though.

Triple H: No. Letís discuss it NOW.

Vince looks around, not wanting to discuss the matter in the ring, but has no other option.

Mr. McMahon: Alright Ö

McMahon takes a moment to think of how to put his point across.

Mr. McMahon: We didnít prepare for Christian, did we?? I mean, a couple of weeks ago, he was out of the picture altogether. And when he did get his spot, I thought we had a safe plan to make sure he didnít win. Hunter, we didnít expect Christian.

Triple H looks shocked and offended by the comments of McMahon.

Triple H: How is that relevant Vince??

Triple H removes his sunglasses, and starts to focus his attention on Vince.

Triple H: It doesnít matter who theythrow in front of me dammit, I will beat them. Iíve beaten Christian before, and you can bet your ass I will beat him again. Donít you dare try to make out like Christian is some sort of major threat to my championship.

Triple H starts to look really angry, getting himself worked up, and looks Vince up close, before turning and addressing the fans.

Triple H: You know, Iíve had to put up with a lot of flak over the last couple months Ö and Iím sick of it. These last twenty four hours have been the worst of the lot.

Triple H holds the title aloft, for all to see.

Triple H: Iím the World Heavyweight Champion, because Iím the very best there is. Iíve proven it ten times, and Iím sick of having to prove myself to you people time and time again.

The camera closes up on The Game, as he narrows his eyes.

Triple H: Believe me when I say this. I can beat John Cena one on one if I want. I can beat your beloved Captain Charisma one on one Ö if I want.

The Game turns, and begins to address the whole crowd.

Triple H: But what I have is invaluable. I have back up. Every time I get in this ring, I have a plan. Thatís why I stand before you today, STILL World Champion.

Triple H looks around, and stares at Vince again for a moment, before continuing.

Triple H: I didnít NEED to beat John Cena on my own at the Royal Rumble. Regardless of how he lost, it was Cenas only shot at my title. So why take the risk??

He walks around the ring, pointing to the fans, as he talks on.

Triple H: You people Ö mistake intelligence Ö for weakness. I donít care what any of you have to say. Whether youíre some punk in the crowd Ö or some kid sitting by his computer giving his two cents on the internet Ö or some so called expert. I know Iím the best in the business. Itís why they call me The Game Ö itís why Iím the cerebral assassin Ö the king Ö of kings.

Small response of heat from the fans, listening intently to what Triple H has to say.

Triple H: Christian. Youíre on my radar. And I dare ya Ö face me at WrestleMania.


The music hits as Triple H stares deep into the camera, making sure the message is driven home, as we fade out, to the first commercial of the evening.


We return with Booker T & Elijah Burke on their way to the ring, whilst The Brotherhood are already in the ring for the first match of the nightÖ

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, just moments away from a fatal four way match up for the World Tag Team Titles, as MNM will put the championship on the line against these two teams in the ring right now, and finally, after months of bubbling under the surface, Straight Edge!! Punk and Helms have been battling for months to earn a shot at the gold, and after they eliminated both members of MNM from the Royal Rumble last night, it has finally got them their breakthrough.

The Coach: Get ready to be upstaged J.R. Your boys Straight Edge?? Forget it. The Brotherhood WILL take those titles tonight. Weíve gotta bounce back after losing the Intercontinental title -controversially- I might add, last night.

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four Way Match:
MNM w/Melina vs. Straight Edge vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke vs. The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long
Itís all out action from the opening bell, with the four highest profile teams on Raw battling it out for the title belts that MNM have held for seven months. All four teams have great chances to win the contest, and even Melina and Theodore get involved, but Theodore gets an Elijah Express for his troubles!!! Booker has it won with a Book End on Nitro, but Melina pulls the referee out of the ring to stop the count, and in the mean time Straight Edge together lawn dart Mercury out of the ring!!!

MNM look set to lose their titles, with Melina now willing her men to pick themselves up quickly. The Brotherhood are also effectively knocked out of the running as Elijah Burke nails them both with a cross body off the top rope to the outside!!! It leaves Straight Edge to battle with Booker T alone, and itís Straight Edge that get the better of Booker, as Punk nails him with the Punk Card!!! Helms quickly gets the referees attention on the outside, but while he does this Ö MNM ARE IN THE RING Ö AND NITRO BLASTS PUNK FROM BEHIND WITH THE TITLE BELT!!! Mercury holds Helms back on the outside, and Charles Robinson slides back in, with Nitro hooking the leg of Booker T Ö 1...2...3!!!

Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - MNM @ 13:17

MNM steal it!!! Straight Edge have victory stolen from right under their noses, the titles in their grasp, but once again, MNM steal victory!!! MNM scarper up the ramp, their titles somehow still intact, whilst Helms helps Punk to his feet, with Punk holding the back of his head, with his brain surely scrambled from the title shot to the head.

Jim Ross: Iím telling you now Coach, Punk and Helms have MNM running scared right now. They pose the greatest challenge to the reign of MNM as tag team champions, and Melina, Nitro and Mercury damn well know it too.

The Coach: They still have the titles J.R. Thatís all that matters to them.

Jim Ross: Well I cant wait. I cannot wait until Straight Edge get their chance - one on one - for those tag team title belts. Then, weíll see just how confident MNM are.

The Coach: Who says they get the next shot?? Why not my boys, The Brotherhood??

