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Re: Being The Booker

~4,000th post~

Yeah, I've been sitting around, fairly bored for the last few days, so I've decided to kick into gear earlier than I said I would. Disappointing amount of feedback on The Royal Rumble overall, but that's to be expected when you only review 3 or 4 people I guess. That, and the fact it's a bitch to not just read but comment on a long ass PPV. Hopefully whoever read the show at least enjoyed it. Was certainly one of my favourites to write.

Anyway, for the time being, I'll dish out some post-Rumble news and rumours. Read into them what you will... a Raw preview will follow in the coming days.


- As it stands now, Triple H vs Christian will headline WrestleMania, giving the results coming out of the Royal Rumble in Indianapolis. However, many are split over this direction, with a lot of momentum building backstage to go with an alternative route and see a Brock Lesnar face turn to take on Triple H. For that to now happen, Triple H would need to drop the World Title, but The Game has been dead set on main eventing WrestleMania, and with his pull, it would seem it'll be his decision whether to stick to his guns and get the main event - the most logical main event-, or see the potential in a first ever meeting with a white hot Brock Lesnar.
With SuperBrawl to come in just under three weeks, it'd be a perfect opportunity for The Game to drop the title, most likely to John Cena, setting the stage for two huge contests at WrestleMania, and the top two matches that many are pulling for, as there are many feeling that although a Lesnar - Cena feud would be worthy of WrestleMania, there isnt a feeling they could go into the event with an electric feud.

- Over on Smackdown, Rob Van Dam is all but locked to carry the belt into WrestleMania, and most certainly, will be defending the championship against Edge. Time has been running out for Edge to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, and it now seems inevitable he'll do so at the biggest event of the year. For now, it's too early to say who will leave New Orleans with the title, but by March 18, Van Dam will have held the title for seven months, and by that stage, it will likely be time to go into a new direction.
One concerning piece of news coming out has been that Rob Van Dam has stalled on signing a new WWE contract, with his current deal set to expire in June. If this issue was to drag on much further, a decision could be taken to pull Van Dam from the title scene, and begin to build around another star, in for the long haul. Money doesnt appear to be the issue, but it would appear RVD has other options outside of wrestling he'd like to consider.

- Van Dam isnt the only star that could be departing the company soon. Chris Jericho is expected to take time off in the summer in order to tour in England with Fozzy for the festival season, and possibly longer to recuperate from years on the road. Shawn Michaels has also been making noises about taking time off this summer, in a bid to heal some long standing nagging injuries. Michaels, despite returning in 2002 for a reduced schedule, has found himself back on the road full time over the last 18 months, and the effects are beginning to catch up with HBK.

- With WrestleMania on the horizon, the event is appearing to take shape, with the two Raw main events to see either Triple H or John Cena vs Christian, and Triple H or John Cena vs Brock Lesnar. Shawn Michaels is likely to meet Mick Foley, especially after Foley's surprise appearance to further that angle at the Royal Rumble. The budding feud between Straight Edge and the World Tag Team Champions, MNM, is also likely to culminate on March 18.
On Smackdown, RVD is expected to be challenged by Edge, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle would appear to be a lock, and Matt & Jeff Hardy could be paired for a feud with AMW if the ongoing rivalry with Matt and the tag team champions continues. If not, both Hardy Brothers are expected to be part of the Money in the Bank ladder match, which has been touted to return this year, with both Raw and Smackdown involved.

- Randy Orton appears to be out in the cold at the moment in regard to WrestleMania. Ever since the fallout between Ric Flair and the WWE, Ortons WrestleMania opponent has been up in the air. It had been rumoured he would face RVD for the WWE Championship by winning the Royal Rumble, but that now appears to be dead. With Chris Jericho also without a program for WrestleMania, there is a chance they could be paired up, but a face turn would be required from one of the two parties. Rey Mysterio had also been rumoured as a possible opponent, but after he won the Intercontinental Championship last night, that would also appear to be dead in the water.

- Carlito has been advertised for upcoming Smackdown house shows. He had been hotly tipped for a switch to Friday Nights after slipping down the pecking order on Raw. It's hoped a move will rejuvenate the former Intercontinental Champion, who had been highly thought of not twelve months ago.


wwe.com News;

The WWE has parted ways with The Highlanders with immediate effect. They are wished good luck with their future endeavours.


Few bits of gossip for the time being ... Raw preview at some point this weekend.

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