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Re: Being The Booker

Royal Rumble Review:

Heat served its purpose like it should, getting over the matches tonight and how important the Rumble is. Loved the interviews with Austin and Hart, really showing that they still care about this big night. Booker and Elijah going over was the right choice, but now lets get into the real show.

Very well done video package, as you are really running with this “Race to WrestleMania” tagline. Loved all the clips from past and present, with everyone getting time on the screen, showing just how wide open this “race” is. Can’t wait to see who comes out the winner. Good opening hype job by all of the commentators.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Awesome decision by the referee to keep The Brotherhood out of the contest, making them ALL go to the back. This should even it up, letting these two athletes go at it with no one interfering. Rey hits the 619 to open the match!! And Shelton counters the West Coast Pop into a Powerbomb, taking away any chance Rey has at an early victory. These opening minutes were top notch, as I loved how quickly the counters and pin fall attempts were, really keeping both men on their toes. Loved the stuff that was done on the outside, with both men doing some real damage. Shelton gets too very close near falls by hitting the Stinger Splash and also the Suplex into a bridge, as he looks to be dominating this match. Some more good back and forth before Rey looks set to get the gold … only for Shelton to kick out! Shelton is able to fight back, showing just how determined he is, before he hooks Rey … T-BONE SUPLEX~! Rey gets his foot on the bottom rope! Rey almost gets the win before he hits the West Coast Pop!! REY WINS!! A very good choice to start the show, as we now have a new IC Champion! Rey has been fighting for this for a while and I think him heading into ‘Mania with the belt instead of Shelton makes sense, seeing as how Benjamin kept the belt for so long, and would be better used in MITB. Anyway, great match to really get this show rolling. ***1/2

WrestleMania 23 will be off the charts. I know that for a fact.

Cool to see Vince use the IC Title match to threaten another official for Hunter’s match. Guess we won’t be seeing a fair fight.

A good little altercation between three of the favorites for tonight’s Rumble, with Brock being the most relaxed of the three. Love that KK got some time with the big boys, but I still don’t see any of these three winning, as Christian is still the pick.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Loved the way that the match started, with Juvi and Psi trying to leave the ring and keep the belt on Crazy, but the Champ shows just how much of a face he is, stopping them from heading up the ramp. This really got the other guys in control, as Kid Kash gets the match under control, before Juvi gets the advantage back. Kash and Juvi trade some near falls, before the biggest fan favorite of all the CWs comes into the ring against Chavo, and I loved the momentum that Crazy came in with, taking down Chavo with a perfect dropkick. No way that the match is ending this early. Match gets a little bit hectic after this, with all six men getting involved, as the action was pretty exciting. Loved how Chavo tries to pin Psi even though he wasn’t legal, and Kid Kash breaks it up! Knew that this would happen eventually, with everyone now in it for himself. Kash almost gets the win, only for Crazy to kick out. Juvi Driver … but Psi breaks it up with leg drop!! Crazy hits his terrific moonsaults … but Kash breaks the count!! This match is really getting crazy, as Juvi breaks up the count for Super Crazy. Some awesome stuff goes down and just as it looks Kendrick will get the win … hitting the SHOOTING STAR … but KASH GETS HIS PARTNER OUT!! KASH IS THE NEW CHAMPION!! Didn’t really expect to see a new Champ, but I am glad that Kash is a heel with the belt. Should have a good little feud with Crazy before hopefully Kendrick challenges. Should be a very good reign for the new Champion. ***

Still love the idea and concept for SuperBrawl. Should be an intriguing show.

Loved the little segment between Edge and CC. Was awesome that Edge said that he would be the double champion. I can only hope, right? Anyway, still think that Christian is winning the Rumble, but hopefully Edge looks good too, as he deserves to get back to the top before cashing in MITB.

WWE Championship Match:
Great video package for what is sure to be a huge match, with all three men in a great place of their careers. Angle is obviously the man that the commentators hype the most, as he has been on a roll since coming back at S’Series. What a way to start the match, as we are never going to have the boring lull, as Angle gets thrown over the top but then hits RVD with a vicious German Suplex. Angle then hits a big Belly to Belly, getting a quick near fall. Angle gets another near fall before ‘Taker hits Kurt and then gets one of his own. ‘Taker hits the first big move of the night, dropping RVD outside the ring with a Chokeslam … but then Angle hits the ANGLE SLAM ON ‘TAKER, GETTING A VERY CLOSE NEAR FALL!! Liked how we had some time with only ‘Taker and Kurt in the ring together, showing some more good chemistry, before Van Dam comes back in and goes down again. He hasn’t done ANYTHING in this match so far. RVD kicks out of two close pin fall attempts, as Angle and ‘Taker are both dominating this match, really taking it to the Champion. RVD now gets on a roll, getting a very close surprise pin, before he hits a DDT on ‘Taker and gets another. Loved how Angle got back into the match, grabbing the ankle of ‘Taker … before UT kicks him off!! Angle eventually gets back into the action … locking in the ANKLE LOCK ON RVD!! Angle is about to make the Champion TAP … but Undertaker breaks it all up with a CHOKESLAM!! Angle almost has RVD out for the count again … but ‘Taker saves him again!! Now the huge moves come out, as Angle gets his count after the Angle Slam broken, but then RVD gets a very close near fall. ‘Taker hits the Tombstone on RVD … and then goes for it on Angle … but KURT LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! COULD ‘TAKER TAP OUT AGAIN!? Angle applies the Grapevine … and it looks like only a matter of time … but RVD comes out of nowhere … WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! RVD RETAINS!! What a huge win for the Champion, as Angle looked to be so close to winning, but then Van Dam somehow found a way to survive. I was kinda surprised that Edge didn’t come out … as he NEEDS to cash in soon. I think it will still be on Smackdown!, but it was good to let RVD have this moment, as he won probably the biggest match of his career, and it was an awesome one. ****1/2