Jim Ross: Iíd dare say right now, The Brotherhood has other gold on their mind Ö such as the Intercontinental Title, because tonight, Shelton Benjamin calls on his rematch clause, just twenty four hours after losing the championship to Rey Mysterio at the Royal Rumble.

The Coach: Lets just hope that justice is served tonight after Shelton got screwed in Indianapolis last night.

Jim Ross: But thatís not all. Still to come tonight, a huge six man tag team match, featuring Shawn Michaels, Carlito and the rookie DH Smith up against Three of the four members of the New Wave, Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane, and you can bet Randy Orton wont be far behind. And, we are also expecting to hear from the winner of last nights Royal Rumble match. Will Christian give any indication of where his future lies?? We will find out tonight.

The Coach: Never mind Christian, I cant wait to see what Shawn Michaels has to say after he got screwed in the Royal Rumble last night by a crazed Mick Foley!! What the hell was up with that??

Jim Ross: I donít know. Iím still trying to work that one out, and Iím sure that HBK is wondering what in the world he has done to Mick Foley. First, Foley inexplicably screws Michaels out of the World Title at the Survivor Series, and last night, he screwed Michaels out of the opportunity to headline one more WrestleMania. But, for those of you who missed the Rumble last night, he is a quick reminder of what you missedÖ

Royal Rumble highlights package; focusing on the Royal Rumble match, featuring the epic run from Brock Lesnar, Umagaís domination and Christians bloody victory against the odds.

We then cut to Shawn Michaels, pacing backstage, with J.R commenting that weíll hear from the Showstopper in just a few moments.


We return, and see Todd Grisham taking up the whole picture, but it eventually pans out to show him standing alongside Shawn Michaels.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, last night, at the Royal Rumble, Mick Foley shocked the entire world with an unannounced appearance in the Royal Rumble match, stealing Nick Dinsmores spot in the match, seemingly with the single goal, to eliminate you from the match. This is now the second time in a matter of months that Foley has screwed you out of a major championship opportunity. Can you even think of why this is??

Todd moves the mic to Michaels mouth, but HBK puts his head down, shaking his head in thought, before looking up, still shaking his head.

Shawn Michaels: Frankly, Iím stumped Todd. It beats me. I cannot think of any reason that Mick Foley would hold a grudge against me. Weíve never butted heads over anything in the past, you know, we hardly ever even clashed in the ring back in the day Ö I mean, first, he screws me at Survivor Series Ö and Ö he comes up with the lamest, most bizarre excuse Iíve ever heard in my life. In fact, Iím still trying to work out what he meant then Ö and, okay, I reacted Ö and delivered a little retaliation in the form of Sweet Chin Music Ö but if I remember correctly Ö he egged me on to do it Ö soooo, that cant be why he showed up last night. Have you any ideas Todd??

Todd slowly answers, not having the slightest clue.

Todd Grisham: Much like you, and everyone else it seems Shawn, I have no idea.

HBK shakes his head, stumped.

Shawn Michaels: No, and like you say, no one seems to be able to work this one out. So, hereís the deal Ö and Iím tryin to keep a lid on it here, believe me daddio.

Shawn laughs slightly, but itís more of an anxious, angry type of laugh.

Shawn Michaels: Mick Foley, do us all a favour. Come to Raw, next week Ö why not even turn up at Smackdown on Friday. I donít care Ö I donít care. Just show your face somewhere, and explain. Explain to me, Todd here, and all the fans. Explain to us what the hell is goin through your mind right now. Why me?? You owe me at least that Mick Ö at least that.

Todd looks like he is lining up another question, but HBK simply walks off, leaving Grisham to look a little stupid, standing around like the loser he generally is.


Elsewhere, we see a number of divas and female staff all gathered around Stephanie McMahon, sucking up to the bossí daughter, congratulating her on her marriage. Stephanie starts to walk off, but is approached by Jillian Hall.

Jillian Hall: (Gushing) Hi Steph. Congratulations!!!

Stephanie McMahon: Gee, thanks Jill. I appreciate it.

Stephanie tries to move off, but is stopped by a smiling Jillian.

Jillian Hall: Have you thought about a wedding planner??

Thrown off by the question, Stephanie is slow to answer.

Stephanie McMahon: Umm Ö I wasnít pl-

Hall quickly butts in, not waiting for a response.

Jillian Hall: Great, Iím all yours!!! I have so many ideas. First, I have this great feature you can useÖ

Jillian pulls Stephanie away with her, as the two start to walk down the hall with Jillian jabbering away, having just volunteered herself to be Stephanies wedding planner.


Back into the arena, and we see Snitsky standing, waiting for his opponentÖ


Umaga, the dominant force of the Royal Rumble last night, enters, joined as always by Armando Estrada.

Jim Ross: Seven eliminations last night Coach, three more than any other man in the Rumble match last night. Umaga made his mark, and now, the Raw roster will sit up and take notice.

The Coach: And not only did he eliminate seven men J.R, he lasted over thirty minutes before he was eliminated by Christian.

Jim Ross: But not only that, think about what Umaga did to Christian after that elimination. He damn near put Captain Charisma out of the Rumble!! A sickening assault, busting the eventual winner WIDE open in the process. It only goes to make the victory for Christian that much more of an achievement.

