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Before reviewing your show, I must say, I really like the idea of having this small a roster to start a fictional promotion under the guidance of Ric Flair (how about calling on JJ Dillon for the booking?).

Anyhow, just as a side note, maybe it's not too late for you to change your tv format of shows to having monthly shows. Someone already pointed that out and I think he's right.

Ohh well, here goes my review.

ICW TV - Episode 001 Review

Segment 1 (Opening) = (Interesting choice for a broadcast team, Mean Gene's done some play by play before but, I don't think he's that up to date with all the moves that have emerged on the scene, but Macho as color guy is quite cool) The show rundown gave us a good idea of what was to come.

Segment 2 (Gangrel V. Road Dogg) = Okay match, they're both pretty much past their prime, and no one could really carry this match for the other, although BG can still sell his ass off. Wasn't the best opening match for a new company, still, it was what it was I guess. I'm just really perplexed as to whether or not Mean Gene had his glasses on when he clearly saw three people covered in blood on the outside and reacting to that as if it was common knowledge that once a match ends, the lights go out and you get yourself covered in blood.

Segment 3 (Konna's Shoot... I mean Interview) = When I saw Konnan's name in there, in your roster I mean, I was again a bit perplexed. Do we know for sure that his health his good enough for him to participate in any action, especially hardcore action. What was a bit sad to see was how bland Raven was. I guess that's what you get for signing a deal with CW... restrictions...

Segment 4 (Gunn V. Goldust) = Let's face it, Skye & Love with Gunn is a nice addition to their persona. But, honestly, Gunn doesn't need Skye. Ohh well, maybe it saved this match a bit to have such a nice butt walking around ringside. But, there's no doubt that these two guys are still good workers, the match wasn't bad, but, felt rushed a bit and not emotionaly charged like the type of match they can produce in 5-10 minutes.

Segment 5 (Hall/RVD V. Kane/Test) = Weird pairings, but, it really doesn't matter since the whole point of this is to soon crown your first ICW World Champ. It was easy to see that Hall & RVD were going to win from the start since no one wants to see Test as World Champ of any company, period. Every turned out quite okay match wise, although in a situation like this, RVD can't shine, which is bad because I feel he's maybe your most marketable star and the one the company should be built around for the Intensity that is. So cool, RVD V. Hall next week but... having Hall & RVD shake hands after the match... they must have been so damn high because if they look back at the tape of that, they'll both see that they're in the wrong company doing stuff like that. Especially considering Hall should have been made the heel by refusing or attacking RVD to create and build heat around that whole moment.

Overall = Mate, I won't lie to you, there's some work to be done here. First bit of advice is... when doing promos, try and find videos on youtube to get acquainted with the kind of promos each individual does. Or else, it's generic-city and there's no individuality promo after promo.

Your matches aren't too bad and you'll only get better as you get to write more of them. At least you got the shortness of said matches right considering you had three in a 1hour (publicity filled, I'm sure) show.

And maybe try finding someone to replace Mean Gene, the guy's a great interviewer but is subpar as a play-by-play guy and I'm sure he'd be the first one to tell you that. What about the recently fired Gabe Sapolsky (aka Jimmy Bauer aka Chris Lovey), I'd love to hear him and Macho do broadcasting duties on your show.


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