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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


~ The opening with Linda introducing Tazz was good. It wasn't exactly a surprise after last week, but it was still ok. I like Tazz in this position, he is a great on screen character and should thrive in a role like this.

~ The Shawn/Shane backstage segment was ok. It served its purpose for making two big matches later in the show, and Shane and Shawn looked like perfect faces by accepting the matches with no back-talk. This all adds to the idea of Tazz wanting to make this show awesome, so I have no complaints.

~ The Chavo angle was cool. When the match finished I didn't really know where you were going with it, but the backstage altercation with Ron Killings certainly added something. While the backstage fight was kinda random it did a lot to advance Chavo as the down on his luck type character I think you're building for him. I see another loss next week, possibly to Killings.

~ Good advancement of the Mickie/Beth feud here. This was a good next step after last week, and I like how you're not having them brawl or go after each other in a major way....yet. I look forward to see where you're going with this as you probably want to save their big match for the PPV.

~ Good backstage stuff here. It set up Burke/MVP for next week, and it set up the Extreme Rules match for later tonight. Tazz is making some big moves on his first night, I like it. I also think it was a nice touch adding extreme rules to the tag team match, giving the ECW guys a definate advantage. I don't see them going over, but it should still make the match a little more exciting. I'm not sure about the MVP/Burke match next week, not that it will be a bad match, but I thought you might be building it for something bigger, like the PPV.

~ I love your use of Shelton Benjamin. He not only looked great in his promo, but he also completely dominated his match. It was nice to have Funaki on the Japan show, and I'm sure the Japanese crowd would have loved to have seen some offence from him, but in order for Benjamin to look like a champ he had to dominate. I did see the Shannon Moore run-in coming, but I thought he might cost Benjamin the match instead of just laying him out at the end. Still, good revenge for the former Shellion (you knew I'd sneak the nickname in somewhere) and good continuation of their feud.

~ The Punk promo was fantastic. Very good and very realistic. I can't wait to see him back in your fed. By Judgment Day perhaps?

~ Good contnuation of the Jeter/Sydal situation. I'm honestly surprised you went ahead and pulled the trigged on this. I thought you'd have Jeter maybe accidentally cost Sydal the match, and then build for a slow full-fledged breakup, but either way good stuff. Sydal and Shane showed why WWE should still have a Cruiserweight division.

~ Good portrayal of MVP here. Solid promo, and I like him as Mr. MITB. The Jeter promo was good too, but I'm not sure if I like them right there back to back as it kinda made the reader forget about the MVP promo.

~ Nice match here between the ECW guys and the Masters. The Masters were the obvious choices for the win, but the ECW guys did give them a good fight. I didn't feel like there was enough extreme in the extreme rules match. I mean, a table broke but it would have been nice to see the ECW guys really thrive at the beginning of their match.

~ Good intense promo from Matt here. This feud is one of my favorites from your fed. Hardy was great here looking like the fearless face.

~ The DQ win for the main event was really the only way to go here. Especially with the aftermath. I liked The Undertaker saving HBK here, not only does it get 'Taker on the show face-to-face with Michaels, but it also shows that he wants Michales at 100% for their title match. Also MVP looked great here, getting Michaels down and then taking out Shane. Very good ending here.

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