2nd Match:
Umaga w/ Armando Estrada vs. Gene Snitsky
Squash match for Umaga, against a guy that must be dangerously close to a release now. Throughout the three minute demolition, J.R and Coach talk up the Samoan Bulldozers impressive performance in last nights Royal Rumble, eliminating more competitors than anyone else this year. Umaga finishes off a tepid Snitsky with the Samoan Spike, picking up the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 02:43

Jim Ross: Scary, scary, animal. Umaga, has still not been pinned, he is still yet to submit, and Coach, that run doesnít look set to end for quite some time.

The Coach: If anyone doubted the Samoan Bulldozers credentials before last night, theyíve surely sat up and taken notice now. Umaga was THE dominant force in the Rumble last night. Iím betting that many of the so-called top dogs on Raw will be looking to avoid this savage.


A video package plays, with highlights from last years Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania, with Rey Mysterio initially winning the match. The end of the video package leaves a simple message Ö MONEY IN THE BANK Ö RETURNS Ö WRESTLEMANIA 23 Ö

We return with Kelly Kelly standing by with Randy OrtonÖ

Kelly Kelly: Randy Orton, last night at the Royal Rumble, you fell just short of your intended goal, which was to win the match, and go to your fourth straight WrestleMania championship match. As you lost, have you had time to rethink your goals for this years event??

Randy Orton: Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly. Surely you know, surely you realise, itís YOUR fault.

Orton leans over Kelly, and the timid diva cowers away from the Career Killer.

Randy Orton: YOU are the reason that I didnít win the Royal Rumble last night. Your stupidity cost me WrestleMania. You and that other airhead from Smackdown gave Nick Dinsmores spot to someone else. Had Nick Dinsmore been in the Royal Rumble last night, I would be standing here before you as the Royal Rumble winner, not third place, make no mistake about it. Third place simply isnít good enough for me.

Orton forces Kelly to back up, right against the wall, intimidating the girl before speaking again.

Randy Orton: Because of you, I have no defining WrestleMania goal this year Ö but I just saw the little video for Money in the Bank?? And guess what?? It got me thinking.

Orton smiles, then turns away from Kelly and walks off Ö but in the background, the camera spots someone arriving, and as we zoom in, the fans in the background come alive, as itís CHRISTIAN arriving!!! Off camera, we hear someone instructing Kelly to get an interview, and she quickly readies herself, before running down the hallway to meet Christian.

Kelly Kelly: Christian!! Wait up!!

Kelly catches up with Captain Charisma, who smiles at her.

Kelly Kelly: Everyone is talking tonight about the decision you have to make, whether to stay on Raw and challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title, or to move to new pastures on Smackdown, and face Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship. Are you close to a decision, or are you even leaning towards one side??

Christian: Jeez, and there was me thinking you were coming to greet me with a great big hug Kelly.

Unsure at whether he is joking or not, Kelly slowly opens her arms for a hug, and Christian takes the offer.

Christian: Now thatís better. Iíve got good news Kelly. Iím not gonna draw my decision out for weeks and keep people guessing. By the end of tonight Ö Iím gonna play my hand, and let the world know, who Iím facing at WrestleMania.

Christian salutes Kelly, then walks off, and as he walks down the hallway Ö he comes face to face Ö with JOHN CENA!!!

The two men stop, and itís an awkward moment between them, with one jubilant after last night, and the other disenchanted after last night. Cena eventually breaks the ice.

John Cena: Congratulations. You deserved it.

The awkwardness is easy to sense, as Christian responds.

Christian: I appreciate it. I Ö er Ö I donít know what to say for you.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Aint nothin to say bro Ö I knew what I was getting into. Best a luck to ya. If you stay here on Raw to face Triple H though Ö make sure youíre well prepared.

Christian nods.

Christian: I will, donít worry about that. Ö Ö so, what now Ö for you??

Cena slowly shakes his head, and shrugs his shoulders.

John Cena: Honestly?? I donít know. But for now Ö Iím gonna go to the ring and get a few things off my chest.

Cena, totally disheartened by his loss last night, trudges past Christian, and looks to be making his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, it appears that John Cena is set to join us out here in just a few moments, what will he have to say following last nights heartbreaking loss to the McMahons, find out when we returnÖ


We return just minutes from the beginning of the second hour, with John Cena already in the ring, with a mic in hand, as the music dies down.

John Cena: Whatís up Toronto??

Cheap pop from the fans, but Cena seems much less vibrant, and less energetic than usual.

John Cena: Iím not gonna take up too much of your time tonight. Iíd rather just take my frustration out on someone in the ring, but Eric Bischoff didnít think thatíd be a good idea.

Heat for Bischoff

John Cena: Yíknow, Iím just gonna cut to the chase here.

Cena, still looking despondent, gets to the point, taking off his cap, and scratching his head.

John Cena: Iíve never went into a match so confident of upsetting the odds as much as I did last night. I honestly felt that no matter what the McMahons threw at me Ö I was going to leave the Royal Rumble as World Champion.

Cena stops, and pulls the mic away for a second before speaking again.

John Cena: And frankly, this is the lowest Iíve ever been after a loss. Ö To come so close, not only to the championship, but to a third consecutive WrestleMania championship match Ö I actually cant find the words to describe how Ö how Ö dammit Ö how bad I feel tonight.

