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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

A Canadians Point Of View:

Okay, so this is my first review on WrestlingForum and the first time I'm reading this diary lol. It's interesting to see Tazz as the new general manager and I just started to read your BTB and I can now fully see how your going to use him. I'm wondering myself.

I'm going to guess Jericho and Bourne got drafted to Smackdown? I always thought Bourne's character was more fit for Smackdown, but I don't know about for you. It'll be interesting to see how you use them.

Btw, I'm commenting as I read so yeah lol. Interesting that both the cousins are champions and its quite great that you have the Cruiserweight title. I haven't seen enough of this diary to fully judge the champions or your booking but it seems good as of now. HBK vs MVP should be good.. possible cash in?

I love how you just refer to Chavo as "The Mexican" lmao. But I really hope Chavo isn't a jobber.. Seems to be a good match.

Aww, Chavo's a sore loser.. Killings/Chavo match next week ftw. Chavo ftw as well.

Glamarellazon ftw. This diary was probably started way before Glamarella lmao but it would've been nice to see them together. I'm guessing Beth is off to better things though. Is Santino still even in this diary or did you release him?

Hmm, so is Burke a face? Layla as well? It seems that way lol. Oolala, Extreme Rules match? Looks like Tazz is still holding a little grudge against Masters/Haas. Should be a good match, as well as Burke/MVP on the next show.

Wild guess that Moore was the previous United States champion? Well, this seems like something WWE would've done. Gave Shelton some promo time and then just handed him a squash match. I don't know what to expect of this celebration..

Not really liking the CM Punk promo. Nor do I like the name Josh Hayger, but hey, who knows, I might get used to it.

Seems like an intense action-packed match from Sydal/Shane and would've been great to actually watch it. Good that Shane retained.Also, interesting that Jeter walked off..

"You Sold Out" chants for Jeter. Anyways, interesting what you'll do with them next. MVP won't win tonight. If he does, I'll be surprised.

The Masters of the Mat take the number 1 contendership! By god JR, the ECW originals lost an Extreme Rules matches. Never was a fan of Stevie/Dreamer anyways.

Wanna explain the Punk/Hardy feud for me. Im understanding that he took out Jeff but I'm not really sure?

Ending that match with a Disqualification was the right way to go. Both of them left credible. Taker saving a possible title switch? Hm, maybe hes really looking forward to a match with Shawn that he's willing to save him from losing the title. I wonder when MVP will cash in.. anyways, good show, I'll be reading.
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