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** PYROS **

Mean Gean: Hello everybody, thanks for tuning into ICW! I'm "Mean" Gean Oakerland along side of the Macho Man Randy Savage.

Macho Man: Thanks Mean Gean, What a show Ric Flair has put together for all of us.

Mean Gean: Thats right macho, first we have The road dogg taking on Gangrel.

Macho Man: We will also see the bizarre Goldust take on Billy Gunn, who will have the very sexy Velvet Sky in his corner.

Mean Gean: And are you ready for this, the main event will be RVD and Scott Hall vs Test and Kane, and the winning team will face each other next week for the ICW World title!

Macho Man: OOOOOOOO YEAH! I can dig that mean gean.

** Road Dogg comes out and grabs a mic **

Road Dogg: Cut my music, now my name aint Buffy but Im about to slay a Vampire. So thanks to Mr.Flair I can now tell you all, Welcome to the Dogg House, and get ready to see the Road Dogg Kick some ass up in the DOGG HOUSE!!!!

** Gangrel comes out with shelly martinez (looking like she did on ecw as a vampire) Gangrel spits out the blood as usual and drips some on Shelly Martinez **

They go to lock up in the middle of the ring, as Gangrel spits a little of that blood into the face of Road Dogg, causing him to turn around trying to get it out of his eyes, and Gangrel takes advantage by shoving him to the ground and starts punching him in the back of the head. The ref finally gets Gangrel off of him to allow Road Dogg to slowly get to his feet and as he gets up Gangrel runs at him to closeline him but road dogg ducks and puts gangrel in a sleeper but he quickly grabbed the ropes. Gangrel turns only to be closelined out of the ring, and Road Dogg goes out there and stomps on Gangrel, then picks him up by his hairvand slams his head into the barrier and then goes in the ring and back out to restart the count. He goes to pick up gangrel again but gets a elbow to the gut followed by another, and Gangrel gets to his feet. Gangrel slides back in the ring followed by road dogg, and when they both get to there feet, Gangrel is the first to strike with a couple right hands, followed up with a Side belly to belly suplex and covers; 1....2.. Kick Out! Gangrel goes right back to work by punching road dogg on the ground and hits Multiple running elbow drops, followed by a Rear naked choke........ Road Dogg is struggling to get to the ropes, but finally gets his arm on the rope. Gangrel goes over and dose a taunt with Shelly, as Road Dogg turns him around and starts in with shake rattle and roll, sending Gangrel to the ground, he goes to the ropes to do the shakey leg drop but shelly grabs his leg he yells at her turns around to be met with a kick to the gut and a Impaler DDT and gangrel pins him 1....2.....3

** Heres your winner Gangrel **

** Gangrel and Shelly celebrate in the ring and the lights go out, and turn back on with Shelly, Gangrel and the road dogg laying outside the ring covered in blood **

Mean Gean: Well there you have it, hopefully the first of many many ICW matches.

Macho Man: And what a match it was Mean Gean, watching that match makes me want to return to the ring. But what happend to them after the match

Mean Gean: Well Macho, we both know that wouldnt be a good idea you might hurt a hip or something. And Im not sure.

Macho Man: Not funny and watch yourself.

** Konnan comes out **

Konnan: Whats up, make some noise! K-Dawg is back in the USA to wrestle. I asked to come out here to thank one man tonight, a man who though Konnan can still wrestle, other then the Mexican league. This man is the founder of the ICW Ric Flair! Thank you Mr.Flair for giving me a chance, unlike TNA or the WWE, I know i might not have many years left but I will do what I can to climb atop of the ICW and win the World title one day. TNA your going down in court, you grease balls. As for next week, Flair has a 5 man Hardcore match for the Hardcore title, and consider me in that match and winning it.

** Raven comes to the ring **

Raven: So Konnan, your in the hardcore match, what makes you think your winning, how are you hardcore, your in no league of mine. I will take it upon me to make sure a loser like you will not win. I never liked you in wcw or tna your a waste of money for the company. You act like you know pain, well I KNOW PAIN. Next week ill show you pain.

Konnan: Why wait.

** Konnan clotheslines Raven and starts punching him. Konnan gets up and as Raven starts to get up Konnan kicks him in his head, and puts him in the Tequila Sunrise, until the refs break him off **

Macho Man: Wow that was explosive, and it looks like Konnan got the best of Raven there.

Mean Gean: Yes he did, I cant wait for the 5 man hardcore match next week.

** Commercials **

** Billy Gunn and Velvet Sky in the ring **

** Goldust comes out **

They go to lock up in the middle of the ring, but Gunn Kicks Goldust in the mid section and again, and puts him in a sleeper hold ( in a ddt form looking ) But goldust struggles out of it and runs against the ropes and closelines gunn but he ducks and starts with with some punches to the face, Goldust fights back, the exchange punches, the goldust knees gunn in the gut, runs to the ropes slides to the ground and hits him with a uppercut. He covers 1... kick out! he grabs Gunns left arm and picks hm up, twists it and hits him in the back with a elbow sending gunn to the ground. Starts Stoping him and picks him up again, and by the hair he flips Gunn and does a drop kick to his back, and covers 1...2. kick out. Goldust starts yelling at the ref as Gunn rolls him up 1...2. kick out! Gunn gets on Goldust and starts punching him, gets off and starts stomping on him, then tells velvet to get a chair, and she hands him one but the ref grabs it and throws it out of the ring, giving Goldust a chance to hit a low blow, and ddts him, and picks him back up drags him the the corner and sets him up for Shattered dreams, he goes to run but Velvet grabs his leg, giving billy time to get out and runs over splashes him in the corner and as goldust bounces off billy hits the Fame-asser and covers 1...2...3 heres your winner Billy Gunn!

** Gunn and Velvet are celebrating cockyly **

Mean Gean: Well theres a victory for Billy Gunn, and hes letting the crowd know it.

Macho Man: He sure is Mean Gean, but the main event is next and i think the winners will be a little more happy to be the winners.

Mean Gean: Thats right because the winning team will face each other next week for the ICW World Title!

Macho Man: RVD & Scott Hall.... Test & Kane Next

** Commercials **

** RVD comes out **

** Hall comes out **

** Test comes out **

** Kane comes out with Paul bearer **

Test and RVD start off, locking up and Test shoves RvD to the ground showing hes stronger, RVD gets up slowly staring him down, and they lock up again, only for test to shove him to the ground. RVD gets up and runs, dodges a big boot, and test turns around to a spinning heel kick, RVd quickly dose a standing moonsault on him and covers 1...2 kick out, RVD gets up and runs against the ropes but Bearer grabs his leg, and test runs and hits a forearm to the back of his head and puts him in the corner and starts punching him, and tags in Kane. Kane grabs RVD with both hand lifts him by his neck and throws him across the ring, but Hall gets the tag and comes running at kane, to be hit with a shot to the thought, and falls down fast. Kane picks him up and body slams him to the ground, and starts stomping Hall. Kane picks him up and goes for a choke slam, but hall elbows him in the head a couple times, gets out of the choke runsto the ropes and is hit by a big boot. Kane goes up top and goes for a flying close line and misses Hall and hits the ref. Kane then turns back to hall and hits a choke slam RVD is in the ring and Test runs at him for a big boot but misses him and drills Kane Kane sits up and Choke slams TEST and leaves with Paul Bearer, RVD hits a five star frog splash and covers and hall gets the ref up 1......2......3 Heres your winners RVD and Scott Hall

** They shake each others hands as they go off the air **

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