Cena takes another moment to compose himself, fixing his cap on his head.

John Cena: For the last few weeks, I had come out here, and promised to take the title from Triple H, made promises to my fans Ö guaranteed victory Ö so not to make good on my word is perhaps the most upsetting thing of the lot.

Cena looks out, around the fans, looking for their reaction.

John Cena: Hell, I know that right now I can still compete at WrestleMania, and for that, I should be grateful Ö but given the way I lost last night Ö given the way that my dream was taken Ö I just cant get pumped for it right now.


Business has just picked up. BROCK LESNAR, the runner up in last nights Royal Rumble just coming up short despite entering #1, makes his way to the ring, looking just as pissed off as Cena.


Jim Ross: You are looking at the man, who almost became only the second man in history to go coast to coast in the Royal Rumble, entering Number One, and last to be eliminated, lasting the longest anyone ever has in Royal Rumble history, clocking in a staggering SEVENTY minutes last night. Perhaps the only man on the planet that can rival John Cenas heartbreak after last night. What though, does Lesnar have to say here??

Lesnar steps into the ring, a mic in hand, not waiting for his music to subside, instead, talking over it, getting in Cenas face.

Brock Lesnar: Quit your yapping Cena. You just couldnít get the job done, could ya?? Youíve had two goes at Triple H now Ö and youíve lost both times. You knew what to expect going into last night. Forget the excuses, forget your whining Ö plain and simple Ö you LOST.

Heat for Lesnar, but a couple of Ďcoolí cheers for the Iron Man.

Brock Lesnar: If there is one man here tonight Ö ANY MAN, that DOES have grounds to be upset Ö youíre looking at him.

More heat.

Brock Lesnar: How do ya think I feel, huh?? I drew number ONE Ö thatís the first guy, number one, in the Royal Rumble last night. And after surviving for over seventy minutes Ö the most amount of time ANYONE has ever been in the Rumble Ö I found myself in the final two. And my opponent Ö hadnít even been in there for half that time. Now how is that fair??

Lesnar looks at Cena, waiting to see if he responds, but he doesnít.

Brock Lesnar: Itís not. But life isnít fair John. Suck it up!! At least going into last night you knew what to expect. I sure as hell didnít.

Lesnar gets right in Cenas space, with Cenaís jaw tightening.

Brock Lesnar: But you donít hear me coming out here, crying like a spoilt child, because things didnít go my way. Iíll pick myself up, and Iíll dust myself down, and Iíll move on.

Cena turns around, looking Lesnar in the eye, with The Iron Man continuing.

Brock Lesnar: So to hear you come out here and cry like a baby because youíve missed out on the main event of Wrestle Mania Ö it makes me SICK.

Lesnar generates more heat from the fans.

Brock Lesnar: Get over yourself Cena. If you cant handle things not going your way all the time, even after all breaks youíve been given Ö then maybe you shouldnít be here.

Boos from the fans for that call.

Brock Lesnar: This is Monday Night Raw Ö not the John Cena show. This world doesnít revolve around you, and the sooner you realise it Ö the better it will be for everyone.

Suddenly, Cena takes Lesnar by surprise Ö AND SCOOPS HIM UP Ö NAILING AN FU!!!!! The fans roar in approval, as Cena shuts Lesnar up. Cena picks his mic back up, and leans down to address Lesnar.

John Cena: Thanks for that Brock. Iím feeling better already.


Cena salutes the fans, and exitís the ring, as Lesnar squirms, trying to recover from the lightning quick FU. Cena slaps hands with fans on his way up the ramp, but still looks unhappy with himself, exiting the arena.


We return at ringside, with Jim Ross and The Coach looking towards the cameraÖ

Jim Ross: And welcome back folks to Monday Night Raw. We are still set to hear from last nights Royal Rumble winner, Christian, and he has promised to reveal where his loyalties lie, will he choose Raw or Smackdown?? His decision is revealed tonight.

The Coach: Good riddance to bad news, I say.

Jim Ross: Well, we will find out Christians decision tonight, and earlier we found out that Money in the Bank will return this year at WrestleMania, and right now folks, I can also reveal that the Hall of Fame will also return on WrestleMania weekend, with the ceremony on March 17 from the New Orleans Arena, just down the road from the Superdome. And folks Ö the first inductee into the class of 2007 Ö well, take a lookÖ

A long video package plays, centred around the Canadian Hero Ö BRET ĎHITMANí HART Ö as it is revealed that he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2007, on March 17.

Back in the arena, the fans are going crazy, as a massive ĎBRETí chant rings around the Air Canada Centre, with their hero the first man to be inducted into this years Hall of Fame.

Jim Ross: Congratulations Bret. Very few can be more deserving than the Hitman. One of the finest technicians in wrestling history, born from a steep wrestling family, and one of the greatest of all time. I cannot wait for March 17. Bret Hart, in the Hall of Fame!!!

The Coach: It just sounds right, doesnít it J.R?? The man is a legend in Canada Ö and all over the world. And in less than nine weeks time, he will be rewarded for his sensational career.

Jim Ross: There isnít many that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame ahead of that man. Five times WWE Champion, a triple crown winner, the first ever King of the Ring, the man, who last year at WrestleMania, bowed out in incredible fashion, at fifty years of age, beating Kurt Angle!!!