Both HBK and Matt look set to perform will tonight … and I think that they will both do pretty will.

Good to see that MNM are focused on the task at hand. Should be a great match when they meet Straight Edge, and I think these four will meet in tonight’s Rumble. MNM is way too cocky, imo.

Another good WM23 commercial … only I think that the first one will still end up being the best that you write. That one is just hilarious.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
The stage was really set before this match, as I really like when there are more factors than just having the two men across the ring from one another. Vince, Shane, and Steph should all play a big role, and that will be the reason that Cena will come up just short tonight. Cena’s aggressiveness was to be expected in the opening minutes, as he just ran right through Triple H, knocking him down countless times before sending him out of the ring. Cena chases Triple H through the McMahons outside the ring, knocking him around a little bit more before getting the first close fall of the match. Loved how Cena threw Hunter into Shane and Steph, but Trips was still too fresh to be taken by surprise with the STF-U. Damn, didn’t expect Hunter to break out the hammer this early in the match, as he takes advantage of the referee’s back being turned, looking to hit Cena … but instead nails Vince with the weapon!! Cena gets another near fall, as he has been dominating since the opening bell. The possible interference was just too much for Cena, as he lets the distraction get to him, allowing Triple H to pounce on him and take control of the match. Triple H almost makes him pass out, but Cena still has a ton of fight left, staying alive and then going back on the attack, getting another near fall. Loved that Cena finally went after Stephanie, but Triple H was able to make the save in time. Cena fights back after a few near falls, getting out of a Pedigree attempt before throwing Trips onto his shoulders … and hitting the F-U!! SHANE STICKS HUNTER’S FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!! Cena is still able to fight through, not paying attention to any of the distractions, as he locks in the STF-U!! Triple H can’t take the pain … TAPPING OUT~ … BUT SHANE PULLED THE REFEREE OUT!!! Stephanie gets back into the fold … but Cena F-Us her … and then gives the same treatment to Triple H!! But The Game kicks out!! Cena can’t fight through everything, as Triple H nails a low blow … AND THEN DELIVERS THE FATAL PEDIGREE!! Loved how Cena got some kind of revenge on the McMahons … sending Shane THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! I still don’t think Cena’s chances are gone, as I can see him getting another shot at the next PPV. A great match between these two, with the interference playing as big of a role as we thought it would. ***3/4

WM23 is gonna be the SHIT.

Looks like someone is in the Rumble that shouldn’t be. Dinsmore has the right to be pissed, as it sucks that he was the last to enter the room. Hopefully you have a satisfactory replacement for him … as there has to be a good reason for you to do this.

