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Re: Being The Booker

Ok well it's not much but as promised here is going to be some feedback and mainly my thoughts on the Rumble. First off hell of a match between Mysterio and Benjamin to kick the night off with. I think you of course did the right thing banning the Brotherhood from ringside and therefore giving us a GREAT match to not only kick off the night but the new year in your thread. It definently was a great opener and I'd say your greatest opener but you've had so many great opening matches!

The Cruiserweight situation has had me lost for a bit but I do think you did the right thing giving the title to Kash. Of course I liked how he played the face but then suddenly snapped and was in it for himself therefore transforming back to his normal heel persona. I guess the Mexicools are going to "chill and settle down" for a little bit out of the division but I really don't know where they are going to go from here. A Kash/Guerrero program seems iminent shortly after SC gets his rematch but I don't think it'll be at WrestleMania. SuperBrawl sounds more like it to me personally.

Now onto the two world title matches. I had a feeling RVD was going to retain and now it seems RVD/Edge is going to be set for WrestleMania. It's fresh and I really think it's your only way to go now. 'Taker/Angle seems as if it's going to be set in stone as well soon so I'm looking forward to where that goes. Moving on I'm not really shocked Cena didn't win due to the winner of the Rumble but I thought had Lesnar possibly won that Cena stood a VERY GOOD chance of winning this match. However it seems "rewarding the Game" for not main eventing last year is a great plan plus it drags out and makes sense from last year's HHH/McMahon encounter.

And onto the main event, the Rumble match! You've always been good at writing these and I've always enjoyed your writings of the Rumbles. I LOVED Foley coming out as that was probably the highlight of the match for me because whenever Dinsmore lost his ball I didn't really think it was going to be Foley. I thought it would have been someone like active but Foley made it great! Overall I like Christian winning the thing regardless of how predictable it was. I mean I had a feeling all along he was going to win but I wanted to see if we'd have a shock win. Either way Christian winning makes complete sense as you know because of the fact of how long his build has been spreading here in the thread. This dates back several years (in real life) that is that he's been getting pushed and personally I've enjoyed every moment of it.

I know it's not much but it was just a few thoughts and comments on the Rumble as a whole. I'm really looking forward to WrestleMania and you've got it in my home state! Too bad WrestleMania won't probably ever be in New Orleans! Houston'll be the closest it will come! But anyways I'm ready to see your next show whenever you get back from your break as the road to WrestleMania is officially started now!
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