The Coach: And it took Angle eight months to recover from that loss. We thought that loss to Hart had finished Angle. Thatís how good The Hitman was at WrestleMania last year. A worthy entrant into this years Hall of Fame.

Jim Ross: There arenít many that would be more worthy.


We return with the new Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio on his way to the ring, as we see Shelton Benjamin already waiting for the champion, ahead of this Royal Rumble rematch.

Rey Mysterio vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long & Jazz
The two men pick up right where they left off last night, and put on another terrific athletic display, but Benjamin controls a lot of the match, thanks to the influence of Theodore Long at ringside to help him. Mysterio though shows his heart, and fights back, managing to eliminate the threat of Long, with a baseball slide, knocking Long into Jazz and the barricade, but after that, he walks right into the path of Benjamin Ö who nails the T-Bone Exploder!!! Benjamin hooks the leg Ö 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Mysterio survives!!! Shelton now decides to go for broke, and climbs the turnbuckles, looking to fly Ö BUT MYSTERIO LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE AND DELIVERS A HURRICANRANA!!! Benjamin lands in the ropes, and itís 619 time, with Rey following up on the crowd pleasing move by dropping the dime, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - Rey Mysterio @ 10:36

Mysterio retains the title, avoiding the embarrassment of losing a championship twenty four hours after winning it. Rey celebrates as The Brotherhood regroup on the outside, with Benjamin furious to have come up short again against the Human Highlight Reel.

Jim Ross: You cant complain tonight Coach!!! Your boys had the numbers advantage tonight, and still, Benjamin couldnít get the job done!!!

The Coach: But Mysterio attacked Theodore Long!!! That was an unprovoked attacked, and he shouldíve been stripped of the title automatically!!!

Jim Ross: Never gonna happen Coach. Face it, Mysterio has done it twice, Benjamin is right at the back of the line now!!


We return with a video package for the next PPV event, coming on SATURDAY February 3rd, the first ever Saturday PPV event in WWE history in North America, twenty four hours before the Super bowl Ö itís WWE SUPERBRAWL from Providence Rhode Island.

Back into the arenaÖ

4th Match:
Alexis Laree vs. Victoria
Short, nothing match, with no ongoing feud, or any recent history between the two. The crowd are pretty much dead, despite a solid contest, but pop as the finish comes, but Laree battling out of the Widows Peak, then gets into position, and delivers the Laree-DT, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Alexis Laree @ 03:55

Laree scores another good win, further enhancing her chances of a title shot against Melina.

Jim Ross: This young woman has had to wait patiently over recent months to get a shot at Melina, but surely now, on the back of another big win, Alexis Laree is on course for a title opportunity.

The Coach: Gotta hand it to her, Alexis Laree has battled tooth and nail in recent months. She is steely determined to get another crack at that womens title.

A video now plays, with a new Mother walking out of a building {hospital?} wheeling a pram along.

She pushes the pram down a steep hill, as the camera shows the view from inside the pram to the mother.

The mother talks baby talk, looking into the pram, with all the regular ĎCoocy coocy cooí rubbish.

As she walks along, she is stopped by what is assumed to be a friend.

Woman: Hey! Is this yours??

The mother nods, as the woman walks around, and looks into the pram, tilting her head, looking happy at seeing the as yet unseen bundle of joy.

Mother: Isnít it beautiful??

Woman: Itís perfect. Is it your first??

The mother smiles, and nods.

Mother: Yeah. Isnít it exciting??

The woman nods in agreement.

Woman: Iím so jealous. I could just pick it up and take it with me!!

Mother: Only over my dead body!!!

The two women smile and laugh, as the camera pans around, and shows the contents of the pram Ö a ticket for WrestleMania 23!!!

Mother: WrestleMania here I come!!!

The mother walks on, pushing the pram, still talking to the ticket like a child, as the other woman looks on with jealousy. The scene then also pans out to show - not a hospital - but the ticket office at the SuperDome!!!

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo Ö FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS Ö AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


Backstage, John Cena is walking through the halls, still looking despondent, after his loss last night, and the look on his face drops even more, as he comes face to face Ö with Mr. McMahon. McMahon, beaming, takes great pleasure at meeting with Cena.

Mr. McMahon: Hmm Ö this is a little awkward.

Cena locks his jaw, trying to keep his emotions in check.

Mr. McMahon: Iím worried about you John. Honestly. I donít like to see you this way.

Vince puts a hand on Cenas shoulder, but Cena pushes it off.

Mr. McMahon: Okay, take it easy John. Iím actually glad I ran into you. I was watching what you said earlier Ö about WrestleMania. And, Iíve got an offer for you to be part of the main event after all.

Cenas expression doesnít move, not expecting a genuine offer from Vince.

Mr. McMahon: I have a ringside ticket, and itís yours if you want it John. My treat.

McMahon pulls out a ticket from his jacket, and hands it to Cena. Cena takes a long look at the ticket, then holds it up in Vince face Ö before tearing it in half, then half again, before dropping it on the ground at Vinceís feet. Cena then brushes past the Chairman and walks off, with Vince still smiling, but looking ridiculous with a bandage still around his head.

Mr. McMahon: Donít worry, Iíll tape it together, Iím sure you can still use it John. And hey, if itís too much to bear Ö why not just quit??

