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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

“FCW” TV Results
(Saturday 19th April)

A video was shown of Reid Flair arriving earlier in the day and being greeted by Dusty Rhodes. The American Dream said it was a pleasure to have the son of The Nature Boy himself in FCW. Reid told Dusty he’s looking forward to it and thanked him for giving him the chance he’s got tonight. Dusty said it was nothing and then offered to show him to his dressing room, with Reid telling Dusty to lead the way. The camera then zoomed out to reveal Hade Vansen watching on in the distance, not looking too unimpressed with the arrival of Reid.

Steve Keirn & Tom Prichard talked up the debut of Reid Flair later on, as well as recalling the main event from last week with James Reiher defending the FCW Championship against his associate, Afa Jr. They reminded us that Reiher couldn’t put Afa away and walked out on the match, getting himself counted out in the process, then ask what response that is going to get.

Dusty Rhodes then made his way down to the ring, all smiles as he collected a microphone. He opened by saying that the son of the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair would be making his FCW debut tonight, calling it a big moment in the history of the FCW, but it’s not all good tonight as he has some serious business attend to. He then said that there was a serious incident last week with one of his employees being laid out in the back, and the worst thing was it was a woman who was attacked. He said that he expects but doesn’t condone that behaviour from men, but he doesn’t expect women to act in that manner. He then said that it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out who was behind the attack as it was ever so convenient for Katie Lea to get the match she wanted by taking Roucka’s place in the six person tag match. He said that Katie Lea and her boys can play the prejudice and racist cards all they want, but that it’s just their imagination and not his style, saying that if people make life difficult for him, he makes it difficult for them, it’s that simple. Dusty then got a shock as Hade Vansen walked out with a microphone and called him a hypocrite before walking in to the ring.

He wasn’t a happy bunny at all and told Dusty that he’s stood back and stayed away from any controversy, but he had to tell Dusty to his face that he is a blatant liar. He then said that you just have to look at the proof, bringing up the arrival of Reid Flair & Joe Hennig, saying that the only reason they’re in FCW is because of their family name and the relationship Dusty has or had with their fathers. He then said that Dusty can protect the truth to the fact that he is showing blatant favouritism, and if it carries on, there will be a backlash around the corner from the real talent that he is choosing to ignore. The angry Vansen then said that he and numerous others haven’t worked their asses off just for guys like Reid to walk in and take the opportunities they’ve worked years for. Dusty’s headache wasn’t made any easier as Katie Lea & The Empire, the FCW Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders made their way down to the ring. Katie politely asked to borrow Vansen’s microphone, and he gave it to her happily. She said that she couldn’t agree with her fellow Englishmen anymore, proving what she’s been saying about Dusty all along, he isn’t objective in his position in FCW.

She then admitted to attacking Roucka last week but blamed it on Dusty’s actions and refusal to co-operate with them that led to Roucka being hurt, putting it all on Rhodes’s head and said he will have to accept that. Dusty said that was enough and that it was time she kept her mouth shut for once. He then said that they could be any nationality and it wouldn’t change the fact that they’re a pain in the ass and that they have no respect for authority when they don’t get their own way. He reminded them that he is in charge, not them and that they can’t go around attacking people for their own benefit, and then said that he has been too lenient with them, but that’s going to change. He then said that later on tonight, McIntyre & Sanders will defend their tag team titles in a five team gauntlet, but not only that, they will start as the first team, meaning they have to beat all four teams to retain the titles. Katie tried to speak but Dusty cut her off and turned his attention to Vansen, telling him that if he wanted to question the decision to bring in Joe Hennig, then he can face him next week in the final qualifying match for the Television Championship. Dusty dropped his microphone and stormed away from the ring straight away, not giving The Empire or Vansen the chance to respond, leaving them very angry with McIntyre & Sanders looking very concerned.

**Commercial Break**

Steve Keirn & Tom Prichard said that they had an update on the teams that will contest the gauntlet match later on for the FCW Tag Team titles. Prichard said the four teams that will challenge The Empire are Jesse & Festus, Teddy Hart & TJ Wilson, The DiBiase Brothers & The Badstreet Boys.

Match 1
Afa Jr vs “Campus Legend” Brad Allen

Afa was aggressive from the opening bell, not giving Allen a chance to get any kind of offense in. After a hard whip to the corner with a splash to follow it up, Allen had the wind blown out of him as Afa then finished him off by dragging him to the centre of the ring, lifting him up and planting him with a vicious belly to back lift in to an elevated neckbreaker slam, the Lights Out. Allen remained motionless as Afa stood back up looking very intense, sending a message to the FCW Heavyweight Champion, James Reiher.

Winner: Afa Jr.