Royal Rumble Match:
Video package was very good and I love the Fink, so it is great to see him back to hype up the match. Hope you got some big names planned for #1 and #2. Damn, not the start that I expected. Lesnar is probably going to be a face after this last snub by the McMahons, as #1 is almost always a fan favorite. Can’t wait to see how Brock and Big Dave match up, should be explosive. Nothing really going down between Lesnar and Dave, as Nitro is the third entrant. Loved that Nitro was able to stick with both Lesnar and Batista, with all three men coming close to going over, but that doesn’t happen. Lashley is the fourth entrant. Lashley looked dominant, sending Batista outside the ring, but not over the top rope. Good back and forth between Lashley and Lesnar, as MARK HENRY is the next in. Damn, the ring can’t support much more weight, imo. Thank God Big Mark was the first to go, as I just can’t stand watching him in the ring. Batista to continue to own this thing, plz. Good to see Albright and Batista continue their little feud during this contest, with Batista trying to prove that Brent’s win was only a fluke. Kane makes the fifth big man that we have seen so far … gonna save anyone for later? Glad that Kane got to dominate for a minute before he and Lashley lock it up, as I think these two could feud in the near future. Cody was WAY too excited when he came into the ring, looking for some quick eliminations, and he paid for it with a right hand from Kane. Batista throws out the US Champ! Big Dave to get another title match soon plz. Knew that we were gonna have MNM and Straight Edge in the ring at the same time tonight, and it is good to see Helms as the aggressor against Nitro. Kane throws Lesnar … but he isn’t eliminated! That was a close one. OOOOOMAGAAAA~! This man is an animal and I think he may just challenge the eliminations record tonight. Umaga throws Batista THROUGH the ropes, meaning that he isn’t eliminated. LMAO at Nitro getting eliminated by Umaga’s presence. Then the Samoan just goes on a tear, throwing out three more men very quickly, showing the entire world that he is just a MAN in the ring. Glad that Finlay and Umaga got some time together, before Batista saves Finlay from a Spike … by SPEARING UMAGA!! Matt is pissed off heading into this Rumble, and that is probably why he came right after Umaga, only to get squashed. SAMOAN SPIKE TO LESNAR~!! Now we are back to having the big names enter the fray, as TLK comes into the match, and he has to be a favorite to win this thing. Umaga begins to stalk Orton, but Lesnar nails him with a German! Perfect way to use the Little Bastard, helping Finlay to stay in the match. Here comes MVP, as I think you will give him quite a lot of time in this match. Lashley almost gets Batista Bombed … BUT THEN ELIMINATES BIG DAVE!! OH MY GOD!! Definitely thought Batista would eliminate Bobby, never expected it to be the other way around!! AMW already going after Matt … while Umaga is done with Brock and now eliminates Lashley!! ‘Maga continues to dominate! Good to see Punk gets right into the thick of things, taking it to Orton. Also loved Umaga snapping Finlay’s shillelagh in half, really strong man we got there. Matt is able to stay in the match even with both halves of AMW going after him, as we wait for the next contestant … JEFF HARDY!!! Figured that this was going to happen, just didn’t expect to see him so soon. Anyway, great to see Matt and Jeff together again … as they eliminate AMW!! And then get clobbered by Umaga!! That’s what real talent looks like, boys. Mercury lasts about three seconds, with Punk getting the last laugh for his team. Shawn Michaels! HBK comes right down to the ring, and rids the Rumble of MVP!! Glad that Porter had a decent run, tbh, I expect big things. Punk is now gone, as we have some huge names left in the ring. Carlito spitting his apple at Lesnar was amazing, but while that is going on … UMAGA ELIMINATES BOTH HARDYZ!! Edge comes in pissed off … what else is new? Regal finally gets his chance to shine, as we see ‘Lito go out of the match because of Lesnar. ’07 better not be as bad as ’06 was for Carly, tbh. Here comes the man that I think is going all the way … CHRISTIAN!! CC goes right into the fire, while Orton dumps Regal out of the ring. Oh man, my second favorite guy in this thread, behind only Lesnar, and it’s Kennedy!! Umaga is eliminated … by CHRISTIAN!! Still, great to see the Samoan get great time in the ring. Hardcore is only in for a few minutes, with Edge getting his first elimination, thanks to some help from Umaga. LONDON gets the lucky draw … I am glad to see that you haven’t forgotten about how awesome you’ve made him. Jericho enters the fray, as the match has settled down a little bit, just like it always does before the final one or two guys come out. Shocked to see Tomko go after Christian so quickly, but CC dumps his friend out!! Where’s Dinsmore!? MICK FOLEY!! Forgot all about his little feud with HBK!! Sweet Chin Music to get rid of Foley!! Damn, glad that Finlay got a ton of time, but he falls the outside thanks to London. Foley helps Orton get rid of HBK!! This feud is set to kick into high gear … can’t wait for that!! Michaels needs to get some payback soon, as I can’t wait to hear Foley explain himself. We are now down to seven … as Jericho eliminates Edge!! Edge had a good run but I still don’t see how you are going to make him use MITB, will be a very interesting situation. Awesome way for Orton to eliminate Jericho, as Y2J also had a stellar run. Lesnar eliminates Kennedy!! Damn it! Oh well, pretty surprising four people left, as Lesnar has been in from the start, and London looked like he was depushed in this thread since teaming with BK. No shock that Paul was the next to go, as he gets tossed around like a toy by Brock, and now we KNOW that a Raw superstar will be winning this thing. Christian eliminates TLK!! We are down to just Brock and Christian! One hell of a back and forth between these two, with Lesnar giving everything and CC barely being able to hold on. Lesnar is dangling from the apron … AND CHRISTIAN PUSHES HIM OFF!! CC IS GOING TO WM23!! Pretty much what the majrotiy of people thought in terms of the winner, but Lesnar made it interesting, almost going from start to finish. We all know that CC will be challenging Triple H, and the build for that match should be spectacular. This Rumble match was not as good as last year’s, imo … but still better than what 95% of bookers write. ****3/4

Damn, another amazing PPV from the absolute best in the booking world. This just shows that you haven’t lost anything since you came back, and your Road to ‘Mania is going to be phenomenal. Nothing really to complain about, except that maybe the two World Title matches could have switched spots, as Cena/Hunter had so much interference that it wasn’t as good as RVD/Angle/’Taker. But that’s nothing huge, so I’d say this PPV deserves 95/100.


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