Cena stops for a moment, but doesnít turn around, as we see Vince still beaming proudly. Cena though, after a few seconds, walks on, not responding to the words of McMahon.

Back to the arenaÖ


Shawn Michaels enters the arena to a mixed response, from the traditionally anti-HBK Canadian fans. Michaels responds to the heat with a smile, as he continues down the ramp.

Jim Ross: When we come back, it is six man tag team action!!! Shawn Michaels, teaming with Carlito and the rookie DH Smith, take on the Randy Orton led New Wave of Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane!!!


We return with Randy Orton joining J.R and Coach on commentary as his three stable mates prepare to take on Ortons most recent foe, Shawn Michaels, as that feud continues to simmer.

5th Match:
Shawn Michaels, Carlito & DH Smith vs. The New Wave w/Randy Orton
Good match up, with the interesting dynamic of Shawn Michaels getting a fair share of boos, whilst DH Smith is treated as a home town hero. On commentary, Orton takes plenty of shots at HBK, but also makes a few comments about Mick Foley after he stole Nick Dinsmores spot in the Rumble match. He says though that he forgives Foley, after he cost Michaels his chance.

After Carlito takes a beating from the New Wave, he manages a fight back, and eventually tags in DH Smith Ö to a huge pop!!! Smith seems to be feeding from the crowds energy, and takes on all three opponents, with HBK and Carlito also getting involved, as the match breaks down. HBK tackles Doane to the outside, whilst Carlito and Dinsmore fight out of the ring too, leaving the legal men to fight it out. With the referee focused on the action in the ring, Orton spots an opportunity on the outside, and leaves commentary, to NAIL MICHAELS WITH AN RKO!!!!!

This now allows Doane to get back inside, and helps Cade to finish off Smith, attacking from behind, before assisting Cade as he hoists the second generation superstar onto his shoulders, delivering the Razors Edge!!! Carlito tries to get back inside to help his partner, but Dinsmore holds him back on the outside, whilst Cade hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: The New Wave @ 12:14

Orton proves to be the deciding factor in this match, taking out the experience factor of Michaels, allowing the numbers advantage to finish off the opponents, and Cade picks up a morale boosting win. On the outside, Orton stands over Michaels, making sure HBK knows exactly what just happened, whilst in the ring, Dinsmore, Cade and Doane stand tall, raising each others arms, with the fans far from happy.



We return, and get a full close up on Mr. Kennedy, staring into the camera, chewing gum, waiting before he speaks.

Mister Kennedy: You know Ö all night tonight, Iíve had to listen to just about every single loser from last nights Royal Rumble. Iíve had to hear about how valiantly Brock Lesnar fought from number one. Iíve had to hear about how Umaga dominated, how John Cena was screwed, and how Christian Ö lucked out, and won the Rumble.

Heat from the fans.

Mister Kennedy: If there was any justice in the world, itíd be ME going to WrestleMania. But here I am Ö going nowhere. I got no praise for my efforts Ö I didnít even hear my name mentioned tonight, and I was FIFTH!!! Yet not one mention. Ö what the hell is up with that??

The camera backs up a little, letting us get a better, clearer view of Kennedy.

Mister Kennedy: I stand before you, the 2006 King of the Ring, a former Intercontinental champion, and a future cast iron, hall of famer Ö but I get no credit for my accomplishments Ö itís starting to make me sick. Iím sick Ö of being overlooked here on Raw. Iím sick of being given no credit whatsoever Ö and Iím sick of not being given any breaks. So this is what Iím gonna do. THIS is whatís gonna happen Ö Iím gonna stop waiting to be given anything. From now on Ö Iím just gonna take.

Kennedy now steps back, and takes a deep breath, before speaking again.

Mister Kennedy: From this day forward, NO ONE will forget the name Ö MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Kennedy stays silent for a moment as some fans shout his name.

Mister Kennedy: Iím SICK of this clowning around. Youíre all just waiting, expecting me to repeat my name, right?? WRONG!!! No more of this crap. No more pandering. You will ALL take me seriously. You BETTER take me seriously.

Kennedy stares deep into the camera, as we fade out.

Jim Ross: All business from Mister Kennedy tonight, Coach??

The Coach: Well, Kennedy feels underappreciated, and to be honest old timer, I cant blame him!!

Jim Ross: Next week in the U.K, we could well see a totally different Mister Kennedy, but what we will definitely see next week, just confirmed moments ago, Shawn Michaels will take on Randy Orton once again, in an attempt to finally resolve their running issues Ö and this time Coach Ö ITíLL BE FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!!!

The Coach: Not only that J.R, but after the confirmation earlier that Money In the Bank will return this year at WrestleMania, we have been told that the first qualifying match will take place next Monday, and what a match it is set to be!!

Jim Ross: Thatís right, a pure David vs. Goliath encounter, as the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio will face the unbeaten, unstoppable, Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, one on one for a place in the Money in the Bank ladder match!!!

The Coach: Is Mysterio of all people the man to end Umagaís streak?? Heís beaten some of the biggest nastiest creatures in the WWE, but heís never faced a man like Umaga.


Toronto is on itís feet, as Captain Charisma, joined by Tyson Tomko enters to a heroes welcome!!!

Jim Ross: And there he is!!! Captain Charisma, The Royal Rumble winner, Christian is in the building, and just listen to the fans!!! In just a few moments we will find out Christians decision, is he staying on Raw?? Or will he make the switch to Friday nights?? Find out, when we come back!!!