Michael W. Kruel & Roucka were in the back with Roucka saying that Shawn Spears finally got what was coming to him, and that she was proud of him for putting him in his place. Kruel then said that she didn’t do too bad last week either, getting up from that assault by Katie Lea and getting even like he did with Spears, proving why she is the toughest woman in town and the next FCW Women’s Champ. He then said that they have other business to attend to tonight, ruining the debut of Reid Flair, and he said that it will be just as sweet as making a mockery of Spears last week. The vindictive duo smirked and laughed as the camera cut to Lena Yada standing by.

She was joined by Colt Cabana, and she asked him if he was indeed back in FCW. The ever enthusiastic Cabana told her that it was true, everyone can chill out because he can confirm it 100%, it’s official, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana is back in FCW. Lena then said that it was a shock to see him back last week, but asked just why he was applauding Joe Hennig after his match. Colt reminded Lena that he’s Mr. Perfect’s son, Curt Hennig, one of the greatest ever to step foot in a wrestling ring, and that he couldn’t get enough of Perfect growing up, so he thought he’d show his respect, that’s all. Lena stood back and looked a little shocked as Joe Hennig himself walked in to the shot, causing Cabana to grin like an excited school kid. Hennig said that he appreciates the respect, but he’s here to make a name for himself, not off his dad and that he wants to earn the respect in the ring.

Lena turned to him and asked him how his debut was debut last week. He said that it felt good and that it was even better to get the win straight away to get his confidence going from day one. An excited Cabana then said he had a question for Joe and asked him if he would consider teaming with him tonight, saying it was always a dream of his to team up with his dad, and that this would be almost as good. Hennig looked a little taken aback as Cabana tried to persuade him, telling him to give it a go and asking him what he had to lose. Hennig thanked him for the offer but told him that he already has a match later. He then said that maybe they could do it another time, not all too convincing though as he turned around and left Cabana with Lena. Cabana asked her if he was telling her truth, but she said she didn’t know, leaving Cabana a little curious.

**Commercial Break**

Match 2
Television Championship Qualifying Match
Reid Flair vs Michael W. Kruel w/Roucka

Reid went all out in the early going, using his speed to his advantage, but he quickly became unstuck by his own enthusiasm and Kruel’s experience. Kruel dominated for the most part, and looked to have had the match won after overhead belly to belly suplex, but Reid kicked out to give himself a fighting chance. Kruel thought he had it there, leaving him frustrated, but as he accepted it and was about to pull Reid back up from his knees, Shawn Spears ran down to the ring, catching Kruel’s attention. Roucka ran round to Spears and shoved him, but he just pushed to her the side as Kruel walked over to the ropes, yelling down at him, giving Reid the chance to crawl up behind and roll him up for the victory. The fans cheered as a shocked Reid sat back up to his knees while Kruel sat up and stared at a grinning Kruel, who backed up the aisle with Roucka then going after him, followed by Kruel, allowing Reid to celebrate his debut victory.

Winner: Reid Flair.

The DiBiase Brothers, Mike & Brett were hanging out with “The Natural” Nic Nemeth in the back. Mike was asking Nemeth if he saw what they did to The Badstreet Boys last week, saying that they showed the new kids in town exactly who the big boys are around here. Brett then said that they’re not done just yet because they’re going to do the same very soon when they win the gauntlet match and become the FCW Tag Team Champions. Nemeth then said that they won’t be the only ones with gold around their waists after he moved one step closer to becoming the Television Champion last week, and that he’s looking forward to that night on Raw when he is presented with the belt in front of all the inferior so called superstars. Mike said that he wishes him the best of the luck, but he and Brett have to go take care of business and that they’ll see him around with a smug Nemeth wishing them look too.

Afa Jr stormed in to the dressing room of the FCW Heavyweight Champion, James Reiher. He demanded to know why Reiher walked out of their match last week, but Reiher didn’t seem to take him all that seriously, saying that what he does doesn’t concern Afa anymore. He told Afa that he chose the title shot instead of standing by his side and that he has no right to walk in to his (Reiher’s) dressing room like it’s his anymore, let alone demand answers from him. That just infuriated Afa, who said that they had a match with the title on the line and one of them walked out, and it wasn’t him, meaning he has every right. Reiher then said that he’s the champion, he has the rights and that Afa has nothing, then told him to get out. Afa composed himself and told Reiher that he will get another shot, and that he will have to realise that, and that next time, he won’t be able to walk away, because he won’t let him. Reiher looked very unimpressed and angered as Afa walked out of the room.

