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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Nice promo to introduce Tazz as the new GM. I like the choice, it's something new and I can't really think of many better options, and I think Tazz will be a great authrority figure here on Smackdown. The segment last week kinda gave it away and it might have come off as more of a shock if you didn't have that segment last week, but giving it a bit of build works too. I liked what he had to say as he was right in character as he certainly won't be taking any crap. I imagine we'll be seeing him a lot tonight, and I think he'll have a lot to do on SD as GM with lots of moaners like Edge, MOTM, MVP and others. Should make for some good promos.

Tazz certainly isn't wasting any time. Some good matches made there, although i'm not really sure about the main event. With MVP being the MITB holder it's giving away HBK vs. MVP which could happen in the future if MVP decides to cash in against HBK. It's not really a problem as he has a long time and he might not even cash in against HBK, and even if he does it may be after a match. It's a great main event though and it does look like a show to remember.

Good opening match, this would certainly make a good opener to get the crowd pumped. Not sure if the result was more about Kash or Chavo tbh, as Noble should be back in the future so I doubt he'll get a singles push. The little aftermath may lead to something for Chavo.

LOL at the old pole trick to put over his frustration. Chavo looks like he'll be turning heel now. The segment was decent enough to set up a feud, but would Chavo come out on top that easily, especially since he just had a match? I guess it shows he's dangerous after his turn. The wording of the last part wasn't easy to understand but I got it.

This was a good win for Beth Phoenix, I see you've stopped using match times so it's harder to tell if it was a squash or not, but I don't do it either. The staredown after the match was a good way to keep the feud moving slowly, and we'll be seeing more from this in the future.

These backstage segments were pretty good, gives Tazz some more TV time on his first night and you made some good matches. I don't like Burke and Layla as faces, both are good heels but i'll stop saying it now haha. The match next week will be great, thought it would be at JD possibly for the breifcase, but there is time for that. Extreme Rules is good too, again making the show one to remember for the Japanese fans.

Pretty good pre match promo from Shelton, I liked his arrogance and the victory celebration should be interesting, and saying it's wasted in Japan and Australia was something he would say. The match was a good match to put him over, and the aftermath was very good. Shannon Moore is a good talent and should provide a decent test for Shelton, and it has a slightly personal feel to it because of their recent split.

The promo from CM Punk was awesome as usual, he was so great here and it was a god way to develop the feud without him being at the show. You already know how I feel about this storyline and I am looking forward to the two guys meeting in the coming weeks.

Jeter costing Sydal this match was done very well, I was expecting this tension to continue a little longer but I'm glad it progressed a bit. Good decision making everyone miss it too as Shane is a face now. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens from here, but when they end up facing off it will be great. This feud is doing a lot for these two guys.

Combining these next two segments was good to hear from both guys. MVP's promo was very good and I'm glad he got some mic time tonight. Jeter was good as well saying he's not Sydal's friend, and I am glad he is getting a push of sorts as he is a talented wrestler.

It was the right choice for the Masters of the Mat to take the title shot, and this mini feud has made them look like serious threats to the UK Pack. With it being an extreme rules match it makes them look very strong as they won in the Extremist's match, but it doesn't do much for Richards and Dreamer, but who cares tbh.

The Matt Hardy promo was good, it was a good idea to hear from him after what Punk said and because of that this interview had to go on late. What he had to say was good, he isn't the best on the stick but he can do a good, intense promo like this one.

The main event seemed like a very good match and a DQ I guess was a good decision to keep both men reasonably strong. I know you like your DQ's, they get a bit frustrating but it was needed here as neither could really afford to lose. The aftermath was great, Shane trying to help out his cousin was realistic and the Deadman chokeslamming MVP will give him something else to complain about. The staredown between HBK and Taker was a great way to close the show.

Things are developing very well mate, great show and I enjoyed it a lot

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