We return with Christian in the ring, awaiting his cue to talk, as the fans chant his name.

Christian: It sounds to me, that youíre all as pleased to see me, as I am to see you.

Cheap pop from the fans.

Christian: Tonight, is a bit of a celebration. I mean, itís a homecoming celebration.

Cheap pop

Christian: Itís a victory celebration.

Another pop

Christian: And we get to celebrate which champion yours truly takes on at the Grandest stage of Ďem all Ö because in case you havenít heard Ö IíM GOING TO WRESTLEMANIAAAAA!!!!

Big pop

Christian: Thatís right peeps. In sixty two days, Iím going to live out my dream, and headline the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment. And I promise you now Ö I will give you all the performance of a lifetime, because whose to know Ö whose to know if itíll be my one and only shot in the biggest match of the year??

ĎChristianí chant builds around the arena.

Christian: Now Ö Iím left with a bit of a dilemma arenít I?? Decision time, right?? I know I couldíve dragged this thing out, mulled it over for a couple weeks Ö but to hell with that Ö I just couldnít wait!!!

Another cheer from the fans.

Christian: Maybe itís because Iím still pumped after last night Ö when I dumped twenty nine other chumps out of the ring to win the biggest match of my life!!

Smaller pop, as Christian turns and looks to Tomko.

Christian: And that even includes you big man Ö but no hard feelings eh?? I mean, you did try to eliminate me yourself.

Tomko shrugs.

Christian: So Ö whose it to be?? Rob Van Dam??

Pop from the fans.

Christian: Or Triple H??

Heat for the mention of The Game.

Christian: Iíve been thinking long and hard for the last twenty four hours, thinking of all the positives and all the negatives Ö on one hand, thereís Triple H.

Heat for Triple H again.

Christian: You all know the drill, heís told you himself time and time again Ö ten times World Heavyweight Champion Ö heís beat Stone Cold Ö heís beat The Rock Ö Hulk Hogan Ö Ric Flair Ö Kurt Angle Ö Chris Jericho Ö The Undertaker Ö Kane Ö Shawn Michaels Ö and he retired dear old Mick Foley. Heís the King of Kings Ö the Cerebral Assassin, The Game Ö arguably the greatest wrestler of his generation, and Iím sure heís got much more to mention, but Iím bored of talking about the guy already.

Slight pop. Christian then holds out his right hand, and looks at, as if to say heís looking at the negatives.

Christian: But then Ö youíve got a lot of not so great things. I mean, hands up if you can remember the last time Triple H won a match without the aide of a McMahon??

Christian looks out into the crowd trying to find an arm raised.

Christian: You see, I donít remember. So does that mean Triple H is past his peak?? Maybe. I donít think so though. But it has to be a concern that come WrestleMania itís not going to be an even playing field, is it?? Iíll have Tomko here fighting my corner, but thereís only so much the big guy can do.

Tomko looks to his mentor with a slightly raised eyebrow, not sure whether to take the comment as a compliment or not.

Christian: So those reasons certainly go in Van Dams favour. Not only that, but Van Dam will be just as hungry as I am Ö itíd be his first ever WrestleMania main event, much like me. Weíve both had to work our asses off to get where we are today, and without wanting to sound corny Ö Iíve got a heck of a lot of respect for the guy.

Small pop for Christian.

Christian: However Ö without wanting to offend the Smackdown guys Ö I love it here on Raw.

Pop from the live Raw audience.

Christian: And as much as I would love to face RVD for the WWE Championship Ö Iíve still got unfinished business with Triple H.

Another rowdy pop, as it appears Christian is hinting toward staying on Raw.

Christian: But Ö itíd really REALLY piss him off if I left for Smackdown and took away the WrestleMania main event heís been dying for, for the last five years.

Christian smiles, and looks to Tomko, before speaking again.

Christian: And actually Ö I think Iíve come to a decision Ö


ITíS TRIPLE H!!! The Game enters the stage, joined by Stephanie, Shane and Vince McMahon. Triple H quickly starts talking, not waiting for his music to die down.

Triple H: Christian, donít make a mistake youíll regret for the rest of your life. You know as much as I do, your future doesnít lie on Smack down Ö your future is right here, on Raw.

Heat for Triple H, as he tries to worm his way into Christians good books. He puts the mic to his mouth again, but Christian cuts him off.

Christian: Thatís touching. Thatís really touching, but Iím actually offended that you honestly think you can butter me up as easy as that with a couple of compliments to rub my ego. I can boost my own ego, thank you very much.

The Game holds his hand up on the top of the ramp, wanting to say something.

Triple H: Not a bit Christian. Like you say, I donít need to boost your ego, and thatís not what Iím tryin to do here. Iím trying to make you see sense. You know yourself Iím the best option. Iím the best in this business, and you know it. You want to prove yourself on the biggest stage?? IíM your measuring stick. You want the world to believe youíre the best?? Then kid, you need to BEAT the very best.

Heat from the fans.

Triple H: You said it best yourself Christian. Weíve got unfinished business. Where better to finish it all Ö than at WrestleMania??

Christian smiles, seeing the desperation of Triple H.

Christian: How much do you want this Hunter?? Huh??

Triple H looks a little confused for a moment, taking a glance at the McMahons, before replying.

Triple H: More than anything.

Christian smiles again, before speaking.

Christian: And Ö what exactly are you willing to give??

Triple H replies without a moments thought.

Triple H: You name it.

Captain Charisma has a big grin on his face now.

Christian: Alright. You give me a weekend with Stephanie, and itís a deal.

Huge pop from the fans, whilst even Christian laughs in the ring. On the top of the ramp, Triple Hís face drops, whilst Stephanie screams in protest, and Vince tries to calm his daughter down. Triple H seems to be at a loss for words, but Christian speaks before he can reply.

Christian: Iím kidding. I wouldnít want a weekend with that. Iím not shopping for herpes here.

Pop from the fans, as well as laughs, whilst Stephanie looks disgusted.

Christian: But what I do want Ö is no ringside interference.

Another pop, as Christian makes a genuine offer. Vince tries to talk to HHH, but Triple H ignores him and answers.

Triple H: You got it.

Pop from the fans. Christian nods, and turns away, smiling at Tomko, before turning again to the McMahons and HHH, and leans on the rope to deliver his reply.

Christian: Now I want you to beg!!!

HUGE pop, as Christian takes full advantage of Triple Hís desperation tonight, wanting the champion to grovel for the WrestleMania main event. Christian is loving it, and speaks again.

Christian: Go on, get on your knees. Show me how much you want this.

Vince, Shane and Stephanie plead with Triple H not to do it, but The Game hands his belt to Stephanie, and starts to get to his knees whenÖ


WHAT~??!! ITíS EDGE!!!??? BUT WHAT THE HECK IS HE DOING ON RAW???!!! The fans pop big time, not only for the surprise, but for their hometown hero, with a response equalling Christians. J.R and Coach are in fits, as everyone looks confused as to the arrival of Smackdowns Money in the Bank holder. Edge brushes past Triple H and The McMahons, who also look shocked to see the Rated ĎRí Superstar on Raw. He slides into the ring, and brushes past Christian, calling for a mic. The music dies down, as Edge has a great big grin on his face, with some of the fans chanting his name.

Edge: Bet youíre all wondering why Iím here. Ö huh??

Christian nods, whilst the McMahons look very intrigued on the ramp.

Edge: Well Ö SURPRISE!!!! Because Christian Ö Iím here for the sole reason tonight to move the focus from you Ö and onto MEEEE!!!

First mixed responses now for Edge.

Edge: You get it yet?? Iím here to do to you Christian, what you seem to relish doing to everyone else Ö IíM STEALING YOUR SPOTLIGHT, BRO!!!

Edge gets in Christians face, pounding his briefcase, before speaking again.

Edge: You see Iím taking your big moment Ö all the eyes are on me now, not you. Iím here to TAKE your big decision Ö and Iím MAKING IT for ya instead.

Edge pulls his hair a little, looking to be in a manic state, and walks around a little, before getting in Christians face again.

Edge: This is gonna blow your mind. I can see your blood boiling right now. Youíre ready to blow arenít ya??

Captain Charisma looks quite calm, if anything, a little weirded out by Edgeís behaviour.

Edge: Iíve got this thing here Ö this briefcase Ö and the time is ticking for me to use it Ö in fact Ö Iíve got until Ö WRESTLEMANIA!!!

Small pop from the fans.

Edge: So Triple H, you can get up from your knees now, and try to hold on to any self respect Ö youíve got the match you wanted Ö because I can officially announce that I, Edge will cash in my title shot, and challenge Ö ROB VAN DAM at Wrestle Mania Twenty Threeeeeee!!!!

Pop from the fans, as both main events are suddenly confirmed. On the ramp, we see a smile on the face of Triple H, getting his main event.

Edge: Howídya like them apples Christian?? Have I just screwed up your grand master plan??

Edge gets in Christians face again, but Captain Charisma just smiles.

Christian: Umm Ö not really. I was just messing with the guy. I wasnít planning on running off to Smackdown, not before I get my chance to kick Triple Hís ass all over New Orleans on March 18th!!!

Big pop from the fans.

Christian: Now, Triple H Ö how about a taster?? How about you come down to this ring right and now, and give my peeps a taster for WrestleMania??

Huge pop from the fans, but Triple H waves off the offer, and laughs, as he and the McMahons turn and leave, getting what they came for. The fans boo as they wont get to see The Game and Christian collide tonight.

Meanwhile in the ring, Edge has just laid out Tomko, and has himself poised, ready to blast Christian with the briefcase, as Captain Charisma turns around Ö but Christian ducks Ö then kicks the briefcase away, before catching Edge with a kick to the gut Ö AND DELIVERS THE UNPRETTIER!!! The fans are going ape shit, as Christian picks up the mic, leaning down at Edge.

Christian: Thanks for coming tonight. But in future Edge Ö make sure you call ahead. I donít like trespassers on my show. Now Ö thatís how I roll.

Christian drops the mic, and climbs the turnbuckles, saluting his fans, as the show quickly goes off the air, running WAY over.


Current Card for WWE SuperBrawl:

Date: 3rd February 2007
Location: Dunkin Donuts Centre, Providence, Rhode Island
Event Music: TBA

Matches TBA


Current Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

Matches TBA


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge

**Card Subject To Change**

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