**Commercial Break**

FCW Tag Team Championship – Gauntlet Match

Match 3

The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) (c) vs The DiBiase Brothers (Mike & Brett) w/Katie Lea

With The Empire looking very low key and angry, they didn’t have their national anthem play in the arena and just dropped their flags by the side of the ring as they awaited their first opponents. The DiBiase Brothers, Mike & Brett walked out and started to make their way to the ring when The Badstreet Boys, JJ Matthews & Cameron York jumped them from the behind, pummelling them up against the security rails, knocking them to the floor and leaving them in a bad way. Sanders & McIntyre watched on and showed a sign of normality, but their mood changed for the better as the referee consulted with the ring announcer. The latter told everyone that due to the attack and The DiBiase’s not being in a state to compete, the first match has been declared null and void. We were then told that because of their actions, The Badstreet Boys had been banned from competing in next match, leaving The Empire delighted as York & Matthews left the arena, not looking too bothered as The DiBiase’s barely move on the floor.

Outcome: No Contest.

Match 4
Jesse & Festus vs The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) (c) w/Katie Lea

The odd ball team of Jesse & Festus caused a real problem for the champions, but after McIntyre pulled Festus down from the apron to the outside and tossed him in to the steps to avoid Jesse making a tag, Sanders was able to drag Jesse back and up to his feet, finishing him off with a powerbomb. Katie Lea was grinning like crazy at this point, and McIntyre & Sanders were looking confident as the Scot joined Sanders back in the ring. Their jaws then dropped as they saw the final team of TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart, their bitter rivals making their way down to the ring, completely fresh with Shantelle Taylor, the Women’s Champion by their side.

Winners: The Empire.

**Commercial Break**

Match 5
TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart vs The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) (c) w/Katie Lea

The champions looked in trouble with the fresh TJ & Teddy dominating for the most part, using their speed and agility to their advantage. It looked to be all over after McIntyre was whipped in to his partner by TJ as Sanders stepped in to the ring. The English part of the team fell to the mat and to the outside with Katie rushing to check on him as Teddy then waited for him to stand up before running at the ropes and hitting an impressive springboard shooting star press, sending both men and Katie to the floor. Back on the inside, TJ stalked McIntyre as he started to stand up, but the referee walked over to the ropes to survey the damage caused by Teddy. With his back turned, Hade Vansen raced down to the ring and grabbed one of the flags from the outside before sliding inside and smashing it across TJ’s back. Vansen slid back out as TJ fell to the mat with McIntyre reaching down to pull him up and finishing him off with a swinging side slam in to a sit out face buster, the Ego Trip. The referee turned round and rushed to make the count as Teddy tried to stop the count, but was too late. McIntyre slipped out of the ring with Vansen grabbing the belts and running round to help up Sanders & Katie Lea, then passing the titles to the champs. McIntyre helped the groggy Sanders back up with Vansen doing the same with Katie Lea as Teddy checked on TJ with the smug Empire and Vansen enjoying the moment.

Winners: The Empire.

**End of Show**


Television Championship Qualifying Match – Final Quarter Final Match
Joe Hennig vs Hade Vansen

The Final 4 Competitors
CJ Red, “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & Reid Flair, plus Hennig or Vansen

Also, setting an example by not spamming, double posting or bumping up, i'll post this together with the FCW results.

Television & Pay-Per-View Schedule (Until the end of July 2008)

21st – Raw (Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia)
25th – Smackdown (Voadafone, Melbourne, Australia)
27th – Raw Presents Backlash (Pepsi Center, Denver, Colarado) – Pay Per View
28th – Raw (Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama)

2nd – Smackdown (Alltel Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas)
5th – Raw (Honda Center, Anaheim, California)
9th – Smackdown (U.S. Cellular Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
12th – Raw (Credit Union Center, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canada)
16th – Smackdown (Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas)
19th – Raw (Norfolk Spoke, Norfolk, Virginia)
23rd – Smackdown (Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, South Carolina)
25th – Smackdown Presents Judgment Day (Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky) – Pay Per View
26th – Raw (McKenzie Arena, Chattanooga, Tennessee)
30th – Smackdown (Colisée Pepsi, Quebec City, Quebec - Canada)

2nd – Raw (New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut)
6th – Smackdown (US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona)
9th – Raw (Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, Flordia)
13th – Smackdown (Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, Kansas)
15th – Raw & Smackdown Present King of the Ring (Staples Centre, Los Angeles, California) – Pay Per View
16th – Raw (Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island)
20th – Smackdown (Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio)
23rd – Raw (Wells Fargo Arena, Tempe, Alabama)
27th – Smackdown (ARCO Arena, Sacramento, California)
29th – Raw Presents Vengeance (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan) – Pay Per View
30th – Raw (Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

4th – Smackdown (Halifax Metro Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia)
7th – Raw (Lawlor Events Center, Reno, Nevada)
11th – Smackdown (Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York) – A Special 3 Hour Show!
13th – Smackdown Presents The Great American Bash (Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York)Pay Per View
14th – Raw (MTS Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba)
18th – Smackdown (Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia)
21st – Raw (E Center, Salt Lake City, Utah)
25th – Smackdown (Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota)
28th – Raw (